3 New Models Debut! | Winnebago Boldt, National Traveler Explore, Panoramic RV | First Look

Today we’re taking a quick look at 3 class
b vans that debuted at last week’s RVX show in Salt Lake City Utah. These 3 coaches all have something in common:
a permanent front lounge layout. With the recent demise of Hymer and the Aktiv
line we’re left with only 2 front lounge choices here in North America, both by Winnebago:
The Travato 59G and the Revel. So there’s a real market need for this popular
layout. First up is the brand new Winnebago Boldt. That’s BOLDT as in Alexander Von Humboldt
the German explorer and naturalist – after whom the Boldt is named. There will be 2 floorplans available: the
Q70 BL which features a permanent front lounge and a set of twin beds in the back; and the
Q70 KL which features a set of twin beds mid-section and a large rear bath. The Boldt is built on the new 2019 Mercedes
Benz Sprinter V30 chassis which boasts some industry-leading features like: active collision
avoidance assist, active lane keeping assist, active brake assist and active attention assist
as well as a Sprinter first: an automatic sliding door. Like Pleasureway, Winnebago has opted to make
all those chassis upgrades standard features on the Boldt. The coach itself will also feature as standard:
the excellent Pure3 lithium battery system powered by Volta, true 4 season capability
thanks to upgraded insulation, a single 3-pt seatbelt on the BL model and something that
has been a hallmark of Winnebago class b’s is missing and that is stick framing and staples. Yes, it appears that Winnebago has heard our
displeasure with stick framing and staples and has done away with it on the Boldt! Stick framing and staples is an inexpensive
way to assemble cabinet framing that involves taking little pieces of wood or sticks and
stapling them together. I’m happy to report that the Boldt does away
with this and moves to solid wood construction for cabinet framing on the Boldt. Winnebago is also offering the Boldt on the
Sprinter 4×4 chassis so the Boldt ticks off a lot of boxes for what many of you have been
asking for. Availability should be sometime in late April/early
May 2019. Pricing and warranty are TBD but initially
their website stated $158k and a 3-year warranty. If we end up getting that warranty it would
be a first and an important change for Winnebago’s class B division. Fingers crossed, we’ll have to wait and see. Next up is a new model for the National Traveler
line by Regency, the Explore. The National Traveler line is unique in the
class B segment because it offers something that no one else does: an incredible 7’4″
of interior standing height. That’s the tallest and best in the segment
and Regency does it by cutting a huge hole in the roof of the Ram Promaster and fitting
a fiberglass cap on the top. If you recall from my Mini-Review I thought
the National Traveler had a lot of potential, especially for taller folks but missed the
mark by not really taking advantage of all that extra head room. Well, I’m happy to report that Regency was
listening and fixed many of those problems. They reoriented the front jump seat to face
forward and in doing so created a practical and permanent front lounge; they created a
custom shower stall with over 7 feel of headroom – perfect for taller folks; and they put an
electronically raising and lowering bunk bed in the back so that 4 people can sleep comfortably
in this coach. Even with the bed raised there’s over 6’3″
of interior height in the back. I’m really happy to see Regency continue to
push the industry forward with the innovative thinking found in the National Traveler Explore. Finally, we have the introduction of the Panoramic
from Panoramic RV out of Quebec. I’ve been following this company for awhile
and I’ve got to tell you I’m impressed with what I’ve learned. The Panoramic is built on the Ram Promaster
3500 chassis – that’s the longest Promaster clocking in at 20’10” and features a layout
almost identical to the Hymer Aktiv with a permanent front lounge, a rear bedroom/garage
and a galley and bathroom midsection. I love this practical layout but I really
love some of the designs choices that Panoramic has done that I think elevate this coach over
all others with similar layouts. First, Panoramic’s build quality appears to
be top notch. Look at this insulation work they’ve done. Top notch. Second, look on this floorplan how they’ve
flared out the bathroom giving you more room to shower while at the same time preserving
valuable aisle-way space. Smart. Third, I love how they’ve simplified the front
lounge bed setup: just push the table down and move your seat cushions into place. Easy. The market has been hankering for a premium
built, smartly designed front lounge layout and I think the Panoramic by Panoramic RV
out of Quebec may just be the ticket. Now we need to figure out how to get it here
in the United States… Okay I hope you liked this video. Thumbs if you liked it. Subs if you loved it. I’ll see you next time. Bye bye.

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  2. Love the information but until these vans become affordable enough I guess I will be sticking to the Winnie Minnie Winnebago. 5 stars ⭐️ on this one.

