3 proofs that debunk flat-Earth theory | NASA’s Michelle Thaller

So, Oscar, you asked the question, “What
are some of the easiest ways that you can prove that the Earth is round?” Because apparently, this is something that
we’re debating—I have no idea why. That’s a hard thing for me to even start
talking about because there are so many proofs that the Earth is round, it’s difficult
to know where to start. And it’s not okay to think that the Earth
is flat. This is not a viable argument. I have friends who have been on the International
Space Station, they have orbited the Earth once every 90 minutes; I’ve had personal experience
with people who have been up in space and can see with their own eyes that the Earth
is round. And of course, we‘ve taken all of these
amazing pictures from space; they’re so beautiful, all those pictures of the Earth. So I don’t really know what’s going on
right now with this ‘Earth is flat’ thing, but I will tell you that this is one of the
things I really enjoyed teaching my own astronomy class about because there are proofs all around
you. It is not difficult to know that the Earth
is round. In fact, people have known of this for way
more than 2,000 years. The ancient Greeks actually had a number of
really elegant, wonderful proofs that the earth was a sphere. So let’s start from the simple to the slightly
more complicated. One of the things you can see yourself, with
a pair of binoculars, is if you actually go out to a lake and there are boats on that
lake, the farther away a boat is the more the bottom of the boat will disappear, and
you’ll basically just see the mast of the boat. And as a boat goes farther and farther away
the last thing you will see is the very top of the mast of that boat, and that’s because
the boat is actually going over the horizon that’s curved—and that means that as it
goes farther and farther away you see less and less of the bottom of it, and more of
the top of that. You can see that with binoculars by an ocean,
by a lake, it’s really easy. That wouldn’t happen if the Earth were flat—you
would simply see the boat getting smaller and smaller and smaller as it went farther
away, but you’d be able to see the whole thing with the same proportions. Now, another way that you can tell that we’re
on a sphere is to think about how there’s something called the tropics on the Earth,
and the tropics are places near the equator of the earth were sometimes the sun is overhead
in the sky. This was actually something that the Greeks
used, not only to prove that the Earth was round about 2000 years ago, but they actually
measured the circumference of the Earth, accurate to within just a couple percent. 2,000 years ago we’ve known that the Earth
was round. There was a really brilliant Greek scientist
called Eratosthenes, and Eratosthenes noticed that there was a town called Syene, and on
a certain date the sun would actually shine straight down to the bottom of a well. That meant the sun was directly overhead;
you could look down a well and see the sun shining back at you. And on the very same date, farther away in
the city of Alexandria, that didn’t happen. The sun was not directly overhead, it was
a slight angle, and all that Eratosthenes did was he measured the difference in the
angle of the sun. It was straight overhead in Syene; in Alexandria
it was a little bit less than overhead, and he rationed that that change in angle from
one city to another was probably indicative of us being on a curved surface, and you could
make all kinds of measurements even between those two cities and see that the angles were
different—the sun was at a different place in the sky. Using this, he actually measured the circumference
of the Earth, and he got it right 2,000 years ago. So another really simple proof is that on
any given date, at different cities and different places around the world, the sun is at different
angles in the sky. That wouldn’t happen if the Earth wasn’t
round. Then there are some other proofs that are
a little more obscure, but they’re actually really lovely. One is to observe what happens during a lunar
eclipse. Now, a lunar eclipse happens when the Earth
casts a shadow on the moon. The moon actually goes dark, in fact, if you’ve
seen one you can actually see the Earth’s shadow go across the moon, and when the moon
is entirely in the Earth’s shadow the moon looks kind of dark and even kind of red-colored;
it’s really, really beautiful. What’s happening, in that case, is that
the sun is on one side of the Earth—the Earth is in the middle—and the Earth is
casting a shadow on the moon, and as the shadow moves across the moon you’ll notice that
the shadow is curved, it’s round. And so something like the sun that’s bigger
than the Earth and is able to cast a shadow of the Earth on the moon can actually show
you the shape of the Earth. “Ah-ha!” you might say, “but could the
Earth to be a disk? Could it be flat but it’s actually still
shaped like a disk, not like a sphere?” There was a Greek scientist called Aristarchus
and what he noticed was that you can get a lunar eclipse at many different angles where
the sun is; sometimes the shadow goes straight across the moon, sometimes it just kind of
glances the moon—just a little bit is in shadow just on the top or on the bottom. From every different vantage point, every
different angle the sun is casting a shadow, you always get a perfectly curved shadow. The only shape that can cast a shadow that’s
curved from any direction you put the light is a sphere. So people have known that the Earth is spherical
for thousands of years. It’s not okay to say that the Earth is flat. This is some sort of strange denial, I don’t
know where it comes from, and it’s something where I keep getting this question. We really need to put this question to bed
because we’ve known the Earth is a sphere for a long time. There’s even some well-meaning people who
say, “I don’t really believe the Earth is flat, but I’m not really sure what to
think about it.” And they’ve asked me some interesting questions,
like they’ve heard that space is a very hot, that when you go up above the atmosphere
the temperature of space is millions of degrees, which is true. The problem is there’s basically no air
at all. So the gas right around the Earth is actually
millions of degrees hot. That’s actually true, but there’s almost
none of it, there’s almost nothing. Like one single proton whizzes by you at a
temperature of a million degrees, it’s not the same as temperature in the air, it’s
not the same thing at all. So that’s one that I get sometimes. And the other one is—I actually said this
to somebody, and I couldn’t believe they had never thought of it—that with binoculars
you can see planets, you can see Saturn and Jupiter, you can see Mars with a telescope,
the sun and the moon, everything else you see in the solar system is a sphere. So we’re the one thing that is different? And that actually made somebody who was more
interested in actually hearing information, that actually got them to think. They were like, “You’re right… everything
else we take a picture of is a sphere!”

