23 Travel Hacks (Airplane Tips)

here are 23 travel hacks for the
airplane my tips and tricks will help you when you are packing your carry-on
suitcase and some of these hacks are tricks that you can use on the actual
airplane we travel on the airplane a lot and I realized that a lot of things that
are a way of life for me are really travel hacks that I wanted to share with
you they are solving a problem for me and I hope they will solve a problem for
you now this is a carry-on suitcase I just want to make that clear while we
are getting started these are both carry ons this is a carry-on suitcase this is
a crayon travel bag I do not carry a purse as my carry-on when I have to go
on an airplane because it will inevitably fall off my shoulder when
you’re going through in the airport you want your hand to be free you’re gonna
have one hand on your phone or either carrying a cup of coffee in the airport
and so the other hand is going to be rolling that roller bag behind you your
suitcase is going to be pulling behind them so you only have one hand free and
it’s gonna be on your phone or it’s going to be carrying a cup of coffee or
a baby so take my bikes and use a backpack and then pack a little
crossbody bag for later when you get to your destination and then you’ll be
hands-free if you use that backpack what I do is I take my purse contents and I
put them in separate little bags that are gonna go into my carry-on backpack
like I have all these little bags that I take inside my backpack and they each
carry different things like I would pull out your Visa card your ID your
insurance card and some cash those are all gonna go in a little bitty wallet
part not the huge wallet from your actual purse I’m going to put chapstick
in a couple of lipsticks that I might use on vacation in a little bag and
those are going to take up less space in your carry-on backpack I do take a
crossbody bag pull out and let’s have gone through security or when I get to
my final destination I put this little thin crossbody in my backpack
carry on and then when I get to my final destination I can slip my little bags in
there or just my cards and my very much essentials that have to go with me when
I’m out and about in a foreign country or on my vacation another travel hack
that I love and I just found out a couple of years ago after like ten years
of travels is to pack your liquids horizontally in your tsa approved
liquids bag you can actually fit more in if you lay them horizontally when you
are packing your carry-on suitcase I suggest rolling each piece of clothing
or folding them and putting them in packing cubes I reviewed both of those
ways and now I can honestly say I can’t believe it but now I prefer folding my
clothes and putting them in cubes rather than just rolling another hack is for
when you are watching the entertainment system on the airplane it is going to
drain your battery most likely even if you have this cell phone on airplane
mode so I suggest having a power bank and this is one of my husband got me it
is slim line there are several that you can choose from we have used this pink
one that I’ll list below also but this is all you need and it gives your phone
a full charge so when your battery is getting really low on the airplane
you’ll use your charging cord you plug it into the end of this power bank and
it will give you a full charge then when you get to your hotel room you need to
charge this or the night before your flight you need to charge this so you
stick this in the end of it and then the little cord that it comes with is gonna
go in here and you’ll plug that into the wall and I just plug this in all night
so that it gets I don’t know how long it takes to charge this Powerbank all the
way so I just let it charge all night in my hotel room or in my house before I
leave for my vacation if you did forget to bring a charging cord for your phone
you can use the little USB of your little wire and stick it in the side of
your TV and then hook that to your phone to charge it or you can
just bring a power bank and this is just easier for me to remember another travel
hack for the airplane is how to watch something on your phone without having to
hold it the whole time you want to prop it up on something I did have a pop
socket which works great there about ten dollars on Amazon but now I use this to
go walking with so I need something to prop it up with you can unfold the
airline magazine and then lean it against the spine of the magazine and
that helps but for me it works best when I have a rubbery type case this is a
little thin this one that I have now you can also use they have all kinds of
gadgets out there but you can also use something like this and it holds your
phone up for you I love this and it’s easy it doesn’t get tangled up in your
backpack you can also prop your phone up on a very cheap pair of sunglasses
sitting upside down on the tray table they do not work on the Ray Ban
sunglasses for some reason but they work on really cheap sunglasses which that’s
another travel hack is to bring in the cheapest sunglasses from the dollar tree
they sell sunglasses of all modern looks for a dollar at the Dollar Tree
so take those on vacation I’ve seen some people putting their phone in a ziplock
baggie and then poking a hole through that baggie and clipping it onto the
little tray table clip but I don’t like that because I feel like it’s gonna be
blurry if the bag is not completely tight around the opening of my cellphone
so I just use the little prop up hand things I like to take headphones because
you never know if you’re gonna have an online entertainment system and I use a
gift with purchase bag that I had keeps my headphones flat they don’t tangle but
for those of you who don’t have a bag you want to use you can also just wound
up your headphones like this and use a Bulldog clip to just hold it like that
and that would keep them a little bit contained in your backpack or you can
just use a little bag my husband uses huge Bulldog magnet clip to hold the
curtains together that is my next travel hack you know that little space in the
hotel curtains where it wakes you up at like 5:00 a.m. because you’re in the
