7 Safety Tips for Solo Travelers

hey everybody welcome back to a new video so I’ve been packing for my next trip that’s coming up really really soon and while I was packing I started to think about different security issues that could possibly happen doing my whole trip so for this video I’m gonna talk about seven safety tips for solo travelers of course these tips apply to anybody who travels but I do want to focus on solo travelers just because they’re the ones that are gonna be completely alone so let’s get started make copies of important documents these would be your passport or an education etc anything that you find really important and have it somewhere safe because it is possible that your passport or anything else can be lost or stolen so it’s good to have an extra copy just in case you turn around your look in your bag and it’s not there anymore this have happened to me before I didn’t lose it completely but I’d forgot it one time Alex passes through security and I left my passport in the bin I’m gonna board for you soon and then I look at my bag and it was it wasn’t there and I was freaking out I go back and I saw a security guard had it in like a little office I was like oh my gosh thank you so much I that was just the worst it was worst and from there on I always like triple check if I have my passport it’s it’s something that I have to do so do this very important I do this every single time hide extra cash you could hide it anywhere anywhere where people don’t expect to find money if you do this then you feel more secure you know that you have cash hidden somewhere just in case it happens I did this when I went to Europe it made me feel more calm because I knew that if anything ever happened I was covered tell your bank that you’re going out of state or even a country anywhere but tell the one going because let’s say that you’re out of the country and you need money anyone to get out from the ATM they will possibly block your cards thinking that it someone else trying to steal from you it’s really frustrating because you’ve run out of money it’s just not a really good experience to have so call up your bank stranger danger don’t tell people too much information about yourself when you travel so long you always meet new people and you even make friends but still even though they’re your friends they’re still strangers because you just don’t messed up so it’s always important just to be cautious okay don’t put your phone in your pocket don’t put any important documents in your back pocket why because people can steal from there very fast they can just people steal and that’s a fact so it’s always good to be alert to where your belongings are always being contact with your friends or your family or both this so somebody that you know knows your location because you know that anything can happen and we don’t have Lee Nelson to help us out so please tell people where you are people do know that way you can just enjoy your trip all right um don’t call too much attention just don’t don’t call attention to yourself uh I mean it you know just people know when you’re a tourist they could tell and if you call too much attention to yourself then you just give yourself away and believe me when I say people take advantage of tourists they really do when transportation or when shopping and it’s just something that happens you know it happens everywhere so just don’t call somewhat attention to yourself that way you know you’ll have an easier trick that’s the video for today I hoped you liked it this year we’re gonna have some amazing videos so stay tuned don’t forget to subscribe so you can follow me and all my adventures hope you guys have an awesome week and I’ll see you next time you

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