3 Days in MALTA – Valletta, Mdina, Stunning Blue Grotto, 3 Cities

(UPBEAT HAPPY MUSIC) (VOICER OVER) Malta is often described as one big open-air museum. And if this is true, then this is a museum
with not only a trendy cafe and gift shop, but also an impressive entrance. And with some of the nicest doors and windows
around. Its capital city of Valletta balances its
past as a fortress, with its calm neighbourhood streets and numerous harbours. Then you have Mdina, dating back 4,000 years. This walled- in city, has a timeless atmosphere
where getting lost is part of the fun and then stumbling into this, is totally worth
it. In this video, we’ll be guiding you through
our time here, with places we would recommend, a few places we missed so maybe you shouldn’t,
and covering topics such as transport, food and generally just not making a tit of yourself. So come join my wife and I in what is our
ultimate quest; to find ourselves a better front door. This is Suitcase Monkey, spending 3 full days
in Malta. (MUSIC ENDS) (GENTLE GUITAR PICKING MUSIC) We began with an early arrival at Maltas International
Airport, landing at 10:30 in the morning. We would have only 3 nights here and wanted
a mixture of exploring, site seeing and relaxation. It was because of this last reason, that we
choose the Victoria Hotel, situated in Sliema, just across the water from Valletta. We dumped our bags and headed out to explore
our new neighbourhood while our room was made ready for checkin. If you want to be close to Valletta but not
in Valletta, Sliema is a great choice, just a ferry ride away from the capital, its quieter
and more affordable. (MUSIC BUILDS) (MUSIC FADES AND ENDS. BIRDS CHIRPING) (RHYTHMIC GUITAR STRUTTING, FILM CUTS TO BEAT OF GUITAR) With our room now ready, we dropped our bags
off and made way to the top floor. We could see Valletta just across the water
so after a quick rest we made a beeline for the city centre. Examining some front doors along the way,
we wandered through the quiet picturesque streets until we got to the Sliema Ferry. Running every 30 minutes, it’s a quick and
easy transfer across the water. Valletta is Europes smallest capital city,
which means that its perfect for walking. Hidden streets and views appear around almost
every corner and it was great just admiring the architecture alone, especially with the
sun setting, which added to its shadows and glow. (HARP ADDED TO MUSIC) Malta gained independence from a dwindling
British Empire in 1964. Seeing tiny remnants of my own English home
country, felt like an odd inter-dimensional split had taken place. But for the first time, I knew exactly what
it felt like to be an international London tourist and be fascinated with a red post
box. (SOUNDS OF CAMERAS TAKING PHOTOS) (MUSIC CONTINUES) History can be seen throughout the city however,
with Valletta’s fortified roots on display. Over the last 2,000 years, Maltas timeline
reads like a who’s who of conquerers. Naming only a handful, you have The Romans,
The Normans, The Turkish, The Spanish, The French and The British. And even as recent as the second World War,
the Maltese islands were a highly prized base being fought over once again. Due to the bravery and courage shown by the
Maltese people during a prolonged attempted invasion, they are the only country to be
awarded with The George Cross. Typically handed out to individuals, the George
Cross is the second highest award in the UK’s honours system and is even part of the nations
flag. Numerous cannons are spread around the city
but the most popular site for all you cannon enthusiasts is the Saluting Battery. Built following the Great Siege of Malta,
you enter through the Barrakka Gardens, overlooking the Grand Harbour. Every Monday to Saturday there is a cannon
firing at noon and 4pm, which unfortunately for us we just missed. But it did explain why we momentarily thought
we were under attack. (LOUD CANNON BLAST FIRING, MUSIC STOPS, SILENCE) (MUSIC STARTS AGAIN) Getting a little bit peckish, we found The
Pulled Meat Company restaurant. It might be a vegetarians nightmare but for
us, the meat was tasty, the sausages succulent and the dips super complimentary. As with everything seen in this video, I have
linked to this restaurant in the description below, along with links to follow us on social
media so you can be a part of our next trip as it happens. Please do come and say hello. After a long full-on day, we took the ferry
back to our hotel and caught up on some much needed rest. Tomorrow was going to be a relaxing day, with
