8 Tips for Solo Travelers

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  1. You look like you've been passed around. A lot. I'd say you're about 36-38. Aka too old to be wasting your life. Start a family already

  2. We used to wear our bookbags like this when we were in elementary school. We did it because it was heavy and would weigh us down while we walk or bounce to much when we run. So we would wear it to the front and it made it easy. It became was a fad lol for some time lol

  3. If I waited for someone to travel with, I'd be waiting so long I'd never go anywhere!
    I suggest making a hard copy with your passport, ID, credit cards and health insurance info (along with any allergies) and leaving it at home with a primary contact like a relative. You should also consider registering your travel plan through STEP.
    Happy travels, everyone!

  4. Yes would defo agree as solo too at 58 dont want to drink too much but believe this makes you a target as you are less aware … no real gold etc poorer looking the better … I will have my money passport etc in silk bag tucked down side of my bra lol .. nothing of value goes in my backpack or day bag …I wull be going to asia s e asia morocco europe etc solo i believe best to stsy in hostels as you will be with others and lockable lockers xxx safety is key

  5. I loved the don't get wasted tip- a lot of people have told me I was "uptight" because I didn't want to get wasted with a bunch of strangers but if I can't trust them to take care of me, I have to take care of myself. Loved your video and what you're doing in Greece!

  6. Some of these tips I just facepalmed about. Don’t have earbuds in. You cant hear other people around you if they are sneaking up on you to take your things or assault you. I get looking local and such and being confident but seriously just look at street names on the map and know where your supposed to turn. Also NEVER travel around town with a backpack. You can’t look like more of a tourist when you have a backpack. Unless your in like a 2 mile radius of a university, you’ll look like a tourist. Travel very minimal when your out and about. Using a local grocery stores fabric bag makes you look more like a local. Or just even have a small purse. Also google maps will make you go over your data so quick. You’ll be coming home with a huge bill. When I travel I go to a local phone store and buy a SIM card for my phone with a 1 month plan. It will be way cheaper. Hope this helps you all

  7. You gave me some useful advice!

    Pretending you know where you’re going to while listening to Google Maps is an excellent ideia! Thank you very much for that!

  8. Google maps don’t work everywhere! What an experienced traveller 😂 literally don’t work in the east (Asia)
    Just go and get lost and find your way, true traveller 😂🙈😂🙈😂

  9. I put my money and documents in my belly. I have a friend that gave me his running bag, and you can put over the shirt

  10. Awesome video, I've recently discovered the passion for wanting to solo travel on a budget and all these tips are potential life savers, thank you so much <3

  11. I'm going to solo travel through Thailand next month. Already really nervous, but videos like these make me feel better. Lol

  12. GREAT TIPS. Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am Traveling Solo with a Special Needs Child who Cant´Talk and I am looking at these video to make Sure I learn before I go. Thank YOu.

  13. I've been so fortunate on trips in Italy I lost my phone but luckily someone on our tour returned it to me and any other time I'm travelling and have lost it, it has been returned

  14. loved how informative u are what I wanna knoe is u said ur volunteering do they pay for ur rooms and living expense I wanna travel solo but my job isn't the greatest and so my money is short how do u travel and earn money or how do u travel without spending the least amount as possible and getting room or food possible paid or cheap with out overspending

  15. women and girls should not travel by themselves, look what happened to two girls in morocco, the world is not your playgrpung! This is a mans world be affraid!

  16. I am not a female but I found your tips to be generally pretty helpful. I will be doing some solo traveling soon and it is always good to be reminded and informed of good advice to make my trip a nice one! ☺

  17. this got me laughing so hard when you are talking about the phone, but this is helping me so much. I know this video old but I am about to travel for the first time alone out the country and this is helpful cause I am panicking but I really want to travel

  18. Fun trick: I usually wear one of those mini backpacks for my stuff. Get a hair tie and use it to keep the zippers attached to each other. That way it's very difficult for somebody to unzip it and take something without you noticing.

