5 Running Tips for Beginners 🏃 5 Things I Wish I Knew about Running from the Beginning

100 thoughts on “5 Running Tips for Beginners 🏃 5 Things I Wish I Knew about Running from the Beginning

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    Happy running!


  2. Goddamn it this girl is just beautiful.
    I used to be able running 2 miles in around 12 mins but then i stopped running for more than a year because my heavy full 12 units science major college and work more than 30 hours a week and i had to sacrifice my physical activity, not even go to gym. I gained fats and lost my packs but then when i got back in track and follow these instructions, i am amazed!
    And that mind thing, is verrrry true. I joined the army and did ruck march, waaay beyond like 2 mile runs and so painful. All the time my body wants to give up but i keep going and keep telling myself to stop in some other mins but never really stop just like you.
    Nice tips and tricks!!!
    Tomorrow going to have my apft again and hopefully i could get back my 13 mins at least.

  3. I actually got my flipbelt after finding this video. I love it! I mentioned it to my brother and he went and got himself one. Its contagious! Lol

  4. Fruits digest the quickest out of all the food groups (within an hour) so it's recommend the most for a breakfast meal before a workout

  5. Here’s a tip, be young and cute like Caty, and not over 50 when you start running.
    You WILL have injuries and knee pain within 3 months of finishing couch to 5k etc. Be prepared to STOP running just when you get a routine and suffer ITBS or patellofemoral syndrome ( like me)
    We’ve spent half a lifetime working hard ( not behind a desk) and our joints tell that tale..
    Seeing a physio this week and resting up/ doing leg strength excercise..

  6. you don't need to run, i lost 30 lbs. in 4 months just by brisk walking and eating a balanced diet. you see, a healthy and happy lifestyle goes a loooonnngggg way.

  7. i started running last year. once a week, every saturday morning i'd try and do 30 minutes of alternates, walk + run. and i actually got use to it. my body felt a lot better, it gave me amazing energy and i felt great after running. mentally and physically. i made it 4 weeks in a row and unfortunately i stopped when i tripped on a curb and fell flat on my stomach. it was in front of a gas station. a guy raced across the street to help me up, i got up myself before he could get to me. i was seriously winded and extremely embarrassed. so embarrassed i stopped running all together. i regret stopping.

    thanks for the tips! i plan on restarting this routine soon. wish i known some of these when i attempted last time. here's to starting over.

  8. A 7 time marathon winner gave me this tip n now ill pass it to anyone who needs it….”Just do it”. Nike didn’t use the the term for no reason.

  9. Great video! I am kind of starting again and so these are refreshing reminders!

    I would add one piece of advice, don't increase your total distance from week to week by more than 20%. This would prevent burning out and injuries!

  10. ALTRA Paradigm Running Shoes are the best running shoes. Period. The cushioning makes it so much easier on your joints. I took 10 years off running and this is the only shoe I felt motivated me to start again. You're welcome.

  11. You really do have a great voice for these narratives. First time I’ve ever seen one of your videos and you’ve motivated me to go out and do even more cardio. Thank you so much! Subscribed and Belled!!

  12. when i started running my mile time was 12 minutes now it’s down to 6:30 pretty proud, but it took a while so don’t worry if you don’t see results quickly. You’ll achieve your goals through consistency.

  13. you don't need an app for Samsung or ios both have built-in Samsung health or in ios health, it has all the options you need.

  14. But there is no space for running, I’m a kid so I can’t just get out of the house whenever I want, and I don’t have a backyard, help?

    Edit: I want to run to lose weight, I’m overweight

  15. Advice would be to start doing some basic strengthening – injury prevention is so important because you truly discover you love something when you can't do it

  16. imagine gearing up to catch your meat in the Savanna and you need your banana fix so you don't feel lightheaded mid-hunt xD.. carbs are stupid and ruins the human health.

