A New Brazilian Economy from the Forest – INSPIRE

Let’s see if I can do it. This is only a rehearsal, right? So, AMATA is a pioneer company, and of course we are having a hard time because of that. But it’s a matter of time until these practices become the rule in the industry. What’s up? Starting another day? Yep, there we go for another day. There’s a whole procedure to check if this tree can go down, and if so, causing least impact around it. Meanwhile, those other trees shall grow until they meet the standards to be considered for extraction. Here is the chain of custody label. This label makes sure we cut down the right tree, previously approved by the regulators. So all the logs bring those labels, too? Yes, every log has its record numbers. In areas where they don’t work the wood the way we do, workers have no security, and don’t care about environment. But when you work with in sustainable chain, you are very concerned about preserving, not just extracting it. We hope in the long run we are proved profitable, so we inspire other companies to start working same way we do. Oh man, I’m no good at interviews. Did I screw it up? Every since I was a little kid I’ve been in love with wood. Since I was crawling I recall my first toys, little cars, slings, little chairs. Later on I learned that wood was the only raw material I could access from renewable sources And its also something needful not just for me but for the human kind. Then later we learned the right way to extract it the right way, with certifications, precisely with the FSC label. So we are still learning how to deal with this huge heritage that the forests are, and all the wood and all it’s different names and uses.

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