5 Mysterious Travelers From Other Dimensions

5 Mysterious Travelers from Other Dimensions Time travel has been the theme of countless
science-fiction books, TV shows, and movies. It has both captured our imagination and blown
the minds of those who have contemplated it. But what if time travel is more than just
a fantastical construct of science fiction? Hi! I am Mister Mysterious and I’ll be your
guide through five of the most interesting cases of time travel. I am going to tell you about some of the strangest
cases of purported real-world time travel and the people who claim to have done it. Preston Nichols (Montauk Project) In 1992, a book named The Montauk Project:
Experiments in Time was published by Preston B. Nichols and Peter Moon. This book and its follow-up books are written
in a first-person style and are believed to be science fiction. However, according to Preston Nichols, this
is not science fiction but instead a series of very strange and mysterious events that
actually happened. The book’s story is centered around the
Montauk Project, which was a secret United States government project conducted at Montauk
Air Force Station on Long Island. Preston’s involvement with Montauk began
in 1968. He got involved with the mind sciences at
the Montauk Air Force Station. Preston seemed to be the perfect employee
since he received degrees in Psychology, Parapsychology, and Electrical Engineering. Experiments began in the early 1970s and during
that time, according to Preston, time traveling was perfected. A number of homeless individuals were abducted
and subjected to huge amounts of electromagnetic radiation, where only a few of them survived. A “porthole in time” was created which
allowed test subjects to travel anywhere in space or time. This was later developed into a stable “Time
Tunnel”, which was safe enough to be used by researchers as well. The Montauk Project is also being tied to
another person called Alfred Bielek who claimed to be one of the survivors. After the book was published, Bielek stepped
forward and confirmed the story. He claimed to have met John von Neumann, a
famous physicist and mathematician, who died in 1957. Bielek also claimed that he was transported
through time to the USS Eldridge. This ship was launched in 1943 and sailed
on the vital task of escorting sea-men and materials to support operations in North Africa. Alfred Bielek said that the USS Eldridge was
drawn into hyperspace and trapped there for some time. As you can imagine, we don’t have any concrete
evidence to back up this story. The Markawasi Stone Forest The Markawasi stone forest lies in the Andes
Mountains in Lima, Peru. Stones found at this location look like sculptures,
taking eerie shapes that resemble human faces. However, no one knows how these sculptural
stones were formed. However, there’s a legend behind this place
far more mysterious and intriguing. One of the investigators of the unexplained
in Lima, Dr. Raul Rios Centeno, provides a very interesting story of time travel. He claims that, at one point, a patient came
to see him about her extreme case of hemiplegia, a disorder that results in a complete loss
of motor function in half of the body. When he inquired about the woman’s condition,
she revealed that she had been camping with friends in the Markawasi. According to the patient, they had gone out
exploring late in the night and encountered a strange scene. They found a torch-lit stone cabin filled
with dancing revelers in 17th-century attire. The woman wanted to enter the cabin, but she
was pulled away by one of her friends before could fully enter. The incident left the side of her body that
had entered the cabin paralyzed. Her medical tests failed to reveal a cause
for her paralysis. Centeno believes the woman experienced a dimensional
shift, which caused a change in her nervous system’s energy flow. This story, as well as numerous other, influenced
natives and well as scholars to believe that a dimensional doorway exists in the stone
forest of Markawasi. The Traveler from Taured One of the most perplexing events of the 20th
century happened on an apparently normal day in 1964. A seemingly normal man flew into Tokyo, but
upon landing at the Tokyo International Airport, his trip had taken a very drastic turn for
the weird. When he handed over his passport, the man
was immediately interrogated as to the whereabouts of his origin. While his passport looked authentic, it listed
a country no one had ever heard of, called Taured. The man claimed that his country of origin
was located between France and Spain. At one point, he was asked to show it on a
map, which is when we pointed to the Principality of Andorra. However, he had never heard of Andorra and
claimed that Taured had existed for over 1,000 years. He seemed very confused by the officer’s
questions and claimed that he was in Japan on business, something he had been doing for
the past five years. His passport backed up his story. The man even had a driver’s license issued
by the mysterious country and a checkbook containing checks from an unknown bank. After more interrogation, the traveler was
sent to a nearby hotel until an official decision could be reached. He was escorted by two immigration officers
who stood outside the hotel door until morning. It was then that they discovered the mysterious
man had vanished without a trace. The only possible exit was a window with no
ledge, 15 stories above a busy street. The Tokyo police department conducted an extensive
search but came up empty-handed. Up to this day, this case still remains a
complete mystery. Pedro Olivia Ramirez At around 11 PM on November 9, 1986, Pedro
Olivia Ramirez claims he was driving from Seville, Spain to the town of Alcala de Guadaira. This wasn’t the first time he was driving
this route, and he knew every step of the way. However, it came as a shock when he allegedly
went around a curve and found himself driving on an unfamiliar, six-lane highway. He was surrounded by foreign structures and
bizarre terrain. Pedro also felt a sensation of heat, while
a chorus of voices rang out in the distance. One voice stood out among the others, telling
him that he had just been teleported to another dimension. The cars around him, which passed at intervals
of exactly eight minutes, seemed outdated and either white or beige. After an hour of confused driving, Pedro found
a turnoff to his left. He began driving toward Seville after seeing
a sign pointing him to the city from where he started his journey, but when he stopped,
he was astonished to find he was looking at his home in Alcala de Guadaira. He even tried to retrace his steps but failed
to locate the crossroads, the road sign, or the six-lane highway again. The Mysterious Green Children of Woolpit There have been many books written about the
mysterious green children of Woolpit, which is an account dating back to the 12th century. This story begins with a group of farmers
who were tending a field near the town on Woolpit in the United Kingdom. At some point, the farmers came across two
oddly dressed children, crying in the field. They carefully approached them and realized
that the children’s skin radiated a strange hue of green. Naturally, the farmers tried to console them
but even with their best effort, the children refused any kind of help. Interestingly enough, they communicated in
their own language. The children were taken to the home of Richard
de Calne in an effort to shelter them. The pair refused all food for several days
until they came across some raw beans, which they consumed eagerly. Throughout the next several weeks, the children
gradually adapted to normal food and in turn, their skin lost its strange green color. However, the boy grew sickly and eventually
died. The girl, on the other hand, grew stronger
and even learned to speak English. She later explained that the pair came from
a land where the Sun never shone and the light was like twilight. She called her home St. Martin’s Land. However, the girl was unable to remember how
she arrived at Woolpit. All she remembered was that the pair was herding
their father’s cattle when they heard a strange noise. The noise led them into a cave and they eventually
emerged into the small English town. Whatever the children’s origin, the sister
eventually became integrated into English society. She was baptized, took the name “Agnes Barre”
and later married a man who was an ambassador of Henry II. What do you think about these mysterious cases? Is it really far-fetched to believe that time
traveling exists? If you find it interesting, share and like
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  1. i am also a time traveler, i travelled from yesterday to today … now i am busy travelling to the weekend.