  19. could you give me more details about your backpack? how many Litres does it have, where you bought it from etc? thanks

  20. I have a purse for travelling with straps quite short, so i can clutch it under my shoulder on the side of my body. I would definitelly know somebody is trying to get it. I use purse for money and documents and have food/water/extra clothes in the backpack.

  21. I love the videos, very informative. The music is super distracting and a little loud, otherwise, thank you for such great info.

  22. Thanks 🙏 for that. I love travel alone but not lonely, LOL 🇦🇴 That was very informative. Ready to travel to South Africa 🇿🇦

  23. What if you have to travel solo in a foreign country for 2 to 3 weeks, with multiple purposes: work conference (business casual), graduate study, outdoor (wet) fieldwork, hiking, kayaking / recreation in 1-2 cities and rural areas? I have to bring work/study stuff, and recreational gear even if I buy some things there. I'll have 4 bags counting my laptop. (Can't work on a tablet.) I'm planning on taking a nonstop flight, taxi, train, and renting a car for part of the trip. I wish I could pack lighter. Temps will range 50 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

  24. These are really awesome tips. Things I think anyone can implement while traveling alone or with someone. Being aware of your things, your person and your surroundings is crucial when traveling especially alone.

  25. One of the best things I learnt is, in the safer countries, you can have s*x for money with a lot of well-to-do people for quite a lot of $, and end up actually leading a really amazing comfortable travel life for just a few hours of your time per week.

  26. Don’t be a thrift; if you like solo travelling or backpacking, just get a theft proof backpack. I used to live in Rome, and tourists who wear their backpacks on their front are instantly recognisable as foreigners and so are seen as easy targets.

  27. Use your common sense!!! Don’t look foreign, don’t look lost, never say to none you traveling by yourself, don’t drink a lot, don’t walking in dark places by yourself at night, be aware from your surroundings

  28. What if somebody robbs you all your tips down the toillet .Awarness most second important and first rely and ask God for safety.

  29. if you have a wallet or anything that stores cards, the card pockets that are easily accessible when the wallet is closed should have empty gift cards/expired credit cards in them. that way if a thief tries to steal a card, they will go for the one that is easily in reach which would be a useless card. it’s why I always hang on to used up gift cards

  30. its grt u volunteer etc all over the world but …and sorry this is maybe too personal or even rude to say but are youn rich?is it viable for a person on average wage too travel and volunteer or work for a charity…youre a really nice girl one thing tho talk a bit slower us brits struggle with the speed of american chat

  31. Put tiny locks on your backpacks (I keep my keys on a neck tag) that's what I do then keep a bum bag or cross body pouch for your phone and stuff etc x

  32. I want to travel with you, really. I'm a girl from Romania so you are from Greece we are close haha
    And I want to travel for myself b!

  33. Thank you! – For tip #4. People who have never stayed in hostels don't realize how the community looks out after itself. I have always said, "If a psycho-ax-murderer gets into your hotel room, who's going to help you? If a psycho ax-murderer gets into your hostel you have a whole community of normal people that are going to say, hell no!" By the way, (sorry Quentin Tarantino) in 27 years of our hostel, we have never had a psycho ax-murderer stay with us. Even creepy guys don't stand a chance in well-managed hostels.

  34. Thank you so much for this! All videos I've seen are mostly recorded by man and I love to know tips for girls travel solo because it's a whole different deal. I'd love to know more of girl solo travel tips 🙂

  35. just booked my first solo trip to Barcelona! thank you for your tips <3
    btw I am Greek, have worked with refugees in the past too 🙂

  36. Hostels… overwhelmingly not cheap (if you're in a well-visited place) and a sure way to get your stuff ripped off. Also, sleeping in dorm rooms is a sure way to get a crappy night's sleep… between snoring, people talking in their sleep or texting/talking on their phones.

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