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Hi everyone, I ‘m Eden, from The Travel
channel- BBC World News. Today, I would like to introduce about “DA NANG” Tourist Places
which is the designated tourism jewel of Vietnam. And it ‘s also my hometown.
Welcome to Da Nang city. Firstly, Danang City is located in central
Vietnam, midway between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City . It is listed in the Top 10 worth-living
cities in the world in 2018 by Live and Invest Overseas.
Now we move to the 15 best things to do in Da Nang
At the time of Minh Mang King, there was a Buddha statue from nowhere to drift on the
sandbank here. Believing that was an auspicious sign, people here established a shrine for
worship, also was where Ling Ung pagoda erected today
If you want to see the whole Danang city, I suggest coming to Ban Co Peak- Chessboard
Peak which is an ideal place for sightseeing, enjoying the fresh air and the spectacular
view of the coastal city. Hai Van Pass or Sea Clouds Pass offers an
impressive landscape of verdant mountains and clear blue skies, overlooking Da Nang
City, .Crossing over a spur of Truong Son mountain, it stands at 500m above sea level,
making it the highest pass in Vietnam. Being granted by the nature, My Khe beach
was praised as one of the most attractive beaches on the planet by Forbes.
being famous with white sandy beaches, peaceful ocean waves, warm blue water all year round
and dreamy coconut trees surrounding the beach, Being one of the most impressive bridges in
the world, Dragon Bridge of Da Nang honored by the modern beauty and the impressive ability
of breathing fire and sprinkling. Han River Bridge is the first swing bridge
in Vietnam. It was built in 2000 with the contribution of Danang people and has become
their great pride ever since.The bridge swings everyday at 1AM to allow ships to pass along
the Han River. Love lock bridge Da Nang is one of the wonderful
places and an ideal attractions for couples in love. A good place for a walk and sightseeing
at night, especially for couples, this is the great chance to visit the wharf and put
love padlocks on the romantic bridge. The first thing you notice when you come to
Da Nang is a huge Ferris wheel. Sun Wheel is the central point of the park. It is 115
meters high, which makes it one of the highest Ferris wheels in the world. The Sun Wheel,
as it is called, marks the entrance to the Asia Park – a large amusement park in Da
Nang. With a stunning mountain view, Ba Na Hills in Da
Nang has become a popular destination in Vietnam among the local as well as foreigners.
Visiting Ba Na Hills, not only can you enjoy the beautiful landscape and great atmosphere
but also participate in various types of entertainment. In the last few months, the Golden Bridge
(Da Nang, Vietnam) has been creating a fever throughout the world with the appearance on
CNN, BBC, The Guardian, Times, and also social networks instagram, Facebook, Twitter.
The Marble Mountains are a cluster of five hills Named after the elements metal, wood,
water, fire and earth, made from limestone and marble in Da Nang. It’s also a well-known
pilgrimage site with peaks, caves, tunnels and temples.
Non Nuoc stone carving village located at the foot of Marble Mountains is a famous traditional
village of Danang city for fine art stone engraving products. this craft village has
a proud history covering more than 200 years. Visiting Cham Island, you will have chance
to see marvelous coral when having snorkeling and scuba diving as well as spending leisure
time on beach, enjoy good climate and cool weather, admire the plentiful plants.
Hoi An Ancient town  has been recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Hoi An is
an exceptionally well-preserved example of a small-scale trading port active the 15th
to 19th centuries  which traded widely, both with the countries of Asia and with the rest
of the world. The pottery found at the Thanh Ha Pottery
Village is especially unique. It’s all manually crafted from terracotta clay taken from the
nearby riverbeds and shipped worldwide. It is a great activity for those seeking a
more authentic hands-on experience in Vietnam Hoi An memories will take you on a historical
journey from the beginning of Hoi An, from thousands of year ago until now. this is the
first Vietnamese show featured on Times Square, New York.
Since the year of 2008, the city’s International Fireworks Competition is held annually, that
takes aim at introducing Danang’s land and people towards Vietnamese individuals at home
and abroad as well as foreign friends. Con Market Is the oldest market in Danang.
Because of lying on the high sandbank in the heart of the city, this market is called as
Cho Con .Let come to Con market and taste the food here. It is said that the most delicious
food comes from the street of local people After many hours visiting Danang landscapes,
don’t forget to enjoy the best dishes of Danang locals. the recommended list below
may be useful Quang noodle
Pancake Cao Lau
Banh My That ‘s all about DA NANG” Tourist Places.
Thank you for watching my video. Welcome to Da Nang city

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