5 People Who Claim to be Time Travelers

five people who claim to be time
travelers do you believe in time travel the idea that you can make a road trip
to the past or the future and experience what you read about in the books or what
is yet to come sounds unbelievable and for most people
it is there’s a lot of people who are skeptical about such technology and they
are skeptical for a good reason even if time travel is possible it does
not exist at the moment YouTube is a great place for everyone to express
themselves and everyone certainly does it is led to a lot of people introducing
themselves as time travelers often times they are self proclaimed and anonymous
to the public but from time to time some people decide to come out and reveal
information that they claim is proof that they are time travelers they also
reveal their names and that guaranteed their spot in this week’s list of five
people who claim to be from another time number five john title our first time
traveler is probably the most famous of all he stated that he was sent from the
future to save the earth especially the United States not turning to chaos back
in 1998 a radio host art bell got a strange fax from an anonymous American
soldier the facts revealed the information about a time machine being
built in CERN the machine was to be finished in 2034 and he said that that
was the year time travel would become possible then after a while the same
year came the second fax from the same person to art well this fair to refer to
photographs and manuals of the mentioned time machine
then it’ll win silent until the year 2000 in November that he is someone with
the name time travel zero has left a post on a forum page revealing the same
facts the war revealed in facts two years ago soon after in January 2001
the same user also posted this greetings I’m a time traveler from the Year 2036 I
am on my way home after getting an IBM 5100 computer system from the Year 1975
my time machine is a stationary Mass temporal displacement unit manufactured
by General Electric the unit is powered by two top spin dual positive
singularities that produce a standard offset tip licinia soit I’ll be happy to
post pictures of the unit then the infamous name occurred
John title went on to answer his own postings there he left photographs and
manuals of the machine and soon enough it went viral the relation between the
anonymous soldier the time travel zero username and John Titor was never
actually confirmed neither was the identity of John tight or however many
believed that he was indeed a time traveler and that what he formed us
about will come true many have given their explanations and claimed that it
was a hoax whether it was or wasn’t he was certainly the first time traveler to
make the internet explode with opinions what do you think was John Titor
referred an Internet prank or a soldier from the future number four Paul died
knack will agree that the best school works always end with the line and then
I woke up we were also genius and creative but there are people whose
stories actually went like that they described wonders that are unimaginable
the strangest people in the strangest things and then they wake up that is
exactly what happened to Paul die knack we’re not joking Paul Amadeus dynamic a
Swiss language teacher introduced to us some quite shocking details about the
future that seems to be playing out at the moment
and he did that way back at the beginning of the 20th century how did he
know so much apparently died knack fell into a coma in 1921 and woke up a year
after but the year he was sleeping in wasn’t the same when he was awakened
during the coma he entered another time and experienced another life he lived as
the physics teacher named Andrew Northam in the year 3906 AD there he gained all
the knowledge about the almost two thousand years period that would be our
future for that one year he had in his other time dimension he got to learn a
lot more than he could grasp that amount of information left him overwhelmed when
he woke up from the coma he was not able to recognize his family and it took him
a while to get used to his new present time the years he wasn’t able to speak
about it then in 1926 he invited one of his students to write down all that he
had been holding inside of his mind the students name was george pop artists and
he wrote and translated the memoirs of pooled iraq in his book which has gotten
the name valley of the roses dye knack seeing of the world was saved once and
for all he talked about overpopulation economic
iniquity pollution does that ring a bell as if he was able to predict the
problems of the 21st century and many others yet to come what would you do if
you experienced something similar would people believe your words that be the
secret that you will bring to your grave number three Robert Victor Goddard time
travel is usually associated with flying objects and time machines that sound and
seem otherworldly but our next time traveler was actually entered another
time dimension on a quite ordinary plane so Robert Victor Goddard who was an Air
Marshal told about his own adventure which he called a time slip the story
