A Flip Through of my Custom Traveler’s Notebook Planner

Hey, all right, I am so… beyond… excited
to show you my new Traveller’s Notebook. I don’t know if you guys are familiar with what
a Traveller’s Notebook is… I’ve done some other “not so great” videos on that but I’m
going to show you again today with my brand new one that I just got from a shop on Etsy
called Elrohir Leather. It’s E L R O H I R Leather. So if you go to Etsy you just type
that in and search it. I’m also going to link to it in the comments above. Um, it is amazing.
It is custom made you can see all of the etching details that she has done in here. I mean
it’s just BEAUTIFUL. It’s been stitched along the top (and sides) this is thick thick leather,
it is 5mm, I actually had to measure it because I was so blown away by how thick it is. Um,
and then stitched all the way along. Now, you can see here on the spine that it has
these places for elastics. So, and it also has this middle elastic. How it works with
a Traveler’s Notebook is it’s essentially a piece of leather (though this is much more
than that), a piece of leather that holds little booklets inside. Inserts is what they’re
called. So this holds it shut, okay this is my my piece on the outside when you get it
custom made you can choose to have two. You can have one at the top and one at the bottom
and have a couple of them. I prefer the simplicity of one, you can put charms all along it. People
do all sorts of beautiful things with their Traveller’s Notebook. Ha, like this is just
so beautiful. I’m in love. Alright, I’m even more in love when I open it up because I had
them custom made, this one with pockets so I actually have three pockets along the side
and you can see here, again, all stitched beautifully that I can put some cards in and
the benefit of that for me is that I don’t have to take anything else I could just take
this with me, put in my credit card, put in my debit card and my driver’s license and that’s
it. I can bring this with me when I go to the store and I have everything I need. I
can have my shopping list here and my cards and I’m not lugging around a purse everywhere
I go. So this really can be an everything-in-one for you. Um, and then I also have bigger pockets
here, which for now is just holding some, some paintings and stuff that I’ve done that
I’m going to be putting inside my planner. This is the card which I’ll show you up close,
uh, I know it’s not super clear because it’s not focused on it, but Elrohir Leather is
the name of the shop. So she has some amazing custom… AMAZING custom Traveller’s Notebooks
on there, I highly suggest checking it out, it’s going to give you some great ideas, some
of her new ones that she just came out with are beautiful. So, anyways, this is one that
I had chosen, so you might not see it on there. But it has the pocket here and the three here
and on the other side, on the back inside cover here is also a big pocket which means
there’s lots of room for me to put stuff in. And then at the back here you can see her
beautiful stamp, ah, and just the colors I love, I LOVE the stain that was done on here,
it’s just a beautiful notebook. Now the sides you’re going to notice it’s a lot bigger.
A lot of the one’s you’re going to see are quite small, people call them passport sizes
um, and the standard Midori size is like this. So that is WAY narrower it does fit most standard
inserts that you can buy but I prefer, this is A5 so this is actually the size of most
of the notebooks that you can see in the store, A5 and I love the size of it, I feel like
it gives me a lot more options. So just to give you a glimpse of how you can use a Traveller’s
Notebook, um, it’s the opportunity are endless. People use it for all sorts of things. You
can have inserts for journalling, you can have inserts for prayer requests, you can
have inserts for devotions, you can have inserts for your monthly planning, you could have
inserts for your yearly planning, you can have inserts for your memories, you can have
inserts for your weekly or your daily planning, I mean, the sky is the limit. People have
budget-tracker inserts, people have meal planning inserts. People have um, errand-tracker inserts.
There’s literally endless opportunities and the great thing is that you can separate them
all because there are all these elastics in the inside. So this one has six, I got six
put in. I can put as many booklets as I want in here. I can make this triple thick if I
wanted to. I don’t like it being too heavy so I don’t, but you can see here, I have a
little, I got this it’s like a Midori, um, I don’t know… pouch. Zippered pouch, there
we go, I can think, really. And then what I did is I made my own. This is my own insert
that I made. And, I’m going to show you here… This is just my yearly at a glance. So what
I’ve done is I’ve premade calendars in here. And them I’m having a memory page and a goal
planning page for the next month. So it’s just a way of me having the entire, I don’t
have the whole year here at a glance yet, um, and obviously I haven’t done the goals
and everything as well but I have done it I believe… up to August. And that just means
that when you, you know you book stuff way in advance, I like to have it set far enough
in advance that I can look ahead and still be adding stuff to my planner. I probably
would recommend that you do it in, um, pencil. Cuz, this far ahead… things change, you
know that. So all the way to August and that’s where I stopped. And then I’ve got, you know,
places for my memories all pages set aside. So my next insert here actually came, wow,
came from her shop as well and it’s one of my favorite inserts I have ever seen. Because
the paper! You guys, I haven’t even decorated my outside yet. So this is what I used to
do, it’s called bullet journaling. Um, I don’t even know what I do anymore, I just plan,
I just do my thing. But anyways basically just making lists, okay? Making lists, it’s
really simple. There’s a lot of different things you can do with it. I’ve been doing
something different this last week and I am LOVING it! Um, I used to do it like this it’s
just more of watercolor background, there’s a page for everyday, which is a lot. But,
this paper is so thick and like very fibrous, so it absorbs paint really well which means
that I have I can paint on it, I can do all sorts of things and it’s still thick enough
that it’s not showing through at all. And then I just plan, and I actually just write
a lot of my plans rather than list form. I’ve been doing a lot more writing. So, I have
shown some of this on Etsy but I just want to give you guys an idea. I keep pens inside
my planner apparently. Of how this can work, so this is just blank, this is just a blank
booklet, and all I’ve done is some watercolor backgrounds and then um, like this is a, I
painted this and then just stuck this card in here. All it is is watercolor background
and then you just write, you just do your plans, whatever you want that to look like.
So this is an insert that came from her shop with my book, and then I have a couple other
inserts in here. One with Tomoe River paper, for journalling, um, another one of her inserts,
this is just blank I haven’t even set it up yet, and then at the back I also got one of
her watercolor inserts, so it’s got actual watercolor paper. And I think this is going
to be for quotes. So I’m going to pre watercolor the pages and have it for a quote journal.
So, yay! Anyways, I wanted to show you how blown away I am by the quality of her work,
um, I have never seen one this thick and this quality made before. I mean the etching, I
don’t know if you can see how fine detailed that is, it is insane how detailed. And it
is beautiful, and holding up really well to my crazy kids and lifestyle. And, you guys,
this method of planning is just amazing. Wouldn’t you want to just open this up and plan in
it? And you can re-use it over and over again! How many times do you pay $30 or $40 for a
planner every year, and then buy another one because it’s pretty? And then you just continue
and continue. Make your own! And you can do that with something like this. And you can
customize it to your life, your family, and your needs. So this is it, my beautiful Traveller’s
Notebook from Elrohir Leather and you guys should go check out her shop look at her Little
Prince covers um, I don’t even remember what her new one is, but I just remember I fell
in love with it, so, something teal it was so beautiful. So go to her Etsy shop, check
it out! Send her a message if you have a custom order that you want. She’s incredibly talented
and I really encourage you to take a look at her shop! Thanks for watching and happy