a mixture of hotel comforts and a half day trip to the medieval city of Mdina. (MUSIC FADES) (SOUND OF ALARM FADING IN) (ALARM STOPS, SILENCE) (GENTLE GUITAR RIFF FADES IN) Following a relaxing morning in our hotel,
we decided to take the local bus to Mdina. This is probably a good time then to discuss
Maltese transport options. Ultimately, the best way to get around the
island is to hire a car. If, like us, however, you’ve been put off
from driving abroad before (see our video from Tuscany), we actually found the bus system
to be pretty reliable but with a few notable pros and cons. Depending on the route, buses can arrive every
10, 30 or even 60 minutes apart, but we were able to get everywhere we wanted with only
1 change plus a bit of downtime in between. Google Maps obviously made everything a lot
easier and the super cheap price of only €2 for any buses taken within a 2 hour window
made things mighty affordable. Sliema did have surprisingly good bus connections
to most places we looked into but obviously Valletta is much more connected overall. And do keep an eye on the last bus home time. With it leaving Mdina around 8pm it did unfortunately
mean we weren’t able to attend that late night hardcore rave. Mdina is a fortified city and a previous capital
of Malta. With its history spanning 4,000 years, its
been dubbed “The Silent City” and has become a perfect time capsule that speaks
for itself. (UPBEAT ENERGETIC PIANO MUSIC) As the day started to wrap itself up, conversation
turned to how to spend our final day here. This was the only time in the trip where not
having the convenience of a car slightly effected our plans. 2 items at the top of our list were Gozo and
the Blue Lagoon. Both very popular day trips, both on another
island and both with very long travel times. If we had an extra day, we would certainly
have done at least one of these excursions. After Malta we were actually flying to Santorini
for 4 days so the idea of having 2 travel heavy days in a row just didn’t appeal. As it happens however, the trip we did decide
on, turned out to be my favourite part of our entire Malta experience. (MUSIC ABRUPTLY STOPS) In 2017, Malta unfortunately lost its famous
Azure Window due to a heavy storm. Being one of the THE poster shots for the
country, it was a terrible blow but as we discovered, there are still plenty of amazing
geographical wonders to be found. The Blue Grotto is popular with both scuba
divers, as well as those wanting to take it all in by boat. It is advisable to check ahead with your hotel
that the boats are definitely running and that rough waters won’t get in your way. Tickets were only €8 and puts you up close
and personal with this impressive rock formation and the incredibly clear blue waters below. (BEAUTIFUL PIANO RIFF BUILDS THROUGHOUT) With our feet back on solid ground, I would
recommend to take the 15 minute walk up to the top of the road. From here, you can really get a sense of the
Blue Grotto’s true magnificence. (MUSIC FADES AND SLOWS) After soaking in the site of the Blue Grotto,
we took our final bus back towards Valletta. Our last point of call was an area known as
The Three Cities. Looking out towards Valletta and the Grand
Harbour, lie Birgu, Isla and Bormla. Or, depending on what map you’re looking
at Vittoriosa, Senglea and Cospicua. All 3 of the cities underwent a name change
following important battle victories but I have seen them used interchangeably. All 3 cities have a slightly different feel
to its busier neighbour of Valletta so its worth a trip across the water if you have
a few hours. Starting in Bormla, we wandered through its
residential streets and eventually found our way to Birgu. Here, we found a local cafe that served a
Malteser Cake, and I’m still not entirely sure if they were being ironic here. Birgu was probably the most tourist friendly
area, with some great views of the adjacent harbours, along with the Malta Maritime Museum
and Fort St. Angelo. With Isla across the water, and a stroll down
the marina, we made our way back to the Victoria Hotel, grabbed some food and packed for Santorini
the next morning. Before our return home however, we still had
one important thing to complete. So now, tucked away in our bathroom, you might
just find London’s nicest front door. If you would like to follow our Santorini
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Suitcase Monkey.

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