  2. The last incident, the boy and girl being green is some what similar to the Malaysians who gets invited, lost, abducted into the jinn dimension. Those that managed to escape did mention that everthing looks dim and green. Asian people are more prone to interact with these stories and incidences. My experiences, Its 12 noon and bright outside, all the caged birds started singing, a lorry drove up, you cannot see the lorry and its about 15 steps away, but you know its a lorry due to the diesel injectors distinct sound. Probably came to visit someone and later left the area. You are alone fishing by a small river, you can hear people talking in a language that you dont understand, you later smell curry…I must be in someone back house kitchen, out of respect, dont piss there, fish or no fish respectfully walk away, dont do actions to annoy them, they can see us but we cannot see them. They do drive our cars, lorry back to their dimension. Its a very strange world. Ask yourself, how come there are no naked ghost, irregardless of culture or society, where did that entity/being get its clothing from 'immediately', Nurses has seen the departed souls around the hospitals but they all wore clothes. The clothing you are wearing right now is a single piece but there is another identical one which we cannot see. Maybe, I dont know, just sharing.


  4. Case 4 was magic mushrooms, Case 3 is bunk. He had checks? Now we all know its going to be a cashless and bit coin society.

  5. Humans are stupid enough to believe anything if it's presented in the right way, just look at this world-wide obsession with the "god" concept. It hurts me deeply to admit that I come from a race of voluntarily deluded morons.

  6. Apparently the children of Woolpit were most likely real children. But they were foreign (spoke different language) and ill (green skin) so the 12th century villagers saw them as aliens.

  7. I do believe in time travel. Shifts in time like a stargate may happen but you will never know when you will happen upon one because they are never in the same place.

  8. I have seen and walked in spiritual realms that exist along with ours. I was once pulled into a dark world inhabited by vamperic entities and these same beings also showed themselves in "reality." They were evil, very evil. I often hear things that seem to be taking place elsewhere, or have flash visions of events and people in other places. Often times I pray for these people because that is what I feel led to do. I have even been shown diseases in people that I do not know in visions. This was to show me exactly what to pray for concerning the unknown (to me) individual. When you pass through the veil, so to speak, you will walk in very real places, while your body is at rest, and these places are no less real than the world you navigate on a daily basis. As long as you are distracted by this world when, and if, you do step into another you will be in shock and perhaps freak out and be confused, but this confusion is not of the Almighty God, and can and will keep you restrained. Materialistic minds cannot comprehend spiritual matters that they have shut themselves off to. How could they when all they ever did was deny such things or simply never allow it to come to mind? Beware where you allow your feet to trod, be sorrowful for the places your feet should have wandered into, but were prevented by your own mind. Just to let ya know, no I have never done any kind of drugs nor have I ever been drunk.

  9. The guy's voice causes me to time travel 2 hours into the future. When I woke up I felt rejuvenated and realized the clock is two hours ahead the time I looked at it last.