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  1. Read Eric Dubay's Remarkable book The Flat Earth Conspiracy free on the internet in pdf format.
    Remember the Earth is FLAT and motionless that's the views from Bonney wee Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
    Also bear in mind that NASA stands for Never A Straight Answer 👺👺👺👺
    So Show Nazi NASA the RED CARD NOW 👹👹👹👹 !!!!

  2. This dumb broad is only doing maintenance for NASA! Besides…she’s describing s ship going away over the horizon…yea! It looks like that due to perspective! Use a Nikon Px900! Without a fisheye lens and you’ll see the ship clear as day! People have done real experiments! they ARE doing experiments! and they’re finding more and more evidence that the earth is Flat! and all her “Astro-not” friends only went as far as upper earths atmosphere! And even up there the horizon is still at Eye level! Nice try NASA!! your a bunch of deceptive liars! Your still faking “outerSpace” just to keep the allusion alive! sure!…pilots have circumvented the earth from east to west, and no matter how far south they go they’ll always run into the Antarctica Ice Wall! and no further! No need to! but nobody has ever circumvented the earth from North to South clear around underneath any globe passing up Australia, China, etc! Phooey! NASA has been exposed BIG TIME !!! And they’re circling the wagons of all their “Astor-nots” actors and speaking out about “how ridiculous flat earth really is?” well if it’s SO stupid! Then why go through any hassles and spend taxpayers dollars on videos trying to debunk flat earth? Huh? Why let it bother if there’s nothing to it? Tell you why!!!…because there IS! and NASA knows it! the World is waking up to their matrix deception of Control and manipulation! It’s very sad that they’re doing this instead of conducting REAL science instead of “scientism” it’s NASA’s religion!! they’ll all face God one day!

    the full earth none


  4. This literally ends the argument. Start using your actual eyeballs people and stop listening to these dreamers. https://youtu.be/GR6tRESZCoI

  5. Thanks for your video 🙏🏻,
    the first thing that takes my attention is how mad you look with this flat earth idea.
    Im just researching but is a problem “globe earthers” have for us researchers.

    Some of us never ask ourselves the real shape of the earth until a flat earther come into our lives and when we try to find answers we found angry toxic fans of each side.

    By the way, nassim haramein’s shape of earth is what i think is closer to reality

  6. If the Earth is flat we would all have sunset and sunrise at the same fucking time, how come where you live is daytime and on the far side of the world is night? That's why smart people invented time zones… Fucking idiots….

