5 figures a month income as 21 year old

48 thoughts on “5 figures a month income as 21 year old

  1. One of the most inspiring hustlers I've ever seen.

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    GG and much love,

  2. Again, thanks for another FREE video, Max. Truly inspried and driven to build my business and make this shit work!

  3. Could you also give advice about non Coaching businesses, for example Computer Science. Because i want to be my own Boss but without Coaching. I want to give value with something i created and not only giving Knowledge so others can create something. Dont get me Wong i like what you are doing and am happy about Evelyn video but for me it doesn't feels right.

  4. Make money to get a Mentor
    or work for a Mentor
    Whatever you choose, money and freedom will only come after you GAVE TONS of value.
    my two cents

  5. You always say break out of your 9 to five Job and then your employees work more than eight hours, so where is the difference to a regular Job? Both is paid and both can make fun, i don't get it

  6. The best motivation better than a commitment to the "open position" at Max was the really nice rejection, that will not happen again and it will now work harder than before 🙂 And the video shows how far you can bring it!

  7. another inspiring video with the message of why action-taking can take you wherever you want 🙂 Thank you

  8. Max and Nikita,
    Thanks for the vid!
    Does somebody know how the hell you spell the business brothers they are referring to?

    The Baulich? Boulich? Bow lick? Bowlig? Brothers haha
    You don't wanna know what kind of sites i've landed on searching for these brothers.

    GG! Peace out! (and a happy 420 tomorrow)

  9. You guys talk like a bunch of women. Keep the talk short and to the point. Most of us have heard all the crap stories about the cubicle farms and the epiphany some of you assholes have had.

  10. Fuck money… Burn this country to the ground…
    What we lose in the fire, we will find in the ashes

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