  17. I stank at running until I discovered a few things (some overlap w/video admittedly);
    1) forget about time and timing yourself etc; set increments of LOS distance and FORGET ABOUT WHAT YOU'RE DOING. Now, obviously you need to be safe and watch out. But, the more you think about the act, the more tiring it becomes. 2) reach the "second wind" earlier by pacing yourself a certain way. Don't start out sprinting, go 2/3. Slow down to that lowest sustainable jogging pace; it'll help you achieve breath control quicker. Slowly increase pace from there. 3) I know it's mundane and many might disagree, but DON'T get "tech" running shoes. Light is good but they can obviously be too light and you'll suffer from impact despite their advertisements. And don't tie them too tight; you want to have a tiny bit of play around the ankle. You'll run furthest in the shoes you're most comfortable in, not necessarily the most scientifically advanced.

  18. I had asthma and lung problems as a kid and i havent tried to run in a long time because I'm scared I might literally die.

  19. I'll start eating:
    *An apple and yoghurt for breakfast
    *for lunch I will have two eggs with a few grapes or dates (timir) on the side ext ext ext
    * for dinner I'll eat pasta like I always eat cuz I love it and I'll use a small bowl to eat that with

  20. after watching this i got the feeling that i should get me a nice sports outfit, sports shoes, a banana, and a drone and start making videos.

  21. My beginner tip: I learned how to enjoy running by 1) listening to something that makes me feel motivated and 2) going at whatever pace I feel like going at (if I feel like walking I walk, if I feel like running I run)… The important thing is to enjoy it so that you'll want to do it again. I didn't think I could learn to enjoy running but I realized that it's not that I don't like running, it's that I was doing it wrong. I was pushing myself too hard too fast instead of listening to my body and learning what made running fun for me. I can't dance, but I like running to good dancing songs because I still get to move to the music.

  22. Cheers for this. The tip on speed was excellent. I slowed down and actually ran home without taking a break or feeling like I was going to die!

  23. Post motivational quotes all atound your room car and phone back ground so everywhere you look yout reminded of why your doing what your doing

  24. Running with apps? Some runners don't have a smartphone. Some runners don't want a smartphone. Some runners despise the idea of going for a run with some Godawful app talking rubbish in your ears. Much of the reason for running is to be alone and away from people and technology.

  25. I have bad asthma and it gets triggered so fast! I am fit I workout everyday for 30 minutes and on weekends for and hour plus the 30 minutes. But as soon as I start running or even walk a lil faster I can’t breath anymore. I talked to the doctor and she told me I couldn’t do anything against it but just use my inhaler. I want to run it helps with my anxiety but at the moment its so frustrating….

  26. I’ve finally become comfortable with my body and I’m not bothered about abs but I want to keep up running to make sure I have a good health and any weight loss is just a bonus so thank you this really helpled💕

  27. I’m doing cross country this year and I just started running again (I haven’t ran in awhile) and i just ran 2.5 miles in 30 minutes which isn’t really good so I need to cut down my time quite a bit so I have done core workouts and eating so much better

  28. BTW, don't forget to actually flip the belt so the openings are snug against your body and nothing falls out!

  29. thanks for this. Here's a question if anyone is reading this. Should I jog everyday, every other day, 2-3 times a week? Do you do a long run one day, followed by a short run the next? What does a realistic schedule for someone who just started running and in their mid 40s?

  30. Also a very good idea to do cross-training. I run every other day and will take a longer walk on the days I don't run. Other cross train activities can be biking, swimming, etc.

  31. Hi iam already try running for sports.. And it doesnt work on me! I cant find my self.enjoy running, i always stuck on my progres and no improvement for month.. And i try cycling for my cardio, and unbelievable in 3 month i can ride 100 k. Its way more better than running.. Max distance for my run only 10k.

  32. This is by far the most helpful and realistic video I've seen so far for beginner runners!! So happy I found this and this video has made me so much more confident for my next run. thanks so much!!

  33. SUPER helpful! Loved the apps and the flipbelt idea (will probably be my reward if I start getting more serious about running) I especially appreciated your perspective and motivational tips towards the end. Thank you <3

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