18 Views of “Plane Impact” in South Tower | 9/11 World Trade Center [HD DOWNLOAD]

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100 thoughts on “18 Views of “Plane Impact” in South Tower | 9/11 World Trade Center [HD DOWNLOAD]

  1. I know it’s many years later since that incident, it was horrible and for all those who got lost. Rest in piece.

  2. I’m so sorry this happened in NYC 🤭 This was a vicious, terrible, vile, unforgettable and unforgivable event and I hope that all the people who died will rest in peace. There was never a reason for hundreds of innocent people to be taken from the world in that way. May the people who organised this rot in hell for this terrible act of rage and violence. Sending love from Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿❤️😞🛩✈️🧨⚰️🧸💔

  3. For all those asking why, as a girl having an uncle that was a survivor in that building, they have done it because they were suicide bombers, killing themselves and others. but not for money, they couldn't have. they would be dead.

  4. We are hated for pin pointing a group of people from another country but they do shit like this why do we still let any of them in, trust no bitch except yourself

  5. 5:30 it sounds like a jet passing by that means it was going full power 400+ mph that’s so brutal I wish security was better back then

  6. If only the fucking CIA had shared its knowledge with the diligent and awesome FBI. Well. We wouldn’t be here today. Fuck the CIA

  7. Jesus. As a muslim who has lived in the US since 1996, i can see why people still have worries. They have the right to worry when their own country was terrorized for an unknown reason. I assure you, that the muslims have full hatred towards those who orchestrated the attack, for those who attacked are not muslims, they say they are because that is how they were born. R.I.P. to all who perished on this unfortunate day, may god be with you, wherever you are.

  8. The people who say that this event is fake infuriate me more than anything else in God’s good earth. Anyone who is sane would recognize a president would never set up his own nation like this. Even after terrorists took credit for it, these damn conspiracy theorists can’t keep their mouth shut. If you had any respect for the dead you would not spread malicious lies to shift the blame from who it was painfully obvious who did it to who was trying to stop it. You scum of the earth sicken me with your lies.

  9. There's a chopper @ 1:43, Ive never seen an footage from anything that close B4. The FBI must still be checking it out.

  10. Y’know, I’m NEVER proud of this but. I was walking down the street when it happened. On a sidewalk when the second one hit. I’ve always been way too monotone. When the second one hit I just looked at it and shrugged, because I already knew I was a nihilist. Thinking back to it now I’m sobbing at how fucked up I was.

  11. Yes inside job. Dick Cheney was responsible. Worried that too many middle easterners had government jobs and positions in high offices. He didnt like it and thought the best way to take care of it was this. It would make people to a closer look at those types of people.

  12. My dad died that day, he was on one of the planes. He called my family moments before the impact, I still remember his last words, “ALLAHU AKBAAAAAR”

  13. Sound is my right. Plane appears out of thin air. Watch video 12. Plane doesn't look right. Those buildings were huge yet the plane seems to be maybe one fifth the size of the building. Something is not right here. Steel does not go molten at 1200 degrees. The temp jet fuel burns. Steel is molten at 2800 degrees. How did blast furnace conditions occur in these buildings. Never in any other steel building.

  14. Consequences of the illegal US regime responses to 9/11.
    Multiple illegal wars of aggression, a war crime and crime against humanity, under international law.
    Millions of innocent civilians dead, dying, tortured, maimed, traumatised and displaced by these US illegal wars of aggression.
    The Patriot Act and loss of US civil liberties.
    An artificially created clash of cultures.
    Surveillance US police state and bulk data collection.
    Illegal use of torture and of terrorist drone warfare.
    Destabilisation of the Middle East and beyond.
    Insane and megalomaniac style US desire for full spectrum military dominance over the entire planet.
    Official US regime cover up, designed to protect the guilty parties.
    Militarisation of the US police and the expansion of the corrupt US prison industrial complex.
    Trillions of US$ diverted to corrupt war-profiteers.
    Crackdown on US and foreign whistle-blowers.
    Failure to uphold the now meaningless US Constitution.
    Increased fascist domination in the USA of US corporations (corporatism = fascism).
    Constant threat and fear campaign against the US people.
    Economic decline for 95% of US citizens.
    International refugee crisis.
    Increased power of US deep state or shadow government.
    Censorship and CIA type terrorist intimidation of the corrupt and lying US media.
    Legal immunity granted to high level US regime officials from charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity.

  15. Some people just did something… like get a cunt who downplayed this elected. Impeach Ilhan Omar… we know what happened.

  16. Let’s be honest… woke culture be damned… we as a nation are PERFECTLY justified in being suspicious of Islam even 19 years later.

  17. What i don`t understand is how the screaming on lookers use blasphemy to describe what they seeing??? How can anyone use the words " holy shit"and "F*.*ken Jesus Christ". Even in the movies its a common and popular evil way to express any kind of emotions. How evil is that???

  18. This does not validate the official narrative. 9/11 wasn't an inside job done by Mossad, MI6 and the CIA. Explosives were planted, the WT7 was not hit. ISRAEL DID 9/11!

  19. 9:43 Omg the way it reflects on the building on the right
    And then it looks like a bomb 🙁

  20. If y’all look at 4:12 and slow the video down to .25 you will see the wing of the airplane just disappear, the government is hiding some shit

  21. @3:47 right after the video glitches out for whatever reason there is stuff going toward the buildings in the air before the camera turns around. What is that??

  22. 2019 still wondering why people would do this to America so many people lost their lives because of stupid people 😡😡😡. God bless America

  23. Unfortunately we were inexperienced that day and learned many hard lessons… we realized that the world has its problems and we were powerless to help.. but most important we realized that we have our problems and challenges to deal with in our own lives… the real hero’s were us.. dealing with our families, jobs children and parents. Alcaholism. the real problems we face our right in front of us. Not on the television. Me, self , family , friends and strangers.. working on ourselves why the world solves its own opportunities… to help others we help ourselves first. We defeated the terrorists because we keep doing what we do. Solve our problems and take care of ourselves and family. The world will take care of itself. Each individual doing what they do, adding to humanity. One person at a time, one thing at a time, one task at a time , one day at a time.. Some gratitude, and humility.. !!!! Like they say Keep Rolling!!!

  24. Aviator25245 anti hijacker certified!!!! Release pitbull, depressurize the cabin, get your 02 mask on, squawk 7570 ident, call Chuck Norris, .. no idiot we lost alll the hydraulics.. Luv this job!!!!

  25. god is great – – – oh my god  god is great – – – oh my god  god is  great- – – oh my god       ,repeat til the end of time,,,

  26. this is just what Wilbur and orville envisioned,their original concept was a flying machine to be used by god to demolish buildings,,,as was set out in the Koran which is what the wright brothers looked to for inspiration,,,

  27. Literally people did this for no reason and they are stupid bc they took their lives and a lot more😰😩😭 RIP ppl who passed and continue to be with the families

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