2019 My tourist visa extension story in Canada 9 months approved Hi, I would like to share my story if anyone out there looking for this information. My first Entry to Canada was March, 2018 I already have applied for an ETA which stands for Electronic Travel Authorization It was less than $10 and takes about an hours to be approved I arrived in Canada with my partner who has been granted a working holiday visa We explained that I would like to stay with him as a visitor And the immigration officer gave me a stamp of 6 months stay which was expected as it’s a max stay of ETA What we were worried was that they might give me less than 6 months, then well, we have to be apart or I have to leave Canada and come back to join him and that could a lot of spending for us as we are on a budget Anyways, the first step worked out very well for us. Applying for an extension I figured this just before apply, I have to apply one 30days before my visa expiry I applied 28 days before and luckily there was no rejection and the fee was paid online I think it was about $100 We have a marrige certificate that was translated and certified Bank account : Many people says that it needs to be either Canadian bank or your home country bank account But we didn’t have enough money in our Canadian bank account and I don’t have much money left in my home country bank account So we submmited another country bank account that we have some money in I didn’t translate it and the currency was not in CAD Reson of extension : To stay with my partner That’s what I wrote And the visa process time was all of sudden increased to 4 months! So I had to be patient for next 3 months! Well, as you already know I applied one for a 9 months stay Other people usually apply one for 6 months max So I was worried that it can be rejected or something like that I applied for 9 months as my partner wants to stay in Canada 3 months more as a visitor so it seemed like applying one for 9 months was a way to go. Medical exam request Finally, I received an email from the immigration It was nice to hear from them but I was hoping that I can get away with the medical exam as it is so expensive! I rang a few clinics and found one asking for $220 first one I rang up was asking for $300 so well it’s a good price I guess And they had an exellent booking system but the customer service was nasty But I was able to book one quick And they send the result to the immigration right away So it’s now pretty much done So this is the screen capture of my immigration account and as you can see, I applied one on 5th September And the medical request was sent by the immigration 29th November Aproved! I must have said this first the thing was, after I recieved an email of requesting a medical exam I received another email a few hours later on the same day saying.. it’s been approved! I was thinking..oh well..is this a mistake? or what.. And I googled about it and well I decided to get one anyway as I might need one in the future So there was no additional papers were asked which was great as doing a paper work in overseas can be a challenge So well, I can stay in Canada for 15 months total Yay And this is the physical mail I received to my residence which proved that I extended my visa rather than the one you’d receive on your immigration account So that was my story, I hope this information is helpful Thank you for watching, see you later

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