100 thoughts on “20 WAYS TO TRAVEL FOR FREE! …REALLY!

  1. So after paying the registration fee, who will take care of the flight and visa ticket if you're in another country

  2. traveled around SE Asia by hitchhiking with girlfriend, was best experience of my life…meeting soo many people…its best way meet locals xD

  3. Hi am candy from Kenya and am looking forward how to come there in USA but i don't have money for ticket but i have a passport!can you help to become there?am a cleaner!can you help me plz?

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  5. The people in the comments section is not your audience. Just random assholes sadly. They just saw the title and came to the video.

  6. I am a couchsurfer and it is good way to save money when traveling. Just be mindful to bring your host a small gift that is unique or cultural from your country. People abused couchsurfing as well. There is always the expense of increased electricity, water bill, cleaning bill and amenities and if you are hosting 50 persons a year that adds it.

  7. Oh yes, if you accept to be a kind of "slave", then you can easily stay for free at someone's farm (for example). It happened to me. Bad memories… 😄

  8. Please stop asking money for your travel in poor country. Especially Asian Countries. Stop begging to take advantage people for your trip. Let work and save money for yourself. We work so hard to alive in live.
    There are many white come my country and begging for money to support your trip. That is so shame.

  9. In Paris , the famous Pere LE Chere semitary is free, u Can Spend all day to visit famous people tombstone, Jim morrison , edith Piaf, Oscar WIlde etc
    It's featured in the movie " Paris , je taime "
    Another famous semitary also free to picnic in Copenhagen 😊

  10. Entering other country might need legal permission… So that might cause problem while travelling through world… So what do I need to do for this problem? Can't I just carry bag and go for travelling world..

  11. I’m doing house sitting and loving it!!
    Travel, live for free, explore countries and keep inspiring others to live their dream life.
    It’s possible!
    I’m older, so hostels or couches are not my thing…

    Happy journey!

  12. HelpX is better than WWOOF, not limited to organic farms and it's one membership fee for the entire global network. WWOOF has a different membership for each country, super lame. In the US, ATTRA is also a way to find farming internships, but it's for more serious wannabe farmers who want to spend a full season somewhere.

    I know how to stay somewhere for a long time, the issue for me is the travel cost, not food or shelter. HelpX and camping pretty much cover all my shelter needs. But the travel part is expensive. I'm afraid of hitchhiking but it might be the best answer for me, truly free. I like the idea of selling stuff along the way to get money to pay for flights and basic needs. I'm good at devil stick juggling, I could perform on the street to draw in people to buy the sticks I made. Also thinking make bowdrill friction fire sets and demo those to sell them. Neither of them is hard to make and I'm good at both and they both have an innate attraction to most people.

    Looking into the ebike/solar trailer combo for long-range touring without busting my ass too hard. I bike commuted for 8 years, it gets hard. Being able to get up those hills with help would be amazing, most of the flats wouldn't need any assistance and a trailer would be more agile than panniers.

    I've had a car the last couple years now and it's already becoming more of a pain than it's worth. Fucking things suck money out of you like a vampire. I'll keep this one running as long as I can by doing most of it myself with the help of youtube videos to get my money's worth, but it's time to work on other options and be free again.

  13. WWOOFING, VOLUNTEERING or BLOGGING with ads is NOT travelling for free…. ur being paid in kind… hitch hiking dumpster diving and stealing is free but it wont get u out of USA or EUROPE… Putin wont give u a free visa…

  14. Some of these tips don't seem very responsible. They seem to encourage mooching off strangers and participating in dangerous activities.

  15. In many cities you have FREE WALKING TOURS (at least I've seen that in Europe and personnaly did some in Dublin, Edinburgh and London), the principale is easy: you meet at a meeting point with others people (or not) in the city center and a guide will walk with you in the city and explain you the mains buildings, history… What ever the case it is! At the end of the tour, you just pay whatever you wan! So you can not pay if you want (or can't) but I do recommend to give at least a little something just for consideration and because the guides needs to pay playbills too ahah
    (you can ever have themed walking tours, I've did ghost stories tour in Edinburgh, Harry potter tour…)

  16. I've just watched your old videos. You look quite different in earlier times and you had a blonde hair.

  17. My dream is to travel the world. But before I set off on my journey I want someone by my side. Who will fill that spot?

  18. I need to get out United States being organ traffic alive, need to get to non United states place, where to get organ trafficking implants removed

  19. 1. Couch surfing
    2. Woofing
    3. Homestay aka: work away
    4. House sitting
    5. Volunteering abroad
    6. Dumpster diving
    7. Hitchhiking
    8. Work for accommodation
    9. Raid free food bins (@hostiles)
    10. Camping
    11. Exchange your skills
    12. Work in a travel related industry
    13. Walk or cycle
    14. Frequent flyer points
    15. Car shares
    16. Rental car moving(?)
    17. Work on a boat/cruise ship
    18. Visit free attractions
    19. Travel blogging
    20. Enjoy the simple things

  20. Ride freight trains and raft down small rivers and stuff, how is dumpsterdiving illegal that’s insane

  21. Hello ,  I'm Amrit from India, now I'm in India and one my friend from Australia,  He is in Australia on study visa,  we want to started a bike road trip India to Australia and Australia to all World  , we need to sponsorship for international ride , we send  massage to our world nothing is impossible and save Earth and Patrol for next generation

  22. I know a few folks who have done couch surfing, it is a very generous act, house sitting is awesome for the sure (i did this in France for 2 weeks), now I will be honest, don't make a list of things you have not tried because it is seriously bad advice to share things that can be risky as well.

  23. this is true guys i've been doing those tips specially couchsurfing ,work way,homestay , hitchhiking , hosteler ill recommend to do it the same and you can travel by free as i was doing it doing my last travel please give some hugs and red button on my channel and ill do the same thank you 🙂

  24. i want to go in the usa i don't have any money help me! /!?!!??!!?!?!?!?!?i will do just to go in my dream country

  25. I am fond of traveling. My plan in mid-January to travel to Australia for 15 days is a vacation from my work. But the cost is expensive. Is there a chance to volunteer there for two weeks. Thank you 🌹

  26. None of what you suggested is FREE. Everything requires something and nothing is FREE. There are no FREE lunches in life.

  27. If you're a girl or woman and hitch hiking without a male companion, you're a complete idiot. I lived with six Swedes at a Colorado ski resort in 1982. At the end of the ski season, two of those girls went off hitch hiking around the western U.S. While in California, they were picked up by two men, raped and murdered. Their bodies were found in some scrubby area off the side of the highway, north of L.A. They were 22 years old.

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  29. can u help me travel to japan I'm poor please I'm 28 years I'm Filipino from Philippines old i hope you reply me .i don't have capable to travel please help me. add me my Instagram name:cloudpadilla Snapchat name:cloudzack2019

  30. During my motorcycle travel I met a lot of cyclist who cycle all around the world; from South-East Asia to Europe, around Africa, etc. It takes them multiple years. They mostly wild camp and sleep in their tent. They often live for around 10US dollar a day, some even for around 5 dollars. Normal daily cost is only for food. Sometimes they sleep in hostels when in cities. Depending on the country they have to pay for visa, sometimes a bit for bike repair, a travel insurance, and that’s about it. If you work hard for one year in a high wage country like Switzerland or Norway and live low budget while there, you can save up about 10k to 20k euro in a year. With this money you can cycle around the world for about 3 to 6 years. I hope this information is useful to someone.

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