5 Most Mysterious Unexplained Time Travelers

The first evidence of John Titor’s existence appeared on an online forum for the Time Travel Institute on November 2, 2000. Each post was accompanied by this symbol, which was later revealed to be a military designation from the future. Under the name TimeTravel_0, the individual introduced himself by describing the “six parts” of a working time machine… …including the use of dual micro singularities and an electron injection manifold to control their mass and gravity. TimeTravel_0’s name, John Titor, was not revealed until January 2001, when his posts began appearing on the Art Bell BBS Forums. He explained he was an American soldier from 2036 who was on a secret mission triggered by an impending technological apocalypse. These still undeciphered scans of the manual for his “C204 Time Displacement Unit” were offered as proof of his claims. According to Titor, he was on his way back to 1975 to retrieve an IBM 5100 machine needed to debug the UNIX 2038 error… …a coding limitation that could cause computers to fail on a scale beyond the worst predictions for the Y2K bug. Among Titor’s eerie predictions was CERN’s discovery of mini black holes in 2001 that were to become the basis for his travels… …although others, such as warning of a US Civil War after an election, appeared to be incorrect or part of an alternative future. Titor mentioned that the many-worlds theory of quantum mechanics had been validated, suggesting many timelines were possible. He also claimed that while still unsolved in the future, it was suspected that UFOs and aliens were more advanced time travelers. The John Titor posts ended in March 2001 without explanation, and his identity has neither been confirmed nor disproven… Sometime in 1943, it is alleged that the US Navy destroyer escort USS Eldridge participated in Project Rainbow… …a top-secret experiment to test new “cloaking” technology that would render the ship invisible to detection. Also known as the “Philadelphia Experiment,” the tests centered on Albert Einstein’s unified field theory… …and supposedly manipulated the forces of electromagnetism and gravity to make the USS Eldridge temporarily disappear. Details of the experiment’s shocking results were allegedly leaked by a sailor on the support ship SS Andrew Furuseth. Using the alias “Carlos Miguel Allende”, Carl Meredith Allen claimed that the USS Eldridge momentarily vanished into thin air. It is speculated that a powerful magnetic field generator aboard the Eldridge bent not only radar and light as intended… …but also inadvertently warped gravity to create a dilation of time and sent the ship and crew back several seconds in the past. When the Eldridge reappeared, it is said that sailors ended up on different decks or were embedded in the ship’s metal hull. Rumors suggest that the Navy was never able to control or calibrate the phenomenon at the time to make it survivable… To this day, Navy officials maintain that no such experiment was ever conducted and that no such technology exists… Eduard Albert Meier is a Swiss citizen born in 1937 who claims to have first been visited by extraterrestrials in 1942. He alleges that his initial contact was with an elderly humanoid named Sfath who was of a race known as the Plejaren. According to Meier, the Plejaren appear similar to humans and are from an Earth-like world called Erra. They are said to exist in an alternate dimension that is shifted a fraction of a second away from our own. Meier suggests that extraterrestrials are able to visit Earth by manipulating the flow of a time unit known as a chronon… …and he claims that two alternate timeline races, the Plejaren and the Timarians, have the ability to travel through time. Meier himself has also claimed to time travel along Earth’s timeline and has presented a number of photos as evidence… …appearing to show UFOs in the present, prehistoric scenes in the past, and devastated scenes of Earth’s future. It is said that Meier has collected approximately 1,380 photos from his travels through space and time. Much of his work remains unverified, but he has attracted a devoted cult-like following known as FIGU… …the Free Community of Interests for Fringe and Spiritual Sciences and Ufology that closely guards his secrets… As a young child, Andrew Basiago claims that from 1968 to 1972 he participated in a DARPA project code-named Pegasus… …a program in which the US military supposedly perfected time travel technology based on secret research by Nikola Tesla. Over 100 children were allegedly recruited for the “chrononaut” program and chosen for their young and flexible brain placisity. It was believed that they would be best equipped to survive the “mental strain of moving between past, present and future.” According to Basiago, he and other children were information couriers who delivered future intelligence to US presidents… …and he claims that he accidentally appeared in this photo from Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address during one of his trips. Based on his experience, Basiago came to believe that not all of his time travel missions were in the same Earth timeline… …an “alternative dimension” hypothesis of time travel that could explain his wildest claims of meeting aliens on Mars. Basiago has since made it his duty to expose the US government’s secret time travel program for the greater good of humanity… …and he is thought to be one of the two “planetary-level whistle blowers” predicted by the mysterious Web Bot Project… As an accidental time traveler, the simplicity of Sir Victor Goddard’s story perhaps makes it one of the most believable… …and it is enhanced by his high-ranking status as a British Air Marshall who was knighted for his outstanding service. In 1935, Goddard was allegedly piloting a Hawker Hart biplane when he encountered a storm over the abandoned Drem airfield. The turbulent and bizarre brown cloud was unlike any weather he had ever entered before and it sent him into a tailspin. Barely recovering from an almost certain crash, Goddard suddenly found himself back over the abandoned airfield… …except it appeared to him to be fully operational with yellow monoplanes and RAF engineers in brown, not blue overalls. At the time, Goddard could not make sense of what he saw, and his friends could barely believe him when he described the scene. No such planes existed in the RAF in 1935 and the uniform colors that he saw were not worn by any RAF mechanics. It would not be until the start of World War II in 1939 that Goddard realized he may have experienced a slip in time… …when the Drem airfield was reopened for war, the yellow Magister fighter was built, and RAF overalls were changed to brown…

