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hey guys welcome back to my channel my
name is Leah and today I am talking to you guys about the top five favorite
things in Thailand currently I am in Dubai right now I just finished doing my
group trip and yesterday actually the girls left so yeah I have some time to
kill so I want to do some videos and I really want to talk about Thailand
because there’s so much to talk about Thailand and I feel like I just didn’t
say enough anyways so let’s jump right into it so my top 5 favorite things
about Thailand this is not in any order there’s so many more things but I’m like
you know what let me let me make a short video let me just do the top five
favorite things so number one is the fresh fruit oh my goodness so they have
the best fresh fruit and it’s like you have such a wide variety a variety like
the exotic fruits to us like in America or any other you know country are like
in Europe you know that you don’t really get at the grocery store or for
expensive price you get for dirt cheap in Thailand you know like wow even their
bananas taste better hi bananas are amazing they taste way better than the
bananas in America or the bananas in Europe and so also in Thailand they do
fresh fresh juices or fresh smoothies everywhere you can get fresh smoothies
anywhere on any corner there is a stand or a restaurant where you can get fresh
juice or fresh smoothies and you watch them make it it’s fresh there’s no
conservative or there’s no concentrate it’s the fruit and I had I probably had
a smoothie every single day sometimes twice a day once again it was like one
dollar and 20 cents for this amazing fresh smoothies and man I love fruit I’m
such a fruit person so that was just that made me love Thailand so
number two is that it’s cheap everybody knows that Thailand’s cheap Southeast
Asia is cheap but like being there just made it so much more amazing it made me
really fall in love with Thailand because you know while I was living in
Switzerland I wasn’t able to do everything that I loved to do because it
was so expensive and you know I’m not you know I’m smoothly like we’re on that
topic I love smoothies I love fruit I actually did not buy fruit while in
Switzerland because it was so expensive I like the only fruit that I bought was
bananas and I think peach but I never bought
strawberries I never bought blueberries I never bought raspberries and those are
like my three favorite fruits because they’re so expensive so I’m not matter
like I was able to enjoy life more while I was in Thailand not just like food
food that’s the main thing I was able to eat again like I like to eat I eat a lot
I love to eat I love food so I was able to eat again whatever I wanted and I was
able to just do things like I would get my toes done I would get manicures I
would get pedicures I would get my eyebrows done there I would you know get
massages I would you know have coffee I would go to Starbucks like I was able to
do the things that I love to do because it’s so cheap and so you’re able to
really enjoy yourself and not stress out about anything pretty much that’s how
cheap it is also you know on the lines of being able to enjoy stuff I was able
to enjoy travel a bit more because I didn’t have to stay in hostels so I know
a lot of people ask me how are you staying in these Airbnb ease and nice
hotels and stuff and that’s just because Thailand is chic it’s cheap I was
staying in those Airbnb is probably the most expensive Airbnb I had in Thailand
I think with maybe 30 bucks a night and that was the most expensive the
cheapest was nine dollars a night so like I said it was just so enjoyable so
I didn’t have to stay in hostels and it made travelling more enjoyable and
everything was more enjoyable because of some cheap okay so number three the
friendly and warm people like and this didn’t make my heart sing I don’t know
what did Thailand is full of just the most kind and warm people they literally
welcome you with a smile they say hi Sawadee kha is how you say hello in Thai
and they just smile and they were just happy you could tell cuz sometimes when
you travel what happens is the local it’s not that they’re mean people
it’s just that sometimes they’re grumpy because there’s so many tourists and
they’re kind of tired of tourists taking over their country so but in Thailand I
didn’t sense that at all they were really they were happy to have tourism
they were happy to have tourists there and you know let me know if you had a
different you know experience but that was my experience and it felt really
nice it felt really nice to feel like so welcomed anywhere and especially coming
from Switzerland where people were cold and just I don’t want to talk about that
but going back going to Thailand where I got the smile and I was able to smile at
everybody again and I got no smile rejection and Tyler and everyone smiled
and everyone waved if I sways you know they were just just so friendly and warm
and helpful you know I’ve had a few situations where I needed help and I was
able to stop a stranger and ask them for help and they really helped me like just
just over the top helped and dumb man I love Thai people they’re my favorite and
they’re so cute and like bubbly like they’re just have this bubbly
personality you know man I love Thailand okay number four the atmosphere so I
love warm climate Thailand is definitely warm I actually love their humidity I
feel like my hair really prospered there my skin really prospered there I didn’t
really ever have to put on lotion that often because it was just damp and I
actually really liked it I appreciated the humidity and of course it was very
warm it was in the high 80s low 90s while I was there and I had mind it
that’s because I’m come from the Sun I love the Sun I’m from New Mexico so
didn’t bother me at all I loved it and it would have light rain occasionally
actually not occasionally often it had light rain but see the light rain wasn’t
a problem you could walk and look it was literally like a just a drizzle there
were it was I think maybe two or three times that whole month it poured down to
where I was stuck inside other than that it was like it’s just a nice little
drizzle and you could still walk and you know the Sun was usually still shining
it was great Thailand okay the last thing sorry I’m
rambling because I absolutely love Thailand the last thing is that it has
everything it has mountain it has beaches it has islands it has forests it
has huge city life it has everything in one country that you want and
that’s just amazing to me you know you could just stay in Thailand and be happy
so you you know yeah if you’re living in the mountains you can pop down to the
islands it’s like a one-hour flight or if you’re living in the city of Bangkok
and you feel like you know I need a break from this I want to pop up to the
mountains you know go up to PI where it’s nice and secluded and relaxing you
could do that it’s a one-hour flight you know that was amazing to me I loved that
about Thailand so much so yeah that’s like top five things that I love about
Thailand I know little people are saying oh do you do you feel like you could
stay in Thailand do you want to live there I thought about it and I do I do
want to live in Thailand I do see myself living there not permanently but I don’t
know when I don’t know when I’m taking life day by day literally day by day is
how I take my life but in the near future what I love to live in Thailand
for a year or two heck yes I would love to live in Thailand for a short period
of time like a year or two and that’s something that I’m kind of planning or
not right now but something that I’m definitely open to in the future so I
said I hope you guys love my top five favorite things about Thailand and if
you’re not subscribed please subscribe thank you for following and I’ll see you
guys the next one bye you