  7. NASA should get the top 5 /10 guys in the flat earth society and offer them a free ride in the shuttle up into space to show them how deluded they are. they can bring any equipment they want to disprove it too.

  8. Okay, this is the BEST proof?

    Flat earthers say that NASA and their astronauts are part of the conspiracy because they are paid. Claiming that you have had experience with people who have been up there and seen it is circular reasoning.

    As far as your proofs, the first is poor. Ships that "disappear" from the bottom up over the horizon, can be zoomed in with a camera or telescope and the bottom is visible again. Why is that?

    As far as Eratosthenes' shadows, you would get the SAME angled shadows if the sun was close, as the flat earthers claim.

    And the final proof is descent. However, it could also be that the earth is not what is causing the lunar "eclipse". Some even propose arguments that the moon's light isn't a reflection, and if they are correct, then the circular shadowing across the moon may be something else entirely.

    As far as the other planets being round, again, flat earthers argue that when they are looked at through a telescope, the planets are no different than the stars, other than their position isn't fixed (hence planet means wandering star). So the only things round up there are the sun and moon…

  9. Stand tall and PROCLAIM your rightful place in the world. If you are attracted to the theory of the FLAT EARTH then do your research and SHARE your ideas with others. After years of study it appears to me that we live on a FLAT AND STATIONARY EARTH. Is it hard to believe? You bet! Just because something is beyond OUR imagination doesn't necessarily make it fantasy. THE THEORY OF THE FLAT EARTH IS FASCINATING! Is there something to it? STUDY the subject and find out for yourself. I did and I am utterly FASCINATED!

  10. Who am I? Does it matter? Follow YOUR heart and take the path of least resistance. If it feels right, then maybe it is. Take a LEAP and dive in. What do you have to lose? Do we live on a FLAT EARTH? Or, do we live on a space ball? Hmmm, are we being fooled? What has been implanted in your brain may not be what is outside of your brain. I'm talking about the REAL world. SHAKE you head and take a peek at what millions of people across plane Earth are captivated by. FLAT. STATIONARY. SPECIAL. EARTH.

  11. No amount of emotion can bend the horizon. It is horizontal from all heights. Same with centrifugal force – emotion can't reverse it's effects. Emotion will not hump water up into a mound – it lies flat and level.  Emotion does not turn videos/photo's into proof.

  12. I am perplexed. Why would someone need to come on and try to debunk FLAT EARTH .. Do we TRY and DEBUNK Aliens, big foot, unicorns, ghost…..HMMMM… ODD..isn't it????

  13. I already know one they missed even though I haven't watched it yet,Where would the core be if the earth is flat?In the middle of nowhere

  14. heliocentric

    orbiting at 66,600 mph around the sun/Apollo/Apollyon

    spinning at .000696 RPM's on imaginary axis

    tilted on an imaginary Axis at 23.4 – 90 degrees = 66.6

    gravity invented in the year 1666
    when did anyone take a picture of any "PLANET" its all CGI
    it is round but also flat like a pizza.
    the sea is level and the earth is covered in 75% water, water all finds level always…
    the sun is smaller then earth just look up at the sun then look at the vast PLANE….
    if the earth were a sphere LEVEL would be impossible.
    do you really think that part of mankind lives upside down and cant feel it
    how do we not feel gravity, or spinning or orbiting , but if we have a 5.4 earthquake everybody feels it…..

  15. All excellent proofs, but should we should we tell her that they're just not going to believe anything that might prove the Earth is round. They'll say, "I just don't believe that happened, well, if I zoom in, i can bring the ship right back, etc., ad nauseam.

  16. If the boat is going over a curve then their should be a curvature that is measurable and able to be applied anywhere not just on the Ocean. The pythagorean theorem was applied to this "curvature" theory and found that for every 6 miles, using the 25000 mile circumference of the earth, there should be a 6 ft drop in scenery. Meaning a 2 story yacht should not be able to be seen with a telescope past 18 miles. Yet marine navigators can see 100's of miles ahead of their path, they do it everyday…math is absolute.

  17. what is the energy source that the earth uses to spin and orbit and fly threw the milky way and around the sun for billions and billions of years?
    what set it in motion,and put it all on its course?
    where did earth come from and where is it going?

