#22 Souvre Review / Dzie艅 MAMY 馃拹馃槏

There are women in this world that we should look after in a special way. Our moms. They gave us life and inspired us to find ourselves and our passions. Most of us, women, is or will be a mother too. Also men can not forget what moms have in their lives. Their day is May 26. We can celebrate it in a unique way! In connection with mother’s day, I have prepared a few surprises for you, so be sure to watch today’s episode to the end. To make our mums happy, we can prepare a special gift for them. Any woman who likes to look good,
takes care of herself, for a slim figure and attractive appearance will be happy with products for the treatment. Therefore, in the Souvre online store you will find many interesting stuff. What will definitely delight every mother,
it’s a mask with gold, thanks to which she will shine even more. It is accompanied by the collagen peeling
with Polynesian sand from the island of Tikehau. And you can feel like on vacation! Another interesting combination can be a collagen wash gel for the face, which, you know very well, is applicable
in a thousand situations. With collagen serum with vitamin A and E for eyes. Let them make us as beautifull as possible! Same about the a serum for face and cleavage. We can also take care of the whole body of our mothers and give them a body lotion and a slimming serum with a coffee scent. And referring to the smell of coffee, I have suggestions for yet another interesting gift for you. Perfume! The ones you know from the Souvre store enjoy the highest quality. They come from France, from a small town that is a cradle
world aromas. They all have a perfume from 24 to 30%! The perfume maceration process takes about eight to twelve weeks, thanks to which the smell stays on the skin or clothing for a long time. The effect can be strengthened when first smearing
balsam our skin, and then spray with perfumes. Today I would like to offer you a few bottles that will perfectly fit into the sets, I’ve talked about before, but it’s also going to be a great gift. The first of them from the French line is Nantes. A fragrance perfect for any season! Delicate, fresh, with a touch of pomegranate, lotus and orchid, which will bring our senses into euphoria. A scent that will be perfect for an evening out and will blame all the glances, which will happen becouse of this perfume is Europe from the continental line. The main notes are tangerine and pink pepper, which adds piquancy. In addition, violet and without give sensuality to these perfumes. There is also a smell that may turn out to be your new addiction! Africa! Also from the continental line. Exotic blend of pink pepper, coffee, almonds and vanilla. However, an inherent element of any lady may turn out to be Paris from the French line! These romantic fruity notes will add an unforgettable experience to any ordinary day! There are many more fragrances! A wide range of them guarantees that everyone will find the right one for themselves. Inscriptions / Transcription: WYTFURNIA.PL [IG]
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12 thoughts on “#22 Souvre Review / Dzie艅 MAMY 馃拹馃槏

  1. Film pu艣ci艂am na tyle g艂o艣no, 偶eby zar贸wno m膮偶 i c贸rka s艂yszeli o masce ze z艂otem oraz o zestawie do cia艂a z balasem i serum. Ciekawe czy b臋d膮 domy艣lni 馃檪

  2. Jestem mama dw贸ch wspania艂ych syn贸w, kt贸ra z serii kolagenowej ma ju偶 prawie wszystko… Niestety nie by艂o okazji poznania perfum Souvre gdy偶 sama perfum sobie nie kupuje . Zatem jest okazja by je otrzyma膰 -Dzie艅 Matki 馃檪 Mo偶e to b臋dzie pocz膮tek by pozna膰 ca艂膮 gam臋 zapachow膮. 馃檪 Je艣li moja mama r贸wnie偶 mog艂aby otrzyma膰 jaki艣 upominek b臋dziemy 偶yw膮 reklama firmy :-)Pozdrawiam mama i mama

  3. Musz臋 przemy艣le膰 teraz czego moja mama nie mia艂a z produkt贸w kolagenowych <3 W sumie chyba ju偶 mia艂a wszystko hahaha 馃檪

  4. Maska ze z艂otem fajny produkt i ch艂opaki s艂yszeli, 偶e mamie si臋 sko艅czy艂a 馃檪 :*

  5. Mamusia pokocha艂a zar贸wno perfumki jak i kolagen od Souvre, taki prezent by艂by idealny dla niej , mia艂aby mozliwo艣膰 powi臋kszenia swojej kolekcji produkt贸w Souvre 馃檪

  6. Drodzy, dzi臋kujemy za ogromne zainteresowanie konkursem z okazji Dnia Mamy! Wyniki podali艣my pod postem konkursowym na Facebooku.
    Serdecznie gratulujemy nagrodzonej osobie, do kt贸rej trafi zestaw kosmetyk贸w od Souvre <3 Przesy艂amy najpi臋kniejsze 偶yczenia dla wszystkich Mam! 馃槈

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