13 thoughts on “6 Best iPhone Travel Apps You Should Try Now

  1. Im always using Google translate and Google map for traveling abroad, i really love Google map though, some times it even let me save maps so i can use it without Internet connection, and also you can search for restaurants and hotels and tourist attractions and so much more…

  2. Hey You gotta give a try to 'Google Trip' great app and really handy when you're traveling abroad plus you'll be provided all the needed information regarding trip and travelling just under one app! Appreciated your list of app selection 👍🏼

  3. Hey unlockr I want to have to SIM cards and use them if I go aboard could u do a video on how to use two SIM card which work

  4. Quick ? here lol, I plan to obtain a sim free iphone 6 plus and apply a chip from Mexico to travel and use there while I am there, will I have any issues or problems with not being able to use the phone with the chip because I bought it here, or would I have to unlock @ apple stores? Thanks in advance

  5. The Google translate is ok, but the spoken translation can sometimes be robotic and hard to understand

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