24 Hours in… Los Santos | Grand Theft Auto 5 Tourism (Parody)

Welcome to Los Santos – a city of celebrity,
glitz, and glamour A city break with something for everyone you’ve done well to choose a
glittering metropolis full of sand, sea.. and exquisite food. One of the best things about Los Santos is
that unlike other large cities, you’ll feel right at home and incredibly welcome from
the moment you arrive. It’s important to note that, despite what
our annual crime stats might suggest Los Santos is actually one of the safest cities
in America. In fact, the good people of the city are so accommodating you can ask them
for pretty much anything… and they’ll be happy to oblige! Those hoping to do some celeb spotting in the city should head over to Vinewood. The bustling heart of Los Santos’ film business
is a thriving hub of action and local colour. Why not take a walk up Vinewood Boulevard’s
Walk Of Fame and see how many famous stars you can spot lining the sidewalk? Kick off your shoes and walk along the warm, golden sands as bodybuilders and sunbathers
look on. If it gets too hot, take a dip in the sparkling blue waters and play with the
fish. We especially recommend heading down to the Del Perro Pier at sunset for the best
views, but be wary of the traffic around that time… …it’s killer! It probably goes without saying, but the nightlife
in Los Santos is also second to none. For a night out you’ll never forget, head to one
of the city’s many watering holes for a drink or five with friends. Be sure to chat to the locals while you’re
out, for a truly authentic Los Santos experience. After a drink, you might even want to expand
your horizons and try some local treats – you never know where the night will take you! Not everyone comes to Los Santos for the the
party atmosphere, of course. The nearby Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness is home to some
truly beautiful, serene stretches of land Strap on a pair of hiking boots and venture out into the wild – you never know what you’ll
find! If you’re in the area and have the proper
gear a trek up to the top of Mount Chiliad is a must! At 2619 feet above sea level, it’s
the tallest mountain in San Andreas, and home to some fascinating wildlife. Some even say that reaching the top is a truly… out of this world experience. There really is so much to do in Los Santos.
Whether you’re relaxing at the beach learning a new skill or making friends that will last
a lifetime it’s a one-stop haven for all holidaymakers. Los Santos: When you’re here,
you’re home. Next time, join us as we take a trip through
the Arklay Mountains to explore the historic Spencer Mansion.

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