5 Most Authentic Video Footage That Might Be Time Travelers

5 most authentic video footage that might be time travelers A woman suddenly appearing out of nowhere with a vehicle in Taiwan In this video woman suddenly appearing riding a scooter out of nowhere in Taiwan. Man disappear into thin air Man disappeared in the air Jackson Wyoming City in thin air while walking down darkened street. Strange scene SUV disappeared in the fog. Man on motorcycle suddenly appeared out of nowhere Strange time travel event in India. Man suddenly appearing out of nowhere Hong Kong strange time travel incident that caught on tape.

13 thoughts on “5 Most Authentic Video Footage That Might Be Time Travelers

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  2. cars appearing between cars. and same motor bike . not a horse rider lol first motorbike lady came from corner . didnt bother to watch rest video

  3. The universe is editing the movie strip, the things or man disappering dont notice anything themselves, they`re just "leaded" to another parallel universe without their knowing.

    That`s CONSTANLY happening, but we dont notice it, even if you go to your kitchen right now!!…..

  4. Video 1: weird angle, you can do camera tricks to get this same effect. Video 2: really bad, distorted video. He does not disappear but walks into the curvature of the lens where the data crunches. You can still see where the lens is blending him with his surroundings. This happens a lot with vr cameras. Video 3: The car did not disappear, it sped up and splashed water all over the driver's windshield. By time the water cleared the SUV was too far ahead to see in the storm. Video 4: A bit strange, but the footage is very distorted and the motorcycle could have easily been composited. Video 5: This is the coolest one, but it's no different than any other effect videos on the internet – like the one where an airplane lands on a freeway. It's probably from an FX student's reel.

  5. Are yaar ye 1 no. Ka jo time tunnel hai naa wo time traveler ko kahi se bhi tapaka de ta hai bechara aadmi koi baat nhi aachakal aaisa hota reheta hai 😊😊

  6. 第一個,那個地方確定是在臺灣,

  7. 後面接著,有人在路旁行走,竟然會自動消失?怪。

  8. 連一輛正在行駛中的休旅車,

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