2013 Maine SILC Disability Survey Promo

It’s a little known fact, but one in five
American’s has a disability of some kind. Considering that our population is constantly growing – with
U.S. Population currently at 315 million, that’s somewhere in the range of 63 million people. With only a little under 1.5 million people
living in the state of Maine, that is still nearly a quarter of a million people living with
a disability and a pretty large slice of the pie. That disability could be a spinal cord injury or something
that requires the use of a prosthetic, it could be a visual impairment of some kind,
deafness, hard-of-hearing, or a cognitive disability. Unlike many other minorities, this is one you
don’t have to be born into. You can be lucky enough to join their growing ranks at any point
in your life – either from an accident or illness. So what does it all mean? With over 20% of our population living life with a disability, we have to give more consideration to making our cities and workplaces accessible. For them to be able to contribute, they
need to be integrated into our communities The first thing we have to be able to
do – is identify the problems. In Maine, we live in a uniquely rural state with
fewer people living over a very large land mass: making traveling one of the most important factors in living independently here. That’s not to mention the issue of the weather. With a considerable portion of the year spent in cold, icy, and snowy conditions. Pavements and streets now become impossible to navigate. A snowbank or unplowed area that would be an irritation for
one – can be an insurmountable barrier to another. These are just a few examples of the barriers
that can stand between folks living with disabilities, and we want to create an accurate map of
all of these needs in the “Vacation State.” It has been years since any similar study was
done – meanwhile things have changed. With the onset of social media (FB, Twitter, blogs, text, Youtube etc.) we have a
much better chance than ever of reaching people to have their voices be heard. Our goal is simple, to compile the information we receive to
create an accurate snapshot of needs in our state. We will share this information with legislators, other disability agencies, town planners and anyone else
who cares to listen and has a willingness to make change when needed. How can you help? If you are a person with a disability – participate! Visit MaineSILC.org to fill out the survey and give us a snapshot of
your life, your needs, and how things could be improved. If you don’t have a disability, you probably know
someone that does – we all do – a friend, parent, sibling, co-worker. Please share this survey and
give them a chance to be counted too! Who knows? This could be the beginning of significant change in
Maine, and you could be a part of it. Help us spread the word. Remember – there are approximately 200,000 people with disabilities living in
Maine and we would like to reach them all. Fill in the survey and then share this with as many
people as you can to help us reach our goal. Participate. Share. Be Counted.

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