  18. That last argument about that all the other celestial bodies, ie. The Sun, the moon, the planets, are all round, but Earth isn't…is the most obvious argument I would use on any Flirther. I mean, why do these morons think that Earth is so special that it would be different?

    My question is if the Ancient Greeks figured out the Earth was spherical, how was this knowledge lost and the belief that it was flat get started again? Was it during the Dark Ages? Had to be.


    We see an airplane in the sky for very long time, it has it's nose point a little bit up all the time, it never dip the nose.
    What You globalist claim then is, that gravitation makes it follow the curve of the globe.

    If gravitation have such powerful force, so it can make an airplane have it's nose pointing a little up all the time, and still follow a curve on a globe, nothing could ever leave the earth, not a ballone and not a rocket to go to the moon, or satellites or spacestation ISS, connect the dots You globalists, to live in deny is a sicknes You have to cure

  20. Wake up people, You've been lied to Big time. Do your own research.

    This is our world.


  21. Sorry!! NASA has Ben exposed and all these videos are designed for are NASA’s way of “circling the wagons” and getting ad many videos put out they can to distract from those folks who are WOKE to NASA’s deceptions and are just not buying the scientism nonsense any longer!

  22. Brian Austin Lambert and his pal Mias New Pair of Glasses perpetuate this flat earth nonsense . VAL actually has a 27 part series and if you don't believe him YOU ARE JUST STUPID ..his theories are ridiculous to say the least . It's the plassssmmmmaaa LMAO 😱😂

  23. Hmmmm,,,,every photo,,every false piece of knowledge given is merely to misguide you all to the fact that god created the earth flat, and surrounded by an ice wall, the united nations all know this,,,hence the reason antarctica is off limits to the world, no one except the very elite must witness,,,,and manipulate the truth,,,,,god's truth must be revealed,.

  24. She works for NASA come on now…
    And NASA was the first who got 2 the moon right!?!
    Haha haha shit funny just saying 😂😂😂😂

  25. Definition of AXIS, ax·is1



    an imaginary line about which a body rotates.

    "the Earth revolves on its axis once every 24 hours"

    synonyms: center line, vertical, horizontal




    an imaginary line drawn around the earth equally distant from both poles, dividing the earth into northern and southern hemispheres and constituting the parallel of latitude 0°.

    a corresponding line on a planet or other body.

    Celestial poles,
    The north and south celestial poles are the two imaginary points in the sky where the Earth's axis of rotation, indefinitely extended, intersects the celestial sphere. The north and south celestial poles appear permanently directly overhead to observers at the Earth's North Pole and South Pole, respectively. Wikipedia




    existing only in the imagination.
    "Chris had imaginary conversations with her"

    synonyms: unreal, nonexistent, fictional, fictitious, pretend, make-believe, mythical, mythological, legendary, storybook, fanciful, fantastic;
    gravity (n.)

    c. 1500, "weight, dignity, seriousness, solemnity of deportment or character, importance," from Old French gravité "seriousness, thoughtfulness" (13c.) and directly from Latin gravitatem (nominative gravitas) "weight, heaviness, pressure," from gravis "heavy" (from PIE root *gwere- (1) "heavy")

  26. OK, so her first 'proof' was that you can watch a boat disappear over the 'horizon' – with the bottom disappearing first

    This doesn't make sense because you can easily bring the entire boat back into view by using a more powerful set of binoculars – which proves it hasn't gone over the 'horizon'

    This is very poor stuff

  27. Shadow is another small globe in front of the moon the Mayas knew this long ago that why they want you to protect your eyes it all lies the Maya knew there a black sun involved with the Sun and Moon

  28. If you go to YouTube and type in “flat earth” this is the first video that pops up followed by about 20 other videos “debunking” flat earth views. Isn’t it extremely interesting that all of the suggested videos when typing in “flat earth” are not actually about flat earth? It almost seems like there is a coverup going on. I didn’t type “flat earth debunked” or anything like that so the videos should be about flat earth… very very suspicious. If someone types in “flat earth” they should be provided flat earth videos… not debunking videos… I smell propaganda and a good old fashioned cover up. I shouldn’t have to search as hard as I do to find “flat earth” videos they should pop up right away just like any other topic would.

