50 Years of Tourism Australia – Channel 7 State Bulletin – 29 October 2017 – Steven Ciobo MP

They’re the most famous catchphrases that captured the world’s attention and made, Australia and the place to be Tonight we look back on 50 years of campaigns that have shaped our global image and sparked an international influx down under Its how Australia was introduced to the world A warm welcome. ‘We’ve saved you a spot in the beach.’ And lessons in the Australian Way of life ‘There’s a bit of work and flat out on these Aussie holiday. Keep up the Good work mate.’ But it all started in 1967 our first tourism ads showed off our natural attractions friendly wildlife Famous faces even our cheeky side. ‘Could I borrow that paper when you’re finished love.’ ‘Yeah, sure no problem.’ That Aussie sense of humor that made the world Smile. Every Australian has their favourite campaign the campaign that they don’t like What I’m excited to celebrate is 50 years of the tourism industry in this country going from strength to strength. From when Lara Bingle famously asked. ‘So where the bloody hell are you.’ To the latest campaign with Chris Hemsworth ‘It’s a place you feel.’ A place where enticing tourists has been a piece of cake. ‘Best country in the world are they been Many places.’ when the first ads launched in 67 were attracting 222,000 international tourists a year who was spending $74 million These days more than 8 million people head down under and now they spent more than $40 billion In Paul Hogan’s words ‘no wonder they call is the lucky country.’ Amanda Abate, 7 news

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