21 thoughts on “5 Favorite Things about Thailand | Solo Traveler

  1. You were able to pamper yourself and the people are friendly! The weather is an important factor sounds like Fl weather. Yesss, Thailand was already on my list but, your videos made me wanna go there even more!!

  2. It is so cool to see that you have so much fun and are so happy, keep going on. But I have to say we miss you here in switzerland. Ich hoffe sehr das Du eus i de Schwiz wider einisch chunsch cho bsueche.ย  Du bisch eifach so super ๐Ÿ™‚ Ich liebe dini videos.

  3. On drinking your smoothies, I like the way you said โ€œsometimes twice a dayโ€ lol. I hear you Sis. Always happy to see you enjoying yourself! 1LF!

  4. Sounds like a dream; simplistic life. Wondering about employment there now. LOL. My investigation begins. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Nah…I think locals are mean period, especially towards black people. People in Thailand have an unspeakable appreciation for tourism and that's why they're so incredibly welcoming, amongst many reasons of course.

  6. So do you have a permanent residence at this point, or are you just moving around/traveling ?

    I love watching your journey

  7. Hi Leah! ๐Ÿ˜Š I'm glad that Thailand was so good to you! You were literally glowing while you were there. Your happiness was radiating from the inside out, and it was beautiful to see that. Keep shining, Sis! HUGS!โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ

  8. The next video in my queue is the one titled "I broke down at work," and wow!! The difference is night and day. Good on you getting out of that situation! Enjoying your blogs, thanks for sharing! ๐Ÿคฉ

  9. I always watch your channel sweetie. Your awesome strong woman ๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒบ๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒบ๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒบ๐ŸŒน

  10. Can you do a video on the top places to travel when in Thailand or the places you went to for those we want to travel there??

    Also can you do a video on how you pack for many of these trips especially clothes, makeup etc

  11. im going to Thailand in a week! Thank you for the video!!!! Im so excited, i do have questions about how to get their currency for the best price. Through the bank or at the airport?

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