  29. Why is it that when you take a pair of binoculars and zoom into the ship that has "just gone over the horizon", it re-appears in full? Why is that and why is no NASA scientist able to explain this?

  30. Uuuhhh . . . tantas provas 😂😂😂😂😂😂 . . . até suou por dize-las todas 😂😂 ! Tudo o que ela disse são mentiras para enganar crianças, é como a história do pai natal !
    Se a lua é esférica e ainda por cima gira, assim como a terra (supostamente) , porquê que vemos só um lado dela !? E se o sol e a lua estão em lados opostos como é que é possível ver os dois ao mesmo tempo no céu !? . . . . . .
    ACORDEM !!!

  31. I feel so awful for all the sheople that are constantly conned into believing the bullshit spewing from her lips. It's a very viable argument. For many centuries people believed the earth was flat. The earth does indeed look level from our perspective. Water is level. Nobody feels the "rotation" and curvature has been easily debunked with simple math. NASA hasnt been back to the moon in going on over 50 years and went on record saying "they lost the tevhnology". The sky is clearly seen behind the moon which tells us the moon is inside the atmosphere so for you to just start off by saying how stupid and not ok the argument is tells me right there how stupid your argument is. Because for anyone who just wants to know the truth we would never call someone's theory stupid and not ok. That itself is not ok. MY MAIN ARGUMENT IS IF WE ARE ALL ON A SPINNING BALL HURTLING VIOLENTLY THROUGH SPACE THEN HOW COME THE NORTH STAR NEVER MOVES?!?!? IT JUST DOESNT. WATCH IT ALL DAY EVERY DAY. NEVER MOVES. That right there tells me we are stationary. The same sets of stars are always visible in the night sky abling us to travel by them. If the earth was spinning chaotically this would be IMPOSSIBLE. crazy how YouTube has hidden all the educational videos on facts about the flat earth. Material is impossible to find anymore. Hmm I wonder why they keep getting sensored. Oh I know why and repeat after me everyone. "This is a threat to our democracy" 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  32. Notice how she said the sun is overhead in the sky. And that's a beautiful statement because things are what they seem. Your eyes dont lie. The sun is in the sky and not in "space" lol

  33. I love how she really has to study what she needs to say rather then not knowing these "facts" lol. This is brainwashing 101. If anybody agrees with this pseudoscience then congratulations you're officially brainwashed. And I thought "space" was unbelievably cold now it's hot? I really cant believe how gullable civilization has become. Just because of this video I'm gonna make sure to share my facts with as many people as possible to wake them up and see the real truth. This place we live on this Earth is very special and God is very real and we are just not a cosmic mistake created by pure accident that's so insane to me I just cant…..

  34. Earth is spherical by geometric necessity. It is the inexorable result of dielectric and magnetic vortices in equilibrium, undergoing convergent spatial voidance; a compressed torus results in a spherically polarized aether "bubble" (i.e. the geometric opposite of the counterspatial trans-Euclidean hyperboloid)… And is the necessitated expression. It is hyper-logical, and undeniable.

    Bear in mind that the trans-Euclidean, 1-dimensional dielectric PLANE of inertia is not phenomenological or polarized and is thus radial, counterspatial, inertial and SPINNING by definition in order to expel and "churn up" the aether as discharging magnetic flux vectors (that which we can observe and quantize) with reciprocating harmony i.e. it cannot be stationary. This is also why the plane of inertia has never been empirically observed to "exist" until the introduction of the ferro-cell.

    All dielectric condensates and existential phenomena such as earth are magnetic, Cartesian, curvilinear and display force and motion by definition. Thus, in no possible universe could the plane of inertia be reified as a Euclidean flat earth.

  35. The British oligarchy have always been anti-science. Promoting flat earth is part of their intention to destroy the legacy of the Renaissance. The moon landing was the pinnacle of human achievement. That is why the goons of the empire have nearly destroyed NASA

  36. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3cyMQstfCtY Watch this video then explain why this happened if what you say is true about how long we called the Earth FLAT. also her explanation of the boat was bull, and the Aristarchis rubbish CAN and DID work on a flat Earth why are you lying to the people? why can you not show people the truth. NO scientific proof of Earth spin. NO scientific proof of gravity, And you don't know where this came from? Let alone the plane flights in southern hemisphere, and you say if things we see through a telescope prove we are the same? so should we not be just as dead as they are? THE EARTH IS FLAT MORON.