begins in 1935 with god are taking off from Andover England to Edinburgh in
Scotland while flying over Scotland he spotted the long abandoned airfield in
drem which became more of a farm than an airfield on his way back from Edinburgh
he ran into a storm as he has never seen the clouds were yellow and the wind was
so strong the experienced pilot became disorientated and lost control over the
plane just as he thought he wouldn’t make it the sky suddenly cleared up and
he saw the airfield in drem that abandoned airfield was not all abandoned
it looks so much different than what he saw just a few days earlier what he saw
were four planes painted yellow and they were all models that he wasn’t able to
see in the Royal Air Force in 1935 not only that but the overalls that
mechanics war were not brown as they were in the RAF in 1935 but blue instead
Ghora didn’t have much time to think it through and explore so he flew off and
after another battle with the peculiar storm he landed at his home base in
Andover of course once he had time to reflect
what had just happened it always seemed unbelievable and it was unbelievable too
many Sagada understood the skepticism and he decided to write down his
experience in his book flight towards reality was he crazy and imagined that
air field suddenly came to life well just four years later RAF indeed started
painting their planes yellow introduced the new model and reconstructed the
dream airfield so the question remains was he a time traveler or an influencer
number two Andrew Carlsson how many times did you
want to see the future just for the win all the better opportunity imagine going
to an exam and you already knew all the questions and answers Andrew Carlsson a
Wall Street investor seemed to know everything in advance where he invested
$800 he would soon after gain over 350 million how could he know the
opportunities in advance as soon as the authorities noticed the strange activity
going on they arrested him they suspected illegal activities such as
inside information since he can’t just be luck or a feeling and it wasn’t luck
at all Andrew Carlson gave the police a quite unexpected explanation he said
that he was a time traveler who was able to see the period of the following 200
years he claimed that was the only way he could see how the market will change
and what will be the best opportunities he offered the police information about
Osama bin Laden and the cure for AIDS just to let him return to his present
day which is 200 years later his for our confession seemed unbelievable and the
officers didn’t find him truthful at all would you believe his story number one
Michael Phillips like we said in the beginning you tubers offered much more
possibilities for your words to be heard and it resulted in hundreds of people
claiming to be Time Traveller’s what’s odd is that they rarely give you any
details and you are left to guess where the huge misfortune to the world
we’ll be a John tsunami alien invasion was simply another extremely hot year we
have found our next time traveler right there on YouTube British time traveler
Michael Phillips was born in the year 2043
he said he entered the spheroid object hidden in a bunker after serving the
army the sphere turned out to be a time machine
Phillips unlike many others provided some specific details about the near
future probably the most shocking is the one that World War 3 will start in 2020
the war will begin with the US and North Korea’s short nuclear war after it ends
the world war three will break out he said it would be very fast but brutal as
well he gave away that humans will arrive on Mars but NASA will have
nothing to do with it instead it will be enormous
SpaceX program presidential elections in the mid 2020s will have some interesting
candidates such as Oprah Winfrey but she will not be elected the winner will be
Michael McIntosh who will replace Donald Trump after two mandates he actually
admitted that the first time traveler from our list John Titor came from 2039
to warn us and now he is doing the same with all the details we will surely know
soon whether he really was a time traveler unfortunately if what he said
turns out to be true we will be facing all very soon if a time machine gets
built one day it will certainly be interesting to be able to see all the
things from the past and from the future that you always wanted to see you could
meet your favorite celebrities before they were famous where you could go way
back and simply travel as you would normally to experience other cultures
would you like time travel to be possible and if so what year would you
like to see

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  1. I don't know if time travel is real, but I do know Mysterious 5 makes some really great videos. Thanks, 🙂

  2. If you think about it. Sleeping is time traveling.
    I can close my eyes at 9pm and open them up at a different time…

  3. John tutor must be Alive now maybe at school. Trump has Teslas Time Machine. He made friends with RPNK. So therefore preventing the war now that future doesnt exist in this timeline

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