7 DAY South Island ROAD TRIP in New Zealand. Tekapo + Roy’s Peak + Queenstown + Ski Coronet Peak

Hi travelers on this episode we’re
checking out the South Island of New Zealand on our seven day road trip we’re
visiting some of the South Island’s must-see spots.
We’re flying into Christchurch and we’ll road trip all the way to Queenstown
we’ll visit Tekapo along the way and Lindis pass. We’ll also trek up to
Roy’s Peak and then we’ll go for a ski at Coronet Peak in Queenstown. We hired our vans from Christchurch as
we found it’s cheaper than Queenstown. Our first stop was Tekapo where we visited the hot spring. You can take a dip in three different
pools which vary in temperature. The warmest reaches of steamy 38.5. Overnight we stayed at the Lake Tekapo Holiday Park. Our next stop is Wanaka. We’ll be taking the scenic drive through Linda’s pass to
get there. We’re at Lindis Pass. It’s been snowing
and we so happy to be here. We’ve had to put the chains on and off a few times. This is a great spot to take photos. We travelled
here in July and it pays to have waterproof shoes. Although plastic bags do the trick. In Wanaka we stayed at the
Lakeview Holiday Park as we get ready to trek to Roy’s Peak where the view is
going to blow your mind. It’s brutal and we had to set our alarms to go off at 4am so we could reach the peak by sunrise. “How cold are you right now?”
“I seriously, I can’t feel my fingers. The trek is 16km’s. It took us around 2 hours
to get to the peak as we zigzagged along the side of Mount Roy. Up here you’re well above the clouds
where the summit towers 1578 metres above sea level. All that hard work pays
off. Going to the bathroom can be a problem
up here. Unless you’re a bloke.
For more tips on hazards, parking and toilets I’ll leave a link below that will take
you to the New Zealand government’s Parks and Recreation website. On the way
back down we had our eyes set on Queenstown. At Skyline Queenstown you can purchase a range of different packages and they include your lift and gondola rides to the top where
the views are spectacular. If you’re into extreme adventure and
thrill seeking activities there’s plenty of choice in Queenstown. From jet boating,
to shredding the ski slopes. Coronet Peak is one of New Zealand’s most popular ski
resort. These slopes are so
popular because they’re just a 25 minute drive from Queenstown. Our seven-day trip
was phenomenal. One of the main highlights was when our friends got
engaged right before our eyes. A truly magical moment in the snow. Congratulations Alex and Sue. In Queenstown the average temperature in summer is
just 17 degrees celsius, that’s 63 degrees Fahrenheit and in winter it’s just six
degrees or 43 Fahrenheit. Thank you so much for joining us for this road trip
through the South Island of New Zealand. If you have any questions just write
them below in the comments section and we look forward to you joining us for
our next adventure so make sure you subscribe! See you next time!

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  1. Love the content. We absolutely loved New Zealand! We’ll be happy to hear your opinion about our latest adventure in NZ! ☺️

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