A Night at the Movies: UFA Filmnächte // Candy Trips

I think it looks like a sci-fi funeral parlour in there. With a suicide cell. Welcome to Candy Trips. I’m Melissa. Today we’re at Rosenthaler Platz bang in the middle of Berlin and we’re going to the UFA Film Night. It’s a family do, basically. We’re meeting Anna Thalbach and we’ll be watching Secrets of the Orient, made in 1928. Here we’re playing Frogger again. Melissa wants to cross the street. I need a Candy Trips tank. Til Schweiger is calling. Hello? Oh, Til. We’re all staying. Is there anybody in there? Do you know? I think squatters are cool. Free burgers and we have to go. What do you feel is property? A) things you have bought, B) things you inherit or C) things you created. Hi, we’d like to order a taxi. We’re taking a taxi, like posh people. We’re going to the UFA Film Nights now. For those who don’t know you, who are you and what do you do? OK, I’m Anna, Anna Thalbach from Berlin and I’m a word acrobat in the broadest sense and actress. We’ll be watching a film from the year 1928. Would you have preferred making films back then? I’m all talkies. You grew up in Berlin only? I’ve been in this city for three generations. My granny used to hang out at Romanisches Café with Max Beckmann and Max Ernst. She was a painter, so she spent time with painters. My grandmother used to go dancing at Clärchens Ballhaus, too. I’m a thoroughbred Berliner. But today I received a shitty letter from property management. They want to inspect my flat. And I thought, all the people who were born here have to move away. Out of their flats. I’ve been here all my life, all my family have been here all their life. Did you ever get itchy feet and think you need to go elsewhere? I spent a lot of time elsewhere. But I didn’t find anything, any alternatives for Berlin, to be honest. Yes, I feel the same. If there was one, I’d leave. Why not? I’d say even if Berlin isn’t necessarily changing for the better, I still think that this is a global problem and not a unique one for Berlin. We’re simply at the zenith of money and the capitalistic system, and this system will devour everything that’s beautiful and funny and loving and just and pleasant and uncomplicated. And my home town is one of those things. But I believe many people in many places in the world feel the same. Are there any films you’d like to have a role in? I’m still waiting for good German horror. A shocker or a bloodbath? Well, a good mix. Now we’re at Unter den Linden. We rarely visit here. Yes. What would you do here? The hotels are extortionately expensive. I think it looks like, speaking of sci-fi, like a sci-fi funeral parlour in there. With a suicide cell. It’s all so black and smooth and stylish. The people in front of me stole my welcome bubbly. What a cheek. Secrets of the Orient by Alexandre Volkoff. I doubt we’ll meet him, unless it’s a zombie film. Fundamental question: do you prefer sweet or salty popcorn? Or do you mix both? Sweet popcorn. They’re showing a silent film from the ’20s on this here screen. Next to it, there’s live musicians. The film is over! It was really unusual, with live band, no-one talks and it’s all in black and white. What’s your favourite film from the past? Write us a comment and tell us where we should go next. Put it in a comment. You can watch my other clips here. See you next week. Bye. Subtitles by Stephanie Geiges

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  1. Mein Lieblingsfilm aus den "vergangenen Jahrzehnten" ist nicht ganz so alt und hat auch Ton, ist aber auch an sich mein Lieblingsfilm: "Das siebente Siegel" (1957) von Ingmar Bergmann. Ein sehr spannender und wortgewaltiger Film, der durchaus zum Nachdenken anregt. Wenn's ganz alt sein soll, wäre ich für "Nosferatu". 😀

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