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15 Life-Changing Trips That Are Worth the
Cost From the snow-covered Alps to the exotic landscapes
of East Africa, adventure awaits you, if you can afford it. If you’ve been racking up vacation hours and
want to travel solo, venture out with the family or go on that perfect honeymoon. Number 1. MYANMAR AND THAILAND TOUR Escape to exotic lands on a 14-day excursion
to an ancient kingdom in Southeast Asia. Spend 10 days in Myanmar and four in Thailand
as you try exotic foods, explore green valleys and more. You’ll arrive in Bangkok, where you can catch
a Thai concert before visiting Chiang Mai, Mandalay, Amarpura and other cities. This is your opportunity to learn Thai cooking,
visit a tribal village and discover each city’s rich heritage with the help of local guides. Number 2. RAIL TOUR OF SWITZERLAND Explore the Swiss Alps aboard the Glacier
Express, a train that connects the St. Moritz and Zermatt mountain resorts. Visit pristine lakes, traverse majestic mountains
and check out the resort town of Gstaad. A view of Lake Geneva is one of the highlights. Number 3. ANTARCTICA EXPLORATION One of the last great frontiers on Earth,
the White Continent is remote, rugged and untamed. It’s also a window into the wilderness and
a place to see beautiful landscapes, penguins, whales and glaciers as you live aboard a small
ship with like-minded National Geographic explorers. You’ll have the chance to kayak, hike, cross-country
ski and snowshoe on a continent only the most intrepid travelers dare to visit. Number 4. GREAT BARRIER REEF EXCURSION If you’re looking for trip ideas near the
water or just need an excuse to get to the coast, plan a multi-day adventure to the Great
Barrier Reef. Head to the Whitsundays Islands, where you’ll
stay at the luxury resort Qualia on Hamilton Island, cruise the surrounding islands and
enjoy spa treatments. Number 5. NORTHERN LIGHTS IN ICELAND When you want to drop off the grid for a few
days, fly to Iceland to experience the northern lights. Iceland is one of the world’s last relics
of the ice age and has clear night skies for ultimate stargazing. Take a guided jeep tour to Reykjanes Peninsula
and Lake Kleifarvatn, enjoy a drink in the lively city of Reykjavik and then dip into
geothermal pools. Number 6. EAST AFRICA SAFARI ADVENTURE Escape to Baraza, Zanzibar’s most exclusive
boutique resort, and indulge in a luxury beach and safari adventure. You’ll spend five nights at this fully inclusive
resort before journeying to the Serengeti for game drives and two nights at the luxuriously
modern Safari Lodge. As a bonus, your open-air sundeck offers a
view of the plains and any creatures that might be passing in the night. Number 7. PERU AND MACHU PICCHU TOUR Trek through Lima and Cusco as you sample
Peruvian food on a 10-day tour. Relax by the waters of Lake Titicaca and learn
about the Incan Empire. Visit Machu Picchu and venture into the Sacred
Valley to discover even more ancient sites. Number 8. SOUKS OF MOROCCO SHOPPING TOUR Shop the famous Morocco souks in Marrakech,
Ouarzazate and Fes to haggle on leather and silk goods, blankets, pottery and tasty treats. As a bonus, you can take a private tour to
old medinas and more. Number 9. EGYPTIAN PYRAMIDS EXPLORATION
Cruise the Nile River and explore the Old Kingdom with an Egyptologist by your side. This is your chance to walk in the footsteps
of pharaohs and dine on regional cuisine. You’ll take walking tours, ride in private
vehicles and spend a few nights aboard the luxurious Nile Adventurer cruise. Number 10. MONARCH BUTTERFLY MIGRATION IN MEXICO
Don’t miss the chance to witness the migration of millions of butterflies in Mexico from
January through March. Monarch butterflies make their way to Central
Mexico’s highlands and forests to congregate for the winter months. Tour packages include a trip to Mexican mountain
villages and excursions on horseback to forest groves. Number 11. PATAGONIA IN SOUTH AMERICA
The southernmost tip of South America, Patagonia encompasses both Chile and Argentina. The vast wilderness is made of multiple national
parks, featuring towering mountain ranges and icy glaciers just begging to be explored. You’ll hike, bike and kayak while constantly
being reminded just how small you are — and how vast Mother Nature can be. Number 12. RAINFOREST GETAWAY IN FIJI
Get away for two weeks to explore colonial towns, discover turtle nests and trek through
a rainforest rich with flora and fauna on the island of Fiji. Unpack your bags and settle into an overwater
bungalow to watch marine life through a glass floor. Hike national parks and climb the 200-foot
dunes of Sigatoka Sand Dunes National Park. Go scuba diving and snorkeling, and relax
at the Savusavu Hot Springs for your perfect island getaway. Number 13. SEDONA ADVENTURE HOTEL PACKAGE Arizona red rocks and wildlife are the perfect
backdrop to this four-day getaway. Stay at the luxurious Sedona Rouge Hotel & Spa
and enjoy spa treatments, guided hikes and a behind-the-scenes look at Out of Africa
Wildlife Park. Take a tour of a vortex location, and taste
fine wines and cheeses. For an added cost, you can take a hot air
balloon ride or enjoy a private flight to experience the Grand Canyon. Number 14. JAPANESE ALPS TOUR
Majestic mountain ranges and hiking and biking trails await you in Japan. See Tokyo, the mountain city Matsumoto, Takayama
and Kyoto on a 10-day tour of the country. Embark on biking tours, taste local cuisine
and learn about Japan’s rich history and cultural traditions. Don’t miss the Takayama Festival Floats Museum,
where you can see magnificent floats that date back to the Edo period. Before dinner, soak in an indoor or outdoor
Jet off for a 13-day adventure in Brazil to trek through Rio de Janeiro and the Amazon
rainforest. You’ll find plenty of opportunities to shop
and enjoy local nightlife. Spend the rest of your time trekking through
the Amazonian wilderness aboard a cruise. Dine under the stars on traditional Brazilian
barbecue, and take a helicopter ride over Iguazu Falls to take in breathtaking views
of the water.

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