  3. Good quick review. I think the designs reflect a lot the innovation being done in custom van builds, but with better fit and finish. Maybe more oriented toward full time or long term living vs. the weekend warrior, particularly with the 4 season capabilities. The pro master allows for more practical layouts with the greater width (with the bed perpendicular and more aisle space). Wish the prices weren’t so high.

  4. All of that headroom in the National Traveller, appeals to a tall person like myself. Unfortunately, it's in a ProMaster that doesn't leave me much leg room behind the wheel, or in the bed. Other than that, it looks like a really great layout.

    Also promising to see Winnebago get serious about going up market with their offerings.

    As for the Panoramic, I wonder what the grey market requirements would be?

  5. Great review as always, Mr.Niel! I came across this company storytelleroverland.com have you heard of them? It looks very interesting!

  6. Interesting models, glad winnebago making more 4 season vans! The boldt looks interesting, bathroom a little small for me personally. I prefer the 59gl floorplan but they still look intriguing.

  7. I think you missed your calling! Should have been:

    T V Late Night Host

    Anchor Man on CNN

    Cruise Director

    But, I’m glad you’re doing these great reviews and becoming influential in RV Manufacturing!



    I can see you as a moderator for Presidential Debates…

  8. Check out Storyteller Overland. They have a model called Mode 4×4. I'm curious about their build quality, the layout looks interesting.

  9. Great to see some manufacturers imitating the Activ layout. Now, I just need to either win a lottery or convince the wife to sell the house and see the world. Or, wait for a good used unit in a few years…

  10. Thanks Neil! That National Traveler with electric bunk is a great layout with the twin beds in back. With overhead bunk up, folks could slide in kayak, plywood, boxes of inventory, you name it. 6'3" head room under that bed is game-changing as it allows users to set up the dining area below and use it without banging heads. I'm sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for a full review of this one. Actually, all 3 of these models look fabulous.

  11. All aspects of end user utility need to be considered when configuring these RV's. If we are going into a recession, these vans must have optimum practical appeal. The quality insulation of a van is of premium importance. I strongly advise you to test ride some folding recumbent trikes like the Catruke Dumont, the Scorpion Plus, the Greenspeed Magnum XL, and the Trident Titan. These trikes are fast becoming popular with seniors and provide the perfect adjunct to the RV experience. But van designers need to configure for their inside storage.

  12. Looking forward to the extended reviews of each. I hope Winnebago extends the all-wood cabinetry to all of their models. Do you know if they will?

  13. Great coaches. Sure wish they would do away with those awning style windows. I want to be able to have Windows that let the outside air in as much as possible. I want my RV to be a home, and none of my homes had all awning style windows. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Thank you Neil for another exceedingly professional and efficient review. I was pretty much gobsmacked to see the Q70 KL is pretty much the floor plan for my self build. I think Winnebago has been studying the ‘Quirky Campers’ very closely. Love your channel, definitely a step above.

  15. I’d love to see a small wood burning stove option. These a popular in UK and perfect to give warmth & combat moisture issues.

  16. Hey Neil, great video. Love to know who will be jumping on the Ford Transit AWD model that has been announced. Let us know when you get a chance.

  17. I am very happy Winnebago went to high quality build standards and a much better warranty. National Traveler has caught my eye as well. Great video Neil!

  18. I like the front lounge set up. Glad we are seeing them show up in America. Europe has some great designs in the smaller RVs, I do hope come over here.
    But having a fixed bed and front lounge is why I like the small Class Cs.

  19. Looking forward to your comprehensive review on Boldt with 4X4. What is the length? There's conflicting info online. Thanks.

  20. Thanks Neil! We are on the cusp of purchasing a new Aktiv in Montreal but even with the 3rd party warranty, we are still holding back until we contact KS2, the warranty company, and a possible independent inspector just so that we could feel assured in the purchase. I never heard of Quebec made Panoramic before and I must say I like what I see. Do you remember how much they were approx? Looks like maybe only one dealer in Quebec?

  21. The next following day launch, Winnebago Boldt web site prices of $185,000, currently Winnebago's web site prices it as "TBD!

  22. That lowering bunk changes a lot. Don't know why they haven't done this sooner as I have seen RVs overseas that have this. Perfect for a family of 4.

  23. Neil, thanks for taking a road trip and sharing these class b vans. That Boldt is beautiful with no stick framing but sadly not for first time buyers with that price tag ( my guess $154k). I'm interested with the build quality on the Panoramic, price, and costs to get it to U.S. i vote for full review and hoping there are shorter models, fingers cwossed. Thanks Neil !!

