2015 Global Tourism Leaders Forum 2015 국제관광 리더스 포럼

As one of Korea′s many official development-assistance
plans, the Korea Tourism Organization invited more than 70 participants from 15 different
countries to share the success of Korea′s tourism industry.
Lee Ji-won introduces us to the Global Tourism Leaders Forum.
Jeju-do island, Hanok Village, Myeong-dong… are famous tourists spots in Korea.
But a country cannot simply attract tourists with its sceneries.
It needs to follow the trend and tastes of the changing tourists of today.
This is one of the messages highlighted by Kim Sang-tae, director of the Korea Culture
& Tourism Institute, during the 2015 Global Tourism Leaders Forum held in Seoul on Monday.
Kim′s presentation addressed the trends of cultural tourism and tourism policies in
Korea. According to the Korea expert, if the late
1990s were about mass tourism focused on nature and package tours, the 2010s has called
for more of a creative approach. This could be touching on the experiences
of the Korean people′s culture and daily lives.
Kim cited temple stay as one of the successful products reflecting today′s trends. ″Among Korea′s official development assistance
, tourism is an important sector. By inviting the recipient countries, Korea would like
to share the know-hows for a successful tourism industry.″
The forum invited leaders of Korea′s tourism industry to share their success stories with
other countries. Participants invited from 15 countries took
note of new suggestions and also presented their own country reports. ″In Columbia we have many challenges. And
we learned that, here in the forum, for example we have to improve our converge between
culture tourism and IT technologies. And we [need] to improve as well the investment in
cultural tourism in Columbia.″ ″After the forum, participants will be
offered various training programs to gain hands-on experience in tourism policy and
hotel services, helping them gain more insight on Korea′s tourism industry.
Lee Ji-won Arirang News.″

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