hotel room that’s facing the Sun just clip it together using a Bulldog clip
wherever you want to get one from and it will help close all those curtains
together they block out the light when you’re trying to sleep late on your
vacation on the fifth day the last day because you can’t sleep late until like
your fifth day of vacation if you’re like me and take old deodorant sticks to
your vacation spot and they start breaking off because you’re at the very
bottom of the barrel just put those pieces on a folded up piece of Kleenex
and then just wipe them under your armpit for part of the deodorant stick
around to the end to the number one so brilliant travel hack that I just heard
of especially if you are going to a remote location I suggest for this
travel hack of using google maps offline and what you’re going to do is you’re
going to type in the address in Google Maps while you are connected to an
internet wireless connection and there are directions online on how to do that
and then you just pull it up when you’re at your remote location and it pulls it
up for you you don’t have to be connected to whatever it is you can
connect to to use Google Maps in a remote location another travel hack
especially if you’re going to another country is to get cash from ATMs
throughout the country not the currency exchange little kiosks in Airport
there’s a much higher rate of exchange in the airport when you do get cash from
the ATM store them in different locales one of the smartest travel hacks I know
is to take a picture of the inside of your passport and your driver’s license
and your insurance cards and put those in email email them to someone who might
know you from over in the states and then if you are in trouble with the law
like the good old boys never meanin know if you are in trouble with the law or if
you need it and you lost your passport you can always get a hold of it
electronically by signing into your email
I also recommend taking an empty water bottle it can be small or the taller
version because airports now have the water fountains that you can actually
stick a bottle with underneath another travel hack is to store your necklaces in
a straw and that is way too high maintenance for me so I recommend using
like a gallon baggie and then roll it up very tightly and then secure it with
like ponytail holders or you can use this thing that I have I found it and
the reason I like it is because these necklaces do not move the space for you
to put your necklace into is very narrow and I can also store my earrings in
there and I roll it up and these things right here are super super super tight
so the necklaces don’t get tangled like look you cannot hear the necklaces
moving around and getting tangled up these little doohickeys would be great
for earrings or holding earrings I just found these this past week the reason I
like these is because they’re one-handed use it just makes them a little fancier
anyway they have plenty of room for you to store little earrings or the larger
earrings and they are secure this is a great travel hack for two different kind
of liquids that I can recommend Vaseline because for if you have rash a rash
between your legs from walking on the beach with a wet swimsuit you can store
them in these little bitty discs that actually have a ton of room in them I
have one for cleanser and the reason I suggest using cleanser is because my
bottle of cleanser is huge and you only need a little dab like a pea-sized dab
of cleanser each day and you just put it in there and the cleanser is thick I
cannot recommend a moisturizer because my moisturizer leaked only one time
out of all the times I’ve stored my moisturizer in those little discs but
the moisturizer was too runny and and Vaseline those are thick products
that will not leak ever and I’ve probably taken them on six airplane
trips another travel hack is to wear your heaviest shoes on board the
airplane not storing them in your suitcase that way you have more room in
your suitcase one of my subscribers gave me this great travel hack and this is to
wear two pairs of socks through security you wear both socks going through
security take off your shoes and then right before you put your shoes back on
take off that outer second pair of sock second sock and trash it a smart way to
save your socks another trial hack is to pick the busiest time of day to travel
and that’s late morning or in the afternoon and then volunteer as soon as
you get to the airport to get bumped if it’s too packed birds it’s over solo
flight another travel hack is to put your leg through the strap of your purse
and then keep that purse in between your two feet while you’re at a sidewalk cafe
eating in another country especially I will link below an article by USA Today
about how to avoid getting pickpocketed in Barcelona which one of my friends
that happened to we also check Trip Advisor for things to do in places to
eat in every single city where we are we won’t like to eat where the locals eat
but another travel hack is to check Pinterest and you can just type in their
things to do or places to eat in that city great idea that I didn’t even think
of now the number one travel hack that I think is brilliant is using
water-soluble paper you lay it out on a table and you brush shampoo or liquid
soap on one side with a paintbrush and then you flip it over and paint and
paint the soap on the other side of the paper and then hang it up to dry and
then you cut it into these little tiny rectangle pieces and then store them in
like little container like this and then when
you get to your final destination and you didn’t get to bring your liquid
bottle of soap you can pull out one of those and it will activate with water
wash your hands get soap all in it I think that is brilliant and then the
paper either dissolves or you can just trash it when you’re done with it but
those little bitty rectangles I think that’s so smart let me know if you have
a travel hack for your airline of choice down below leave me a comment
introduce yourself and while you’re down there click on the bell beside
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and happy safe on time travels

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