  10. In the story about "The Traveller", you use a shot of the EDSA Shangri-La… this is a hotel in Manila, in the Philippines, not in Japan, which is where that event is said to have taken place. I used to live in an apartment about 300 metres from that hotel.

  11. Some posts here talk of the Montauk Project. In fact what happened at Montauk (and other installations) is/are much more weird than you'll find here.
    Some talk about the series 'Stranger Things' (which I haven't seen, yet) and possible connections relevant here. Well, that's not unusual because many 'true' events give rise to ideas for 'fictitious' cinema; I mean, what if some government could create the ultimate spy/assassin/soldier…sound familiar?
    The USS Eldridge (hull number DE173, Destroyer Escort 173) story is also full of twists and again, investigations show a weirdness much more than you'll see here (or what the film(s), Philadelphia Experiment suggest).
    Yes, there are a lot of hoaxes, lies, money spinning sensationalism 'out there' too…probably some (I say, some) may be quite deliberate.

  12. Maybe the road sign at 8:25 didn't travel through time, but it sure went through space. "Seville" would be "Sevilla" in Spanish and its population's a h*ll of a lot more than 368!

  13. If the little girl had to learn how to speak English, why was the place that she came from in English words?? "Saint Martin's land"
    sounds pretty English to me!
    Any thoughts on that folks?

  14. this video is pure fake that hotel was EDSA shangrila located here in the philippines and not in japan, shit video

  15. Wouldn't time travel be a product of consciousness and part of the mind? How do you know ones mind is only their own perception of existence.

  16. Yes it is far fetched to think time travel can ever be a thing that's kind of why you made your video to begin with. If it was not far fetched why make this video. Dumb question.

  17. Time travel is a fact… Weather we can do it yet?? I dont think so.. Weath it happened? (like the green children) its possible…
    We all know about Einstein's space time theory…. time is affected by mass and speed..
    We know this…
    Right now….Astronauts experience less time while moving at speeds above 17,000 mph… (not much.. but, point is that we clearly understand it real)

  18. The hoax of Taured didn't happen in '64 but in '54. This story is debunked so many times. Besides if this really happened in '54, witnesses should still be alive.

  19. the interesting thing is that all of this has happened before, and now "like" does not happen,and in fact they are only good stories

  20. Of course there is co concrete evidence to back up of these stories. I don't know so much about time travel, but I do believe that the government abducts the homeless, and children. They experiment on them and it matters not if they survive, they would be killed and not returned. If the homeless man says that he was abducted people would think he was crazy, the child? People would think the child was making it up.

  21. oh no, "we have no concrete evidence" what are the chances…the only time travel going on is the traveling I don't get done mindlessly watching this stuff all the time …as another mentioned I started out looking at a movie review? must have stubbled into a electromagnetic stargate, yeah thats it…

  22. How much Time dose Time have within infinite Time?

    Can you time, Time?

    And what about the light you cant see, that help us see darkness?

  23. I suppose, that that they made lot of photos in Tokyo, why there is just one photo of passport used in video? And I guess that even that one is not taken from Japanese. That makes whole video made-up bullshit.

  24. Another dark-voiced speculation video with repeats and mysterious what-ifs without giving answers. Yey. I want my 10 minutes back.

  25. The fake ass story about The traveler from a country that never existed and he landed in Japan is the urban myth there’s no truth to it whatsoever. It got its start in San Francisco from a now, out of business travel agency

  26. In fact, not only is the story about the traveler landing in Japan fake ass bullshit every story and here is fake ass bullshit it’s all made up there’s nothing truthful whatsoever about them.

    Dont waste your time with this guy that has this channel and don’t waste your time with any of these type channels they’re all fake

  27. "…a field near the town of Woolpit in the United Kingdom." Makes as much sense as "the town of Cannes in Europe." Woolpit is in England.

  28. In my 12 years of teaching at universities in China, I always asked students "If you had a time machine, would you want to travel to the future or the past?" Ninety-nine % of them chose the past, usually to their childhood or to Tang dynasty.

  29. It seems to me that this video was perfectly titled, but somehow the narrator turned the presentation to time travel. There was no (or little) evidence presented of time travel, but lots of (anecdotal) evidence for dimensional travel. Still gave it a TU but, it was confused.

  30. all these stories don`t have any material evidence, so we can create new one.. has anybody idea? The witness testimony all can stick in the ass, no proof = not confirmed = scam/fake

  31. I wrote this comment at 26:17, September 29th, 2125. If you are reading this comment now, you are hallucinating.

  32. the green kids have been debunked anyway they had a very rare disease that caused them
    to be like that even the color green.

  33. Dude u tell it happened in Japan and the man send it in the hotel…. Your hotel is in Phil …your kangaroo….. liar… dammet

  34. Time is a perception. It probably does not exist. We created measurement to give it a motion, so that everything makes sense. Even our existence….everything was created from nothingness. Its all about energy…created from light…even that we gave measurement, hence motion. The source is the mystery remaining with our One Creator…..

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