  24. I Really Really hope Winnebago upgrades the Travato KL/GL Volta system battery by 33% like the Boltd!! That would change the game in my book for long lasting boondocking…

  25. I'm out & about now so can't view this video (so I don't know if this info was given in it), but just wanted to note here I heard some Good News recently: The Ford Transit will be offering 4×4/AWD gas engine in 2020!
    If that's true, then we finally WILL have an American-branded 4×4 chassis and a GAS engine to go with it, and hopefully THEN the Class B makers will be using it — no more being held "captive" by the so far complete domination of the small motor-home scene by the Mercedes Sprinter/diesel combo. Meaning, for those of us who wanted an "American" gas engine/4×4 choice we can finally HAVE that.
    I hope ALSO they make it 4-Season…or else we're back to Square One! 😉
    — BR

  26. Wow, that Regency National Travel Explore with 2 beds and a permanent front lounge has me very excited! The limited sleeping situation has largely kept me away from class Bs, and wasn't much interested in the pop ups. But this is a game changer.

  27. I love the review!! I heard that the Boldt doesn’t have auto start. I hope you go into depth for each one, would love to see those too.

  28. I'd seen a video about the Boldt, but it only showed the "K" floorplan. Glad to see they're doing one more like the "G" … although I still like the Travato 59GL. Hopefully Winnebago will be able to increase production and drive down costs. And hopefully the new Mercedes vans work out very well!

  29. The thing with the front lounge is. There could be lots of storage there instead of wasted space with that lounge. Take that out and put in more storage!! Then it would be perect!!

  30. Impressive all the three models. Clearly there’s something for everyone except for those very few negative check marks

  31. I'm so unclear on why producers feel the need to add on outtakes to a video. Do you think you are so above reproach that you need to "lower yourselves" to humanity's level? Whatever reason, I find them boring and tedious.

  32. …. oh man …. my fa orite set up is not available in the UA ….. grrrrrr …… hey US makers get with it – give the US what we love about these Designs

  33. Awesome job yet again Neil! In particular, I’m intrigued by the National Traveler Explore. The demise of RT and Hymer clearly left a void in the class B space and leaves a great opportunity for others to introduce their line up. Thanks!

  34. Well my friend, I think you did a great job of presenting these high dollar vehicles but that means their way out of my reach. So thank you anyway. As always stay thirsty my friend.

  35. Hi Neil

    Thought you might be interested in this:


    Getting close! When is the first EV Class B?

  36. Hi Neil.
    I really liked your review on the Panoramic RV. It reminds me of the Hymer Aktiv, but with upgrade quality. Is it at all possible to go to Canada to purchase it and then bring it back into the states, or is it completely off limits to us?

  37. I really enjoy your reviews and I don't own a van YET. I'll probably never be able to afford one but I can dream

  38. I like the panoramic design, I would like to see it in full electric (no gas or propane) all solar power with battery or generator back-up, hopefully they can get here to the U.S. at a reasonable price 19 feet long would be great, if they are listening in LOL
    Great video

  39. Having Boltd envy, currently own 2017 ERA 70x…do you happen to know if I can modify mine to be more 4 season friendly?

  40. Great Video!!!
    On the Explore…
    1. What about all the overhead storage that was in the back? Is it just gone with the prop down bed?
    2. Did they change the back from opposing benches to a U Lounge?
    3. When will it be available? What price?
    Thank You!!

  41. please plan a head-to-head in-person review of Winnebago Boldt BL vs Winnebago Travato NPF GL vs Regency RV National Traveler Explore (value, fit/finish). Must have 4+ belted & sleeping w/ lithium to power electronics, AC, fridge, convection/induction. This is what I'm deciding between for young pro family of four (2 adults+toddler+baby seat) daily metro mobile office/area events/shopping/weekender (naps & snacks, rare park trips AZ,NV,CA,TX). As all coming mid-late 2019, I'll wait for 2020 chassis/build to insure as 2nd home. Thanks.

  42. Neil, As always I appreciate your reviews, succinct, timely and concise! I am in the market for a Class B R/V and your reviews are my first stop. Keep up the good work! I will be commenting with some thoughts in the future as I work thru the many pros and cons of the models you review. Thank you!

  43. Thanks for another great video Neil. I've been researching "The Boldt". If it had a 3-year warranty and 4×4 it would have to be at the top of my list. It's great the manufacturers are creating more thoughtful designs and quality standards in order to compete in this competitive and lucrative market. I think the Travato GL has the best overall floorplan and best utilization of space for my needs and personally would like it even better then Boldt BL floorplan on the Mercedes chassis.

  44. Hey Neil, I love your videos and community. I recently just found them. I am definitely a new fan, thank you! Is there a class B on the US market with a layout with 4 captains chairs and Euroloft to sleep 4?