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  1. Guys here I am time travelled from 2123 and wanted to tell you that planet Nibiru is real and you guys are gonna shift there soon.

  2. Couldn't all the rioting the past year due to the election, or racism, etc be considered a civil war? Or maybe he was warning about what's going on in Venezuela but didn't specify. We can't predict the future ourselves, something may be in the works. Stay vigilant, educate yourselves, come together and progress.

  3. I'll suggest this again since it hasn't, and probably won't be disproved to the greed and selfishness of the government's/business/and ability to silence anyone nowadays. I have a theory that a lot if not all of our history is made up and was intricately devised and sold to the public. Think about it, it's impossible to prove any part of history without traveling time. And a lot of what has been dug up or found in some way can't even be explained with the most advanced technology we have today. Like I said before, our "taxes" and the poorly allocated funding aid in covering up any proof. We have to rely on speculation, imagination, and attention seekers that can't verify anything. Whether they're "taken care of" when they do share the truth, or can't come up with any more answers we ask.

  4. The thing that scares me about time traveling is not because of actual people from the future or alternate universes but because of what news they brought in with them.

  5. Later revealed to be a military symbol from the future….you talk about this garbage like it's true. It's all bullshit.

  6. The future where time travelling exists would exist all the time because it’s in the future. So we would have time travellers constantly visiting us all the fucking time. It would be common as shit.

    It doesn’t happen.

    You can’t time travel.

  7. Oh thanks for the big red circle in the thumbnail! I totally didn't see ominous looking figure standing in the middle of the picture!

  8. What was John Titor doing in the year 2000 if he was after tech from 1975 and if there was evidence that aliens are time travelers then why not travel beyond 2036?

  9. Sorry about bad english.I dont know If someone cares but we have time traveler too in my country 😀 K.H.Mácha was a writer and poet.He heard some rumors about time traveling in Houska castle and want to try it. So he came to the cave under the castle.He wrote a letter to his friend about mysteries he saw.A bright light,monsters who swallow a people,weird bee hive,fast running people and woman looks like a elf….Some scientists say he meant a subway and today dressed woman 😀 He traveled from 19th century to 21.
    Btw.Good videos Dark,keep it up 🙂

  10. 1st guy: I've been assigned to a TOP SECRET mission to the past to prevent a nuclear apocalypse? Let me just post that on Reddit.

  11. i do love the videos Dark5 puts out… but I'm pretty sure we can put the Philadelphia Experiment mystery to bed. Degaussing was becoming standard in the British Navy by 1943 and had also been shared with the US Navy by that time. Also, degaussing makes a ship "invisible" (no magnetic field) to the magnetic mines that Germany was using all around the British Isles and the English Channel in WW2.

  12. Titor was a fake… electrons don't work like that.
    Time manipulation on a small scale doesn't use electrons…. and folding isn't even necessary if the final field structure is designed efficiently.

  13. If Goddard's experience were true, what would exist in a storm and biplane that could have created a slip like that? Aren't those simple ingredients?

