3 tips how to avoid risks before and after applying for tourist visa

do you know how much pain is the process
of applying for touristic visa there are countries for example in Schengen zone
in European Union they don’t need visa they don’t need even passport crossing
the borders first of all there are no borders but if there will be some check
because it happened to me last year on new year me and my brother were
crossing the border from Denmark to Sweden and on the border the police
border police entered and checked all the documents citizen of those countries
they need only one ID that’s it they don’t need anything else no passport no
visa the next circle of countries that are surround the European Union
countries like Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Ukraine, Moldova. Citizen of those
countries they don’t need visa but they need the passport because they can stay
inside the European Union 90 days in the last six month so you need to count and
not to exceed that amount of days and after that you need to leave your
opinion and come back home so you can do that they don’t need visa they just show
the passport they enter and that’s it next circle of the countries that need
visa and there are two groups of those countries one group ticket these are very easily they just apply the deport documents and
default documents our application forms of photos your document like passport
tickets bus tickets or airplane ticket and proof if you stay the booking from
hotel second group of countries that need visa it’s so hard for them to get
visa because they need to provide their last three salaries they need to provide
the document for their house or any other property they have the family
members that they stay inside the country I will not be surprised if one
day the embassies will ask for birth certificate like why the hell do you
need all these documents because if I’m planning my stay in that country
sometimes it’s short stay like one two three days or one week maximum right I
cannot do that spontaneously at some moment I want to go to Paris and spend
my weekend there no even if I have a flight I cannot go there
because I need to get all those document the process lasts one or two weeks plus
I need one or two weeks to wait for the answer for the visa and already month if
you don’t go you can basically reject you will lose all your money this is so
much stressful situation that in a lot of these countries these are cheating
they make their reservation and very expensive hotel then they cancel that
but the document of that reservation that provides the embassy what happened
to me last year I intend Netherlands and in the border they asked why I’m gonna
stay how long I’m gonna stay or is my back ticket appeared all those documents
they were with me so I provide them with those Friends of all my reservations the
police officer contacted the hotel and asked if my reservation is still active
and I was so happy at that moment that I didn’t do any fake documents all my
reservations were ok I heard a lot of stories a lot of stories from her people
made that big reservation they entered they had no problems
remember it’s not like that fool that’s not the rule they just did a lot that
police officer didn’t want to get bothered that another important thing
when you fill the application form there is one part that you feel the first
entrance country if you fill the application form the first interest on
to one country and then when you enter the European Union you change your mind
in you enter from another country that might be problem and I even know the
people who would be turned back and reject the entire European Union because
they lie if you feel that application form please feel all the details
correctly I really feel sorry for the countries and I am one citizen of one of
those countries that have the problem getting visa all the time is so much
stress so much expenses that at some woman or some things like do you really
need to go there so let me share with you tips that I use when I apply for the
visa tip number one apply in members of the country where you are gonna spend
more days for example if you planning to spend five days in Germany and four days
in Italy you need to apply in them Germany that’s the common group second
important thing that you need to pay attention is that you need to provide
the embassy with all the documents flight or bus or car to the country
where you’re going to stay then if you’re gonna move between the countries
bus tickets or another vehicle that you planning to use because that will add
credibility to your application you will show one by one what are you gonna do
where you’re gonna stay where you will go how much they will spend there
tip number two the reservation there was a time I was doing my reservations from
the booking comm well what I do when I enter the website I searched and I first
open and check the map that place should be in the city center or near the bus or
metro or another traffic that will take you to the city center and another
important thing and interesting thing that if you open the map of the place if
it show you they’re white so it’s somewhere pop if it shows you the city
of the map so it’s somewhere in the citizens and that’s why they do it that
big map to show how a good place the place is located in this case if you
find some place and you want to go there you didn’t just call directly to the
place and ask how much cost reservations sometimes they say cheaper than you do
on the website but sometimes website can do it much cheaper than the place
directly tip number three is internet prepare your roaming megabytes or
gigabytes to be able to use it Sam but even in that case you just can go to the
compare and use internet from compare to confed actually don’t need it that much
if you’re in another country what you can need only maps and you can use
download the Google Maps your map oh my perhaps me for example last but not
least try not to get problems and even if you have problems try not to get
caught if you have a question just school go back or go to police officer
now that’s what they do they help thank you for watching I hope all of you will
get visa if you needed a nolan old you will spend nice time if you plan your
travel with the person you love below or with the family
thank you for watching

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