  37. Man I'm surprised at how brainwashed nasa and their astronomers are earth is flat and will stay flat because the round earth theory came out in the 1900s and nasa just wanted to get popularity and they are so dumb because you can't find the original footage anywhere because nasa apparently "lost" it and if you do find the footage then you'll see a reflection on the helmet of a man with no mask taking a photo

  38. Michelle all your points are very misleading and you know better..
    – do you have any idea what a vanishing point is? of course you do but you are purposely trying to mislead people shame on you. Even on a round earth you cannot see objects going over the 'curve'. Try this when the boat goes 'over the curve' drop the binoculars and pull out a telescope or something with more zoom, and boom magically the earths 'curve' disappears and the object pops back into view.. what happened did we just bend light? did the curve flatten for our viewing pleasure? smh
    -did you verify that the wells were plumb?(vertically straight)
    -How did the ancients that measured wells by looking down at the light be sure to do it at the exact same time on the exact same date in each city? did they have quantum clocks? or smart phones with satellite time? or did they use paper cups with a very long string between them to communicate?
    -then your other points are hearsay… 'i have a friend who went there' – lol I am sure you do

    I am not even a flat earther and this is comical to me

  39. I recently released a video about moon landing denial on my channel. My approach for conspiracists is evidence with a sprinkling of ridicule! 😂

  40. Sure is a lot of people here who failed physics class making a lot of empty, bullshit claims. The Earth is not Flat…it never has been. Flat Earth is conning you people, praying off the gaps in your current knowledge and understanding and filling it with bullshit and lies. They're also appealing to your growing distrust in authority…I get it, we all distrust the powers that be and they've done some shady shit to us in the past, but that's no reason to throw away your better reasoning in favor of a cult.

  41. I challenge anyone of you arrogant, fucking globe heads to take me on in a debate…quid pro quo!
    You ask ME a question, I'll ask YOU a question…and you'd better bring your fucking A game (if you have one), as I will crush you with a preponderance of evidence that will hit you like a ton of bricks!
    Any takers, or are you all a bunch blowhard cowards?!

  42. A lot of the comments are getting buried, so let's just deal with the video in question, shall we?

    NASA's Michelle Thaller (AKA Dave Mustaine) claims that ships disappear over the horizon, due to the curvature of the Earth…something we've been indoctrinated with since childhood!
    That is patently false, as anyone with a powerful set of binoculars or a camera with a zoom lens can disprove that in an instant!
    The horizon is merely the vanishing point of our vision, which is extended by less constriction, and that's why you can see for hundreds of miles with the naked eye from a mountain top!
    Debunk that!


    1.      Flat Earth theory: ‘The Dajjal Theory’.

    2. Because; Since
    the Dajjal is one-eyed, he cannot see the Earth and the Universe in three
    dimensions, so he believes that Earth and Space are flat and tries to convince.

    3. DECCAL, Hz.
    Before Jesus' second coming to earth, he will lead people to evil and heresy,
    deviating from the Islamic faith.

    OF THE WORLD: He tries to divert people from the three-dimensional round
    (sphere) Earth and three-dimensional expanding space knowledge and facts,
    accusing scientists (physics, chemistry, astronomy, and so on) of lying and
    deceiving us.

    THEORY; it can divert unbelievers, ignorant, and ignorant people from the right
    path and lead them to evil and heresy.


  44. The woman is untrustworthy because she based her evidence on the testimony of her NASA friends … For me the earth is flat and will remain flat until the Bedford experiment is proven wrong and until the whole city of Chicago disappears from my sight save the peak of skyline when looking at it from across the lake Michigan

  45. Flat earthers should be sterilized, so they do t spread their obvious deficiencies throughout the gene pool. Such monumental stupidity.

