A European Mystery Trip With Surprise Trips

Are you filming, yes oh my god. Hi guys,
Don’t say hi guys! All right we’re here, we’re in the Crowne Plaza Birmingham
and we’re waiting what are we doing, not waiting. We’ve just arrived and tomorrow
we’ll be going on our surprise trip, Oh! Surprised! Hi so in about three-quarters
of an hour i’ll be getting to the airport and going on this mystery trip. I
don’t know where I’m going, I won the holiday with Surprise Trips at a blog
conference and I only find out two hours before which is such an adventure for me
because I’m a super planner. I like to know where I’m going I like to know I
where I’m sitting on the plane I’d like to know what clothes to where even though they sent me
a weather forecast I’m not hundred percent certain still where I’m going
because I couldn’t match it up to any other destinations going two hours later.
So they say, do something new every day. I think this will last me the rest of my
life. OK so we’ve just had the email from Surprise Trips to find out where we are going. This is the trip we’ve won we haven’t got clue where we’re going on holiday.
We’re at the airport let’s have a look Reveal destination where are we going oh
It’s a little video, a little video oh my god. Where we’ll be going, is it going to
be Milan is it going to be Lyon is it going to be Lanzarote. It’s Milan and I’m really
excited about that and it’s about two hours flight and
Marcus is looking at the email, and I’ve never been so that’ll being really cool.

8 thoughts on “A European Mystery Trip With Surprise Trips

  1. This sounds so exciting! Would be a great way to choose somewhere if you weren't too fussy though. Milan looked beautiful! x

  2. Oh man, I'm not sure I could cope with the surprise! I've been taken away as a surprise before but only in the uk and that was exciting enough haha!

  3. haha this is an awesome idea. I just checked out their website and I'm so bummed they only allow departing flights from UK and Ireland. I'd love to try this one day.

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