  14. Anyone know when the guy from #4 leaked this? He used "Allende" as (the last name of) his alias. Salvador Allende was the president of Chile prior to Pinochet's coup, but wasn't elected until 1970. Allende does sound similar to Allen, so there's a good chance it's just a coincidence, but it's pretty interesting. If he leaked this after 1970 though, please reply below, because then this would mean nothing.

  15. Micro-singularities? I know about those. At one point I attempted creating one. Didn’t go so well.

  16. you got the overall colours mixed up…Goddard saw men in blue uniforms but they didn't wear them until much later

  17. John Titor was on his way back to 1975 to retrieve a IBM 5100 computer…So we now know EBAY does not exist in 2036.

  18. Has anyone ever been told they were an Alien? I have many times. But i dont feel i am as in outer space. Time travel definitely yes.

  19. Ugh, hello, talk of civil war in America is already happening and anyone can see how relatively unstable our social fabric is.

  20. 'That could cause computers to fail beyond the Y2K bug'?? What Y2K bug?? Nothing happened!!! Surprise surprise – we were prepared and the clocks turned normally!!

  21. Well, we all know that despite denials. the Eldridge experiment did happen! Wow! Einstein, your theories still live on despite them having no practicalities relevant to the survival of human life! But never mind, theory = reality? Yeah, shit!!

  22. I believe I may have time traveled. I fell in my toilet and saw an alligator and survived to come out the other end. Just kidding! Not really. Lol! Jk

  23. I believe I may have time traveled. I fell in my toilet and saw an alligator and survived to come out the other end. Just kidding! Not really. Lol! Jk

  24. 1:34 yeah… seems legit, not like you could just find one today, or you know, build a new one, or use literally any other computer for the whole unix thing, or that most devices run 64 bit now…

  25. So i started building this time machine and got stuck at electron injection thing.
    Can someone tell me whether is common rail or pumpe duse?

  26. Simply going back time wouldn't be possible since a. You would die instantly since the earth's location would have moved alot and b. We have mass we would need an infinite amount of energy to move at the speed of light or faster

  27. Time travel is a power that only God, as the universe's Supreme Being, possesses. He is the Beginning and the End, Alpha and Omega and knows everything from before our pre-mortal existence all the way past the final battle with Satan and his evil forces. He is the only One that can give humans special access to see the past and the future but He does NOT give access to visit either time frame.

  28. Think you have the last one slightly reversed. RAF mechanics wore ligh brown/almost washed out Kaki green overalls until it was changed to blue boiler suits in about 1939.

  29. I'm from an Alternate Timeline where Adolf Hitler defeated Jewish Bolshevism/Communism in 1946. Man, did White People in this Timeline ever Fuck It All Up!

  30. That US civil war could still happen. There is a lot of us who are alarmed at how quickly we are losing our rights and a whole lot of other issues, too. I don't want one but it may be forced on us.

  31. 2038 error? Utter nonsense. The idea being that machines NOW will be able to read years beyond this and older machines will be out of service or recycled. It's the same thing as what happened for the millennium "feature" not actually a bug. It just remained there for years as no-one saw a reason to change it. Then people kept older machines and the cost to upgrade was high.

  32. 1:14 So he comes to the past with a high tech machine only to look for an old machine that is needed to solve a problem people knew about for years. seemlegit.png

  33. "including the use of dual micro singularities and an electron injection manifold"

    Tf he wanted to build? A romulan singularity drive? This is straight up star trek pseudo science bs.

    Also "chronons" and "chrononauts"? Oh you mean chronitons?

    Then again, let's say if this was true. Then, wouldn't the US gov shut down most of these forums and silence anyone who would likely tell everyone about this? After all, they are excellent in keeping things quiet, even to their own people.

    "later revealed to be a military designation from the future."

    How? Is it some sort of a futuristic US division that protects it's timeline? (and probably would interfere with other country's timeline. Let's be real, no one should have that much power, to the point that they can use time as a weapon. It is dangerous and could backfire horribly because of all the time paradoxes and shit. One tiny, small change in the timeline would have significant impact on the entire world in the future.)

    That is, assuming if it exists such a thing.

  34. I love how people "claim this and that would happen" when the fact is nobody has any fucking clue what would really happen because nobody has ever done it, well atleast that we know of.

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