  46. There is some guy called Dominic Charvet who is a flat earther saying that we are fucking brainwashed and is throwing conspiracy theories that the government has been lying to us or some bullshit, and he can’t give a fucking complete argument. Yes, I made a comment only to talk about him, but it’s just so stupid I can’t believe it. If you are seeing this (probably not), I just wanna say you are ridiculously dumb. DUMB.

  47. Her boat disappearing explanation is actually false. She's stating a point that not true. Get binoculars and the boat fully reappears.

  48. 1500 BC the earth was flat

    1300 A.D the earth is Round

    2019 if the shape changes again everybody woulda start to laugh😂😂

  49. Flat Earthers need to be given the solid evidence the planet spins 300 MPH faster than the speed sound, while the universe remains motionless.
    So, simply show them 200 photos of it spinning. Flat Earthers do not put any faith in something they have no evidence for. Or, simply fly an astronaut over the South Pole and up the other side to the equator, no jet, no astronauts, balloon, drone, no one in the historical records have achieved that flight, NASA can’t do it. Please, what’s taking so long, we went to the moon?

  50. madam, I'm afraid your friends who have orbited the earth once every 90 minutes are imaginary. there are no humans flying over 17, 000 miles an hour. what a joke!

  51. ive heard it said that if the "boat hull sinking first" hypothesis is true – then when we look at skyscrapers that are beyond the horizon then they should appear to be leaning back away from us…i must admit i was impressed at the intellectual audacity of that statement and have not heard a decent rebuttal to date.


  53. What makes me uncomfortable about the flat Earth debate is when “the sphereists” state that everything else is a sphere. Why would Earth be different?

    This is something I always thought to myself.

    Until I realized the Earth is different. It has life. It has us. It is unique. It is a mystery. We can say all day Big Bang this evolution this etc. but, at the end of the day that shit is still a mother fucking theory.

  54. I feel sorry for Michelle Thaller that she has to waste her precious time debunking the biggest idiocy of the 21st century. I'm sure she could be using her time and efforts better in expanding our scientific knowledge rather than gladly suffer fools. I've wasted enough of my time just writing this missive …


    youtu.be/JEN9NW6qjCw Declassified documents about a flat non rotating earth.

    https://drive.google.com/drive/mobile/folders/1D8Pv5Kn0Eg5Uot1yMb6Bn3x7mpCjIx72 pictures declassified documents.

    https://youtu.be/-Ax_YpQsy88 200 proofs we do not live in a spinning ball.

    https://www.facebook.com/notes/zen-garcia/globe-vs-flat-earth-court-case/10219110896191357 Zen Garcia/ Flat earth vs Globe
    https://youtu.be/0MRCW2VWu9w) youtu.be/0MRCW2VWu9w infrared long distance view – Flat as you get.

    https://youtu.be/v26DWCVZG0E atemospheric lenses

    Rocket hit the dome

    https://youtu.be/6WZFva0Ewws Dome on a 1958 Encyclopedia americana

    Sunset fish eye camera

    https://youtu.be/nniKlvX-zLI sunset at the beach

    Sunset from  a plane

    https://youtu.be/Lj6lAxogtE0 sunset from a plane

    https://youtu.be/t30-YbayyXE anti crepuscular rays

    https://youtu.be/BfWOdEaVObk sunsebt from a plane

    https://youtu.be/p1qAE8unxvg Debate Nathan Oakley

    https://youtu.be/7Qy6xn2NZ4s nasa fail compilation

    https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=lKHTOw6UeNk sun disappearing. Host says the earth is flat.

    Feb/2019 moon is now in the atmosphere of the earth.

    Sunset on a flat earth

    The True Nature Of Gravity and Light (A Flat Earth Decryption Of Ken Wheeler

    https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=oOBJSE5MdIA flat earth model how the stars work

  56. The earth is not flat the land is. Yes the sky is a dome and this is an enclosed system with the sun and the moon rotating in it. Once you realize how important you are and this truth you will break from the spiritual and energy(finance through life labor) sucking devil worshiping people who made money's agenda of pure disorder and unkindness you will break out of the simulation. Good luck you all and glory is to God. Don't mess up your lives and end up in prison. Don't lie and steal and be destructive and strike the hate and perversion out of your hearts. The truth is simple we didn't make ourselves, our own bodies through our own will!

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