15 REMOTE Hotels PERFECT for People Who Hate People

66 thoughts on “15 REMOTE Hotels PERFECT for People Who Hate People

  1. Hello Aluxers! We're back! Which of these remote hotels would you consider the best?
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  2. I don't hate people when I'm not around people. It's when I'm around them that i remember why i wasn't around them 💪🎭

  3. I love how you guys are posting videos everyday, you seem like very hard working people, I hope Alux.com becomes very successful❤️👑

  4. Alux can you do a video on the best way to immigrate into another country? Also what do you think of usa dv lottery system to immigrate?

  5. What's wrong with you Alux why are you not posting on Instagram since 3 days,i literally wait every day for your posts

  6. 15 REMOTE Hotels PERFECT for People Who Hate People:
    15. Teacher's Cottage, Faroe Islands;
    14. Tutka Bay Lodge, Alaska;
    13. Motu Teta Rangiroa, Tahiti;
    12. Four Seasons Tented Camp, Golden Triangle, Thailand;
    11. Mombo Camp, Moremi Game Reserve, Botswana;
    10. Explora Rapa Nui, Easter Island, Chile;
    09. Kasbah du Toubkal, Morocco;
    08. Koyao Island, Thailand;
    07. White Pod Hotel, Switzerland;
    06. Viceroy Hotel, Bali;
    05. Lion Sands Resort, South Africa;
    04. Jade Screen Hotel, China;
    03. White Desert Whichaway Camp, Antarctica;
    02. Pacuare Lodge, Costa Rica;
    01. Mashpi Lodge, Ecuador

  7. Why it’s “hate people”? These are isolated places but that doesn’t mean these are only meant for people who hate people !! It’s rather adventurous !

  8. I do have recommendation for People want to get away from others you don t have even to bring tooth Brush or come get to any cemetery and go six feet under nobody would bother you..

  9. So basically this is where movie stars hide out because they are all way too expensive for the average folk to afford.

  10. That's seem controversial life is lonely without people, especially if your a tourist and don't get along well with other fellow tourists or finding you love of your life abroad is slim if you don't get along

  11. And now they will be filled with people, that's how secluded places gets full of tourists nowadays.
    Find a quite secluded place, post about it, few years it will be a town.

  12. On usual days I like the company of people however on holidays I do agree many of us wish to retreat within our own self & find our inner peaceful spot, I recollect a road trip with my parents were all 3 of us sat to rest for a while & we chose separate spots to relax on our own, long story short you got to give space to get space 😊

  13. Nothing as drastic as these places, but the Robinson's Club in Khao Lak about 80km north of Phuket airport of Thailand is a great place to escape, make sure you rent a villa where you get full privacy, and all foods are included.

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