3 Time Travel Paradoxes!!

Vsauce, I’m Jake and what are you doing
on the ground? Let’s get you standing up…there…you’re looking great. Actually since I have you here,
have you seen the film Interstellar? I watched it recently and in the movie they use a wormhole,
a shortcut through space and time to travel much more quickly…ostensibly time traveling.
And that got me thinking about a complicated part of time travel, paradoxes. Like the bootstrap
paradox, also known as the Ontological Paradox, which has been used in things like the Ocarina
of Time, Time Splitters, Terminator, and Back to the Future. It’s when information or
objects are never really created, because their existence starts by coming from the
future and ends by going to the past to become themselves… for example in the Ocarina of
Time Guru-Guru teaches Link the Song of Storms in the future, yet Guru-Guru learned the song
from Link when he traveled back in time or…wait…where did this camera come from again?… Excuse
me, I’m trying to film could you keep it down a bit? Actually, let’s travel a little
into the past and talk about the Predestination Paradox. The predestination paradox is when you travel
to the past to stop or change the outcome of an event (phone rings) “Hello?”
Jake “Bill?”
Jake, Jake you’re travelling through time. “I am, correct.” So what you’re going to experience is Time
Dilation. What you and I think of as the speed of time as being constant even when we’re
in a hurry even when we lose track of time. We nominally imagine a clock that’s running
at a constant rate relative to the universe but that turns out not to be true. Its not
the speed of time is constant its the speed at which energy can move is constant this
is to say the speed of light. So, I want you to be careful of this because when you look
at your watch it will look like time is passing at normal speed, normal rate, but in fact
the universe is moving along at its own speed and when you try to reconnect with it you
might end up changing the course of history in such a way that you never exist…and neither
do I. “Bill? Bill? Bill? Bill?!!” Excuse me, I’m trying to film could you
keep it down a bit? So with the predestination paradox, you travelling
back in time to stop an event is what caused it in the first place. And the creation of
that instant leads to future you going back in time to try and fix it…lets move on. When we think about traveling backwards through
time, we tend to think of it like the Butterfly Effect where an action as seemingly inconsequential
as stepping on a flower or killing a bug can cause a domino effect, rippling through space
and time to drastically change the future. Do I have a mustache now? And a knife? However,
in most paradoxes the timeline is an endless loop. Isaac Brock has a great verse, “The
universe is shaped exactly like the Earth, if you go straight long enough you’ll end
up where you were.” And why am I still holding this knife? Oh….oh no…oh I am so sorry…I killed
myself, literally…wait no this is perfect…we just hit the Grandfather Paradox. The Grandfather
Paradox is fairly simple. If you were to go back in time and kill your grandfather, he
wouldn’t be able to have one of your parents and they wouldn’t have been able to have
you which means you wouldn’t exist and therefore wouldn’t be able to go back in time and
kill your grandfather…in this case (points to body out of frame) I killed myself, but
if I killed myself before I could go back in time to kill myself I wouldn’t be alive
to go back in time to kill myself which means I never killed myself so then I’d be alive
to go do everything again leading up to me going back in time and accidentally killing
myself…making this whole video…a paradox…and as always, thanks for watch… Vsauce, I’m Jake and what are you doing
on the ground?

100 thoughts on “3 Time Travel Paradoxes!!

  1. The grandfather paradox would apply to stopping anything in the past, if you succeed in stopping it future you wouldn’t have to go back but then it still happens and then you go back…loop

  2. I saw 1 problem with your video you didnt die you dissapered so its incomplete loop but simple mistake dont ruin awesome video:D

  3. "You never exist, and neither do I."
    Bill Nye doesn't exist? Who's hosting Bill Nye the Science Guy without Bill?

  4. This channel Vsause 3 uploaded a video – 3 time travel paradoxes with 3.3mil views and was uploaded 3 years ago. It must be destiny.

  5. My opinion is that the grandfather theory is a complete loop because if you were to go back in time and kill your grandfather, he would have technically died in the past and there would be no you. And if there were no you he would still be alive and you will still be there to kill him. But if you kill him there would be no you to kill him and therefore he would be alive and you also would be alive. So this is just a loop and…


  6. So you die and dropped the cam then another you picks up the cam then see a vision of yourself calling Bill Nye then you yell at them for being loud
    You find a phone then Bill Nye contacts you afterwards, Bill disappears then you yell then get yelled at by yourself for being to loud
    You then suddenly have a knife and throw it back to kill one of yourselves then you disappear because i think that is your past self
    That past self or at least one of them might be the one who found that camera and started the video.

    I broke my brain

  7. I’m wondering if there is a way you could prevent the butterfly effect when going back in time. Let’s say to visit your younger self

  8. here’s how whenever you travel back in time it will happen forever. when you go back in time you see yourself doing what you did before time traveling then you time travel again and again and again and forever

  9. I personally think the grandfather paradox isn't a paradox, I think of time linearly though it seems to happen in the exact same moment, so, first the event of your grandfather dying would take place and then you would die, killing both of you.

  10. Intetesting, Its a lot more original than most videos like this and I wish that more people would do it like that, Paradoxes are cool! Gimme more, I like to feel my brain melt XD… Enjoy more info through this link!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6aM0hreK_Ic

  11. I tried explaining this to one of my friends and he just said why don't I just live in the new reality that I've created SMH

  12. I solved time paradox.It's easy.Thing is you don't have free will and you don't make choice even if you do travel and change something its because it was supposed to be like that all along hehhee

  13. It gave me chills when the Camera fell to the ground and I realized it was exactly like the beginning

  14. I am from 2069 I’m breaking international law by typing this I’m dead if you read this
    Stop Interpol from restricting time travel!
    Goodbye Interpol will assassinate me.

  15. I think it is more complex. One has to ask when a time traveller 'appears' in the past, were did the matter composing their body come from? All the atoms he is composed off also exist in that past time moment! Was matter created?

    I think, there is no real paradox. When you arrive in the past you are a unique arrangement of matter, atoms, molecules and such. You exist at the moment you arrive and I see no mechanism that can undo the fact that that unique arrangement of atoms now exists. Even if you kill your grandfather, you still continue on as that unique arrangement of atoms……

    This seems no more or no less amazing then the idea that by random chance atoms could just happen to come together to form something like a Boltzmann brain………. I think somehow the timeline were your grandfather lived and you were born, is still 'somewhere'…… so that it's existence accounts for your existence in the now altered timeline….. it exists within your personal timeline maybe…..

    The real issue I think is where does the matter that composes the time travellers body come from. Each atom in his body also exists somewhere in the past time he is now visiting!

  16. Now I have a question this is completely unrelated but here we go

    (Today when I’m writing this is the day this happened)

    So I got into bed around 11:03 PM and fall asleep around somewhat 12:13

    I fall asleep but the I wake up and the time is 11:45 but I fell asleep at 12 both PM.

    (visible confusion)

  17. Oh my god that last part reminded me so much of that Doctor Who episode where he gets teleported to this castle and then ends up being the person who got him there in the first place. He even disintegrated before his past self arrived.

  18. What if you created all of the technological advances in the world because you time traveled to the past with the knowledge of (let’s say for example) the iphone then the only reason the world has iPhones is because you invented them in the past from future reference thus creating an infinite loop of time travel that cannot be broken and eliminating your free will.

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