2nd Manila Bayside Clean-Up | Las Piñas Parañaque | HAPI Green Movement

-would like to give what we can for
Humanity. So part of our advocacies is environmental care because this is the
only planet livable we have. If this is gone, we’re all gone too. And then since we are the
most intelligent species on earth right now, We have the very responsibility to
keep it safe and whole. Keep it clean and thriving for the next
generation My name is Edilberto Perdido. I’m a polystructural engineer. I learned about this activities actually from my daughter. I think she saw it on Facebook and mentioned it to us. I’ve always been trying to advocate about love for the environment to her. And I’m glad there is truth on earth so she was the one who initiated this to us, to our family. Thoughts about this: It really is evident that a lot of people are not aware about the impact of the garbage we dump that reaches the sea. And it’s good to participate in events like these because one thing is for them to learn about things like these so even among themselves they realize that we should be careful on how we dump garbage. Hello everyone. We promote global and environmental awareness environmental awareness to younger generation as they will be the future leaders of the country. So we are going to train them in order for them to become eco-warriors in the future.

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