A Black Traveler’s Guide to MILAN

– Buongiorno! – Wanna have a dance contest? – Dance, dance. – [Phil] Woo! John Travolta right there, boy. Hey, what’s up, my name is Phil. Milwaukee raised me, basketball pays me, and it got me exploring the world. Now, I’m spreading the
power and positivity of the black traveler in
Europe’s great cities. This is Phil Good Travel. (upbeat electronic music) What’s going on? What? Why? Welcome to Milano. We’re gonna hang with some locals. Hey, buddy. (claps) Pigeons everywhere, man. We’re gonna enjoy the foods of Italy. We’re gonna sprinkle some
positivity all over Milan. That’s right. Look out here, boy. Hey man, chill out. I’m sweaty. (yells) Yeah. This is Phil Good Travel. Let’s roll. I’m here with Marco,
and he’s gonna show me and my crew around Milano. You ready?
– I’m ready! – All right, here we go. – Hi, everybody. (upbeat percussion music) You don’t feel it? Milan is not a city that loves to show off the valuable
things that it owns. – Just like me. I don’t like to show off. – Yeah, well, I’m sure about that. Yeah. Phil, are you married? – Nah, I’m single as a dollar bill. – You are in front of a very unique place. Yeah, because you see that? That shield contains three things. Could you guess what
those three things are? – Life, liberty, and happiness. – Those three things are three scrotums. Three sets of balls. Balls. Balls. – I’m not good at looking
at other people’s balls. – Yeah, so. Yeah, balls. – Nice balls. – This place is famous all
over Milan for these things. This is a thing that is called cannoncino. – A small cannon, because of this shape. Okay. Boom. – Delizioso (lively piano music) – This building is Milan State University. Did you go to college? – I did. – Okay, what did you study? – Sociology. The study of people, so I
know who you are, buddy. – Thank you very much. Until the 1940s, this
building was a hospital. – Did they have any doctors like me? Doctor Phil Good? – Nope. Since the 1470s, all the patients here had private bathrooms. Some poor people– – [Phil] Snuck in here? – Yeah! Injured themselves on purpose,
just to spend some time here. – I would do that all the time. – Wanna jump? – Gonna jump. Oh. – Maybe I can like, do a leap over it? – Yeah, let’s see that one. – Oh, my God. (lively music) – This is the mother of all the
shopping malls in the world. Galleria Vittorio Emanuele. – I asked those guys over there,
what’s going on right here? And they said, if you spin on
the bull’s balls three times, it’s good luck. I’m about to get my Michael Jackson on. That’s one. That’s two. Three. I got hella good luck. Chim chiminey, chim chim. (singing) – That building is the
stock exchange building. You might think that this is a (bleep) off address to be capital. – It isn’t.
– Wall street. – Yeah.
– Goldman Sachs and– – Of course. (bleep) forget those guys. In Italy, I thought they do
middle fingers like this. Forget about it. I see you rappin’ like you a thug. Before you leave, give me one free hug. – Yeah, I will. – My number one rule when traveling? Acknowledgment. Always acknowledge a black
traveler when you see him. What’s good, brothers? Love to see ya. I love to see brothers out here, man. I love to see ya. That’s what I’m talking about. (cheering) When you see me in my
stance, make no mistake. Of course it means black power. But it also means solidarity
between all cultures and all people. ♪ I mean, we were just sitting back, ♪ ♪ reminiscing about the good
old days, and all that. ♪ – All right, Gabriel, where you from, bro? – I’m from Portland, Oregon. – What’s the craziest thing
you’ve seen at a hostel? (laughs) – At this hostel in
Berlin, just no one went to bed for an entire night. (electronic dance music) – Have you ever been nude in public? (giggles) – Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. – You have? – Well, I come from Portland. So there’s this thing
called the naked bike ride. Thousands of people, streaming– – Riding the bike? – Streaming down the middle of the road. All naked as the day they were born. – Think I’ma go to that next year. Favorite city in Europe. – I really love Paris. I was teaching English to French kids. A real poor suburb,
people from North Africa. Really interesting experience,
put a new light on France, which turns out to be a little more racist once you start to meet some black people. – Trust me, I know all about racism. – Yeah, I’m sure. I’m sure.
– Yeah, yeah. Thank you, bro. Appreciate it, man. – Yeah, really nice to meet you. (lively music) – I’m hungrier than a hostage. What’s up, my brother? – I’m cool. – How you doing, bro? – Doing good. – Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. Please show me the food. – Who are you? – We met Amy in Rimini– – Oh, my God, do I mean nothing to you? – Oh. – Let’s go this way. – (scatting) Welcome to Italy. when the lights go out. Hi, we’re here in– – Cut, cut.
– Italian food. – The lights are back on, so
we will order our Italian, local food at Sabbioneda. Do you have a spaghetti? I went with some
linguine, with some pesto, with some Parmesan. (squeals) Mamma Mia. ♪ When the moon hits your ♪ Got me a Italiano plomenta. – [Man] Polenta – Pomenta – [Man] Polenta – Is that a neck bone or something? (smacks lips) – Delizioso (lively music) So on our way to finding some food, we ran into some brothers from Cameroon. They invited us to the party. We’ll stop on the way back. – Oh, yes I’ll wait for you. – And now we back. ‘Ey. – Thank you. – It’s my house. – Yes. (upbeat music) – Woo! (laughing) – Yes. – The king! – The King. (laughing) (grunts) (laughing) – Thank you Milano. We had a fantastico time. I did, didn’t I? We hung out with Amy. My friend Jessica came
all the way from Chicago. Representation is important. Marco Polo! Bam, Marco! (smacks lips) Thanks for watching Phil Good Travel. See you in the next city. Let’s roll. Hey, what’s up? (laughing) – Ciao Oh, you know how to break dance? Oh, snap. Woohoo. – Arrivederci! Thank you, man. Arrivederci to you.

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  1. Hell yeah bro keep doing your thing and spreading that peace love and positivity! Lovin these vids man!

  2. You always have me laughing and smiling when watching your videos!!!🤣😁🤣😁🤣😁🤣 Love the energy! Keep it up!✊🏽💗

  3. What's up Phil!
    I'm hanging out on your channel today until I'm caught up on all of the videos I MISSED.
    ✊🏾 Solidarity through out the world

  4. loving the black love travel!! this video made me laugh! thank you so much for posting, i cant wait to visit Milan this summer.

  5. STOP promoting EUROPE its time to PROMOTE AFRICA , there is nothing to see or do in EUROPE and Nothing new of Importance to You VISIT AFRICA

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