20151122 G.E.M. – X.X.X. Live World Tour London [Talk 1 – Eng Sub]

How are you guys?! Wow It’s the last show This is X.X.X. Live World Tour’s Last Show! Thank you. Thank you for coming because for me this tour is really important Just before the show, backstage, I prayed I said, “Thank you Jesus for bringing me here” I didn’t even finish this sentence and my face turned red Today I’m very emotional because I feel like everything has reached tonight I realised that one’s mind/ feelings can go through many ups and downs Thank you so much for being here with me on such an important night. Thank you. [In Mandarin] I’m really really happy After the show tonight I don’t know if I’ll feel sad because tonight will be the last time I perform this show And it will also be the last time standing on this stage to see you guys this excited So I will really treasure this moment. Will you guys? Are you guys ready to enjoy a crazy and exciting concert? Why do I feel like I’m the only one ready? Are you guys ready?! because I hope that if you hear familiar lyrics that you will all sing along, ok? because this concert is filled with lyrics that you all know OK?!! This next song you guys will definitely know Sing along with me, this song is for you guys, “Existence”

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