17 thoughts on “A Flip Through of my Custom Traveler’s Notebook Planner

  1. Haha! Mischa from Elrohir here 😀 I am glad you liked the book! 😀 Must be said, your set up is great–and I love your lettering 😀

  2. I would like to thank you for doing this video. I know there are a ton of different travellers notebooks out there, but you showed all of the positives to this brand. Your enthusiasm was also very contagious. Most videos don't show you the quality of the leather used, let alone the thickness. Thank you again. I went straight to Elrohir Leather and ordered two notebooks. They are gorgeous. Now to try to be patient before they arrive!!!!!!

  3. Oh my goodness – you are absolutely stunning! The book is beautiful too. I was in an A5, but it got way too heavy for my every day plans so I switched and ordered a standard size color crush planner from webster's pages

  4. Hi there! Its a really pretty traveler notebook! I wanna order also from the same website! But i cant choose from between the sizes A5, A5 wide or A5 extra wide. What size do you have?

  5. Hey 🙂 I feld sooo in love with this Leather Notebook. I'm watching this Video every Day 🙂
    I love this awesome big Size and really need one. Thanks from my Purse 😉
    Is it Xtra Wide A5 ?
    You need to do more Videos with Traveler's Notebooks 🙂
    Are you still using this Beauty ?
    Greetings from Germany 🙂

  6. Would love to see your husband do a video on his thoughts on homeschooling 🙂 Love seeing couples together!

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