  45. I think I will wait a year to see what “owner testing” turns up. The track record of Winnebago’s assembly, quality control, and attention to detail concerns me. That’s why I was holding out on purchase of a Travato. I had almost decided to purchase a used one so I could tear it apart then rebuild it to my standards.

  46. I contacted Panoramic RV and they are planning to sell in the U.S. They are in the process of reaching out to RV dealers to see where they can fill a niche. I provided them a list of a few in my area that might be open to it given the Hymer and Roadtrek fiasco.

  47. OK my friend, your bloopers are almost as good as the real deal so be careful. I may skip to the end of the tape just to watch the blooper. Stay thirsty my friend

  48. Mr. Neil, I hope like all the RV companies, you listen to your customers i.e. "viewers". It used to drive me buggy when I would read about an exciting RV on the "Curbed" articles only to find out that they are not available in the U.S. and wish that they (and you) before beginning talking about them, say at the outset, "The next van I am going to talk about is not available for sale in the U.S. yet, but I hope that those of you who are interested in innovative RVs will stayed tuned."

    It's very disappointing to get excited about a new van only to find that it is unavailable. Thanks for your consideration.

  49. 🎬 1 📽 🎞 🗣 🎙 🧐 🗺 🌎🌍🌏 🚐 🔩 🔧 🛠⚙️⛓ Outstanding, thank you so much for sharing. 🚐 RV Journey 🚐 Love watching❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🤔🧐 👁👁 👍🏿 👩🏾‍💻 One Journey🗺 Let's Make It Count❗️  
    ✅nice corrections
    ✅ Wow, Regency is getting innovative 
    ✅ Panoramic is smart the installation is complete

  50. Neil what I want is the following
    I want to B+ body. I want solar on the roof on top of a rack so there’s not a whole bunch of holes drilled into the roof. I want the new 20,000 BTU air conditioner toward the front ducted through the ceiling and a Fantastic Fan at the rear to suck out the hot air because hot air rises. And I want solar enough solar to sustain the motorhome for forever and never have to hook up to shore power. And I want it four-wheel-drive so I can walk around everywhere with it. It would have a big propane tank enough to run a tankless water heater end it would be the style of water heater that would also heat the coach I forget the name of that, and there would be no wasted hot water when you go to take a shower because it would be cycling through The system. Now there is a Motorhome company that is planning on buying the Hymer company. How about a man like you speak to them and represent me? I believe you do nderstand what I’m trying to create for the RVing world.
    A motorhome that is capable of sustaining itself for as Long as the user chooses.
    I do know that gray water would have to be rinsed out and new freshwater would have to be out it and I know that Propane would have to be added but I personally like to poop in a bag and Pee in a bottle. And with one of those canoe type things a woman can Pee in a bottle too.
    That would be the style of a motorhome that someone could go off camping in and never stop.

  51. Neil,
    Speak to panoramic and get them to build this motorhome and they will capture the market it Has to be a B+ there’s plenty of room inside of it And it’s capable of recharging itself with lithium batteries and solar panels and four-wheel-drive and diesel. With the shower system that goes through the coach and keeps it warm and a 20,000 BTU AC unit at one end and air vent at the other end to suck the air out and blow it out and have scold air cycling through the motorhome because if it is done at the roof level cold air falls hot air rises in the hot air will go out the vent in the cold air will drop to the floor and cool the place off. completely and it’s capable of recharging itself with lithium batteries and solar panels and four-wheel-drive and diesel. With the shower system that goes through the coach and keeps it warm and a 20,000 BTU AC unit at one end and air vent at the other end to suck the air out and blow it out and have scold air cycling through the motorhome because if it is done at the roof level cold air falls hot air rises in the hot air will go out the vent in the cold air will drop to the floor and cool the place off. A completely self sustaining MotorHome. Anything I’ve left off let’s include it and they will capture the market

  52. You know- and I'm not being my usual #Flirty Self, but you are so comforting and soothing. You make me want to take you coffee and ask you how your day was.
    Wait… nevermind…. I'm flirting.

  53. Hi Neil,
    Please consider making a video regarding the huge price difference between B class vans in Europe and in North America.
    Especially Promaster/Ducato ones.
    It can reach as much as 50% when comparing MSRP…
    I’m thinking of importing one over with that great 6 speed manual Diesel they have over there👍

  54. I’m a first time buyer and don’t know where to Start.. I’m looking for a Van that can accommodate a oversized couple also to be daily driven furthermore will not break the bank .. Any suggestions?? Thank you for the great videos and all the information ..

  55. I really like the floor plan boldt with the two side facing sofas right by the back doors. I guess this purchase would have to be compared to purchasing a small condo!!

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