16 Generation What – Mon pays et les autres – Liban جنريشن وات – بلادي – لبنان

In a time of high unemployment rate it’s preferable to reserve job
positions for Lebanese citizens – Of course
– Definitely – Of course I agree
– I agree – Of course
– Definitely I totally agree because the labor force must be reserved
for Lebanese and not foreigners I agree with this statement
in any event whether in the time of high or low
unemployment rate All countries reserve a quota
for their citizens and whenever they face a shortage
of jobs, they employ foreigners Every country must firstly provide
its citizens with basic life sustenance only after doing so, he may provide
foreigners with the basics of life Lebanese citizens must definitely
be prioritized in this case Many Lebanese are facing
difficulties finding jobs in Lebanon and are considering traveling abroad because most of the labor force
in Lebanon is constituted of foreigners That’s a serious problem In my opinion, the problem lies
in managing this issue and not in the issue itself Firstly, they must ensure the citizens
before ensuring foreigners That is the origin of Lebanon’s problem The government’s role lies
in securing job opportunities for the Lebanese graduates There must exist a certain quota for ensuring job opportunities
for the Lebanese If there was a vacant position
that can be held by a Lebanese why does it have to be held
by a foreigner? I agree with this statement because Lebanese citizens must
have the priority in their country They must be the first
to fill job vacancies There’s no problem if they employ
foreigners who are competent But that doesn’t mean
that foreigners have the right to replace us in the workplace Lebanese are definitely the priority If a job required certain
technical skills and weren’t able to find
any Lebanese to fill this job vacancy only then they may employ foreigners The Lebanese are a priority
regarding employment opportunities and not foreigners particularly in the fields that concern
the Lebanese people I agree that we must be
the priority in Lebanon Personally, I do not agree When we view this issue
from a negative perspective we say that it’s true
they are replacing the Lebanese In some cases, that is true
That is exactly what’s happening Managing positions must be definitely
held by Lebanese because that is the case
in every other country In other countries, if you are Lebanese
and don’t have a work permit and living in The United States you will face difficulties in order
to fill a managerial position Why are we providing foreigners first and pushing the Lebanese
to travel abroad? I don’t know what to say because
I suppose I must say that I agree but I put myself in their shoes if I were in a foreign country
in a time of high unemployment rate and if I were more qualified
than any other candidate then I assume that I must fill
this certain position I don’t think we must view this issue
from this perspective nowadays However, they are doing jobs
we refrain from doing Lebanese desire to fill managerial posts Exactly, I think it’s related to egoism
they can’t bear to work as a mechanic Some Lebanese people refrain
from doing certain jobs We see sometimes that foreigners
do a better job than Lebanese Not long ago, this topic
was discussed over the radio How people are frustrated by the fact
that many Lebanese people… as the sanitary workers and mechanics How can one provide others with
something he lacks? Food for example In wartime, are you capable
of defending your country? Yes or not? – Yes
– Of course Yes, I can answer this question
without hesitation Ever person certainly loves the country
he was born in Therefore, he will definitely
defend it Of course, if it’s necessary
every person will unite At the end of the day
it’s our country we’re defending – No
– I want to, but I wouldn’t – because…
– I would consider traveling abroad This country won’t remain ours If there was anything left to defend I’m considering traveling right now
without waiting for wartime We won’t flee!
Would you travel abroad? I will definitely receive offers to flee
due to my foreign citizenship but we never fled – even during the July War, we stayed
– We stayed here during that war even though my family lives in Canada
and yours in The United States I would defend my country
however I’m not prepped to do so Not any person isn’t willing to defend
his country in wartime That depends on how much
I love my country – Remotely!
– I surrender! I have never joined the army
therefore, I’m not sure but I do not know how
because I don’t condone violence but if any other way exists
then yes Of course, but am I capable of doing so?
Do I own a gun? Yes but every person does so
in his own way He who haven’t received
military training will defend his country in another way I do so with my writings
or maybe… Even if I was fully handicapped I defend my country
with my heart and words In general, if the war escalated and we were asked to participate
then every person will At the end of the day
we are defending our country Do you considering
settling down abroad? I’m leaving Lebanon
at the earliest possible date I’m leaving one day or I’m not considering that
at the moment, but why not? I will never leave this country
my life is rooted here I will choose the first two options – at the earliest possible date?
– “I will leave Lebanon” and “I will leave one day” If the first option
didn’t work out for me then I will leave one day In general, I don’t like traveling
but there’s a small chance for it I will leave Lebanon
at the earliest possible date We are Lebanese Therefore if we went to any country
we won’t feel at ease Would we feel comfortable
at someone else’s house? I will never leave! No, I’m considering leaving
to complete my university studies because it’s preferable
to complete my major abroad Every year I say that I’m leaving
the following year If I had a better chance abroad
then I will certainly leave I would consider it but not currently In case anything bad happened
in the country I will certainly leave and will never
come back, that’s impossible I will continue to fight for staying
just like all Lebanese people Of course, I will never leave
My life is rooted here because Lebanon is our country
we cannot abandon it Every person who travels abroad
will certainly come back here I love Lebanon I will exhort every effort
not to abandon it I will never leave it
My life is rooted here My life is definitely rooted here and I’m also strongly attached
to my country and family – That is my point of view
– Maybe because you are an only child Yes, maybe because I’m an only child I think that my parents
have devoted their lives to me Even if I became independent
and was capable of leaving I will never do so particularly because they are growing
older and I must stay by their side If I had the appropriate chances
here in Lebanon then I would prefer to stay here
by my family But at the end of the day
you will come back Perhaps, but I have no problem
in staying there 5 or 7 more years But even if I traveled and settled down
abroad, I will definitely come back here But here in Lebanon
we have reached a stage where he who haven’t found
the stability that he’s seeking for will definitely seek for it abroad Immigrants to Europe
who are in the search of a better life here are the options…
are betraying their country or took the right decision
or will be disappointed or are modernized every person has the right
to pick where he would like to live Why not? But they must consider
coming back to their country one day They took the right decision because European countries
are more preferable for elderly people They are provided with health coverage
or maybe even a salary All emigrants
are seeking the better life but are unfortunately
encountering many difficulties They will be disappointed – just like what happened to me
– No, no If some people want to leave because
they live a happier life abroad or because they don’t live happily here then let them leave
to seek a happier life Every person who lives abroad won’t be able to stay there
for the rest of his life It’s very normal for them to leave because the minimum levels of
subsistence aren’t secured in Lebanon The people who migrated long time ago
never came back You can’t live abroad
you will come back eventually No matter the time you spend there No country supports you
more than your own no matter what it offers you No country can replace your own Therefore, I think they have made the
right decision but they must come back When they settle down
they must come back to invest in Lebanon They will benefit the people
and themselves You can come back for vacation
Why would you come back for good? He has the right to choose the place
he would feel comfortable living in however must consider coming back
to their country one day They have made the right decision I choose “why not?” ”But must consider coming
back one day” In my opinion, he who wants
to leave, may leave and he who wants to stay
may stay Let us not interfere
in other people’s business Nothing is wrong with that They certainly haven’t betrayed
their country I choose “Why not?” I choose “Why not?” It’s preferable for them to be happy
elsewhere without causing trouble than to be living unhappily in Lebanon That depends on every person’s life For those who migrated from Syria they have certainly
made the right decision Syrians are facing many troubles
in their country today Therefore, they decided to migrate
to Europe in pursuit of a better life but if their country gained stability
again they must go back – He who denies his origin…
– You can’t come back

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