5 Time Travelers Caught on Camera

Number 5 Because of our current lifestyle, whenever
we see someone holding something to their ear, we would think, “oh they’re on their
phone”. And this is exactly what’s happening in this
video. Its from a Charlie Chaplin’s film called “The
Circus”. Look at this particular character. As you can see he has his hand near his ears. Some people think this person was a time traveller
that was using a mobile phone. Lets look at it again. So do you think its a phone? Or a walkie talkie? Or was it one of those hearing aids they had
at the time? What do you think? Number 4 A photo of a time traveller was said to have
been taken in 1917. This guy didn’t hold a phone like most of
these evidences but.. the way he presented himself was the cause of this belief. The photo came from a book, “The Great Cape
Scott Story” by Lester Ray Peterson in 1974. People speculated that the man looked too
modern in the crowd of pioneers. They say its “surfer like”. Plus the man beside looked like he was staring at the supposed time traveler and if you zoom out; there’s another woman that looked like she was pointing towards him. So either the man and woman was shouting to
each other and had nothing to do with the man’s appearance or they were purplex by the
time travellers appearance. Either way, the supposed time traveler seemed
to be one who thinks outside the box. Perhaps the box was a time traveling box? Number 3 This next one isn’t really caught on camera,
rather its a painting. A painting from the 1600s. The title of the painting was literally “Man
Handing a Letter to a Woman in the Entrance Hall of a House”. It was painted by Pieter de Hooch in 1670. The supposed letter is what made people think
there’s time travelling proof in the painting. “It looks like an iphone” people said. But I do have to say that the way the man
was holding the iphone seemed pretty weird for a phone. What do you think? Number 2 Here’s a viral video of a woman caught using
a cell phone when cell phones weren’t around. Was she really a time traveller? Well, there were claims that she was not. Apparently, the claim said, that she was using a prototype wireless
telephone for or the Dupont company, an industrial giant. But seeing how the first ever cell phone marketed
was very bulky and the one she had was palm sized, it really does make you doubt thay claim. Doesn’t it? Number 1 The famous video of Mike Tyson’s boxing match. Most people would be intrigued by the match
itself but no that’s not what this video is about. Instead, in the background you could see something
that looks like someone using a phone to record the event. Another phone for proof. If it was really a time traveller. Makes you think that the people who time travel
really can’t seem to put down their phones. Anyway, maybe it was a phone? Or maybe its the Fujix simple hi8 hand camera? Eh, lets just say its real time travelling and
that was a phone. But what do you think?

14 thoughts on “5 Time Travelers Caught on Camera

  1. Yes Wasabii!!! Keep up the great content!

    Edit; Gods dammit! I didnโ€™t realise I was being painted in the 1600โ€™s!

  2. 2:50 in the back left you have what looks to be 2 m.i.b. and behind them someone looks to be speaking in to his hand/wrist.

  3. Using a phone as a phone (as opposed to a camera) back in time makes no sense, as there would be no phone masts and thus no network. Even if someone else also came back, you still wouldn't be able to contact each other. But I suppose that just makes the videos even weirder

  4. Awesome as always. That first one. Not a time traveler, but a psychic. He saw the camera and had seen the Hellstorm it can bring. So… in hiding his face, he became, ironically, famous.
    That help? I'm full of them you know. Full of something anyways.
    The Tyson fight, Kodac Disk ™ Kids are gullable as hell.

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