100 thoughts on “14 WORST SCAMS and TOURIST TRAPS in LAS VEGAS

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  2. There was a guy on Fremont street with a sign that said "Move me, Tip me and pick my pose", so I made him shove his finger up his nose with one hand and grab his balls with the other hand while standing on 1 foot. Best $2 I ever spent in my life

  3. I remember back in 2011 I put $1 in a slot machine in Vegas and won $91, they had a few mechanical slot machines at that time, nowadays all computerised

  4. I don't know what the allure is with Vegas. I've been there twice. Once moving from Chicago to CA and another time going back for a visit. I spend a roll of dimes. That's it.
    I'd rather go to Mexico!

  5. Forget the strip. Vegas in general is a huge ripoff. The cost of goods and services are generally higher than the national average. Don’t believe me. You’ll see next time you call someone to fix your garage door, repair an appliance or service your AC. All shady untrustworthy. Every one of them.

  6. I'm from Vegas and it's illegal for showgirls/costumed jerks to charge for photos, they will get a fine if they charge. They legally can only accept "tips", so if they threaten to call the cops it's a huge bluff.
    Those bitches. Lol

  7. Water bottle rant was great! You guys should put some of the scams on a Tangerine Travels shirt. Something about taxicabs being a ripoff would be great, although I probably wouldn't wear it at an airport.

  8. I lived there for a long time and I was interested what might be new. I moved away to Alaska in 2001. Ok so, you asked about scams. I have to tell you, this was one I’ll never forget. And there’s another one too. I’ll tell you about both of them.

    My son has medical conditions and at the time I was looking after my uncle, too. He loved the casinos. There were few wheelchair accessible parking spots. They got gobbled up by the seniors I guess. So, it felt easier and safer to valet park.

    However, the parking lots are several stories. We were on the ground floor. Although it was daylight, it was quite dark in the parking lot. So it was hard for me to see real well.

    They say cocktail waitresses and valets make more money than doctors and lawyers in Vegas, or at least they used to say it.

    Maybe this is why. So the valet came out. He brought my car. I had a little boy in a wheelchair and an elderly man with me, I mean come on. You’d think he could have some compassion. I don’t think I would have been mistaken for a billionaire, just regular folks.

    Those people have no heart at all. It was partly my fault but I really felt I wasn’t the first such victim, and when I called the casino afterward, they refused to assist me in any way whatsoever.

    It was dark in the parking lot and yes my mistake, however I meant to give him two – one dollar bills. This was normal at the time. It was a normal valet tip for locals. It sounds cheap now probably, but then it was a standard tip.

    It was probably 1997 or so. I didn’t notice until later when I was at the grocery store and couldn’t afford all my groceries that I had mistakenly given the valet a one dollar bill and a one hundred dollar bill.
    Apparently I tipped him $101.

    That guy never flinched. Not a peep. He took my money as if he got tips like that every day, and I never saw my money again. He had a great poker face. It was a hard lesson.

    Although I definitely feel it was my bad mistake, I understand that, I also felt he ought to have thanked me profusely, or asked if it was a mistake, and verified that I had intended to give him that much. It might have been the case that I did mean to do it! I might have just won some money. But I wish he’d been decent enough to ask! if that was what I meant to give him, but it’s Vegas! They don’t care.

    That wouldn’t have happened in a small friendly town or some other place. It’s just how it is there. That’s a big part of why I didn’t want to live there anymore. A lot of the people seemed cold and selfish, shifty, and really scary. There are too many desperate people eager to take you for anything they can. I didn’t want to live that way anymore. So I eventually left.

    Another scam was one New Year’s Eve I took my uncle out to a special show for the holiday. It was pricy and swanky and it included dinner, and a nice show. The drinks were on us. It all seemed nice enough and I hoped for a pleasant evening, and a good memory, but what I remember most was the waitress, and that’s not good.

    The scam was that my poor uncle was getting really wasted on drinks, and he wasn’t noticing anything. He called it “feeling no pain.”I guess the waitress was hoping I was in the same condition, but she was out of luck there.

    The scam was she was giving herself huge tips and including it in the bill. She would bring the bills back and every round of drinks she brought, she added an extra $25 or $50, as “gratuity.”

    When I realized it, I complained but she said that was because of the holiday and she was trying to make it easier for us. Yeah, sure! I told her, sorry no good, and I made her give her tips back to me, and then I gave her what I thought was a normal tip under the circumstances.

    I felt I was fair and she was lucky I tipped her politely. If she hadn’t given the money back, I told her I was going to raise Hell. I don’t usually care about a dollar this way it that. I wouldn’t spoil a dinner over a few bucks, but it appeared she was prepared to scam us for hundreds of dollars before the night was done, and that made me angry.

    But yes, there’s a lot to do there that’s fun in Vegas. It can be a nice place to visit. And I had some happy years there. But the time had come for me to leave. It was the people that made me leave more than even the hot weather.

    There are a lot of very mean and desperate people there. I had relatives there at first, but they died. After that I did all I could to make it work, but it just came to the point where it didn’t feel like home anymore, at all. I felt the place was a real dead end for me.

    So I had to leave and start over elsewhere, and that’s what I did. But now I’ve been dreaming a lot about Mexico, the weather, the nice people there, etc., which is how I came across your guys great videos.

    Yes, it’s always good to leave your purse in the hotel safe or locked out of sight in your trunk, and just bring with you enough cash to cover your needs, a lipstick, a comb, etc., and leave credit cards if possible, phones, nice jewelry, etc., somewhere else, somewhere hidden and safe.

    That way if a pickpocket finds you, and you can nearly count on it in a thick crowd of tourists, there won’t be anything you’ll be too sorry to lose. You can also hide your cash in your shoe or an inner pocket or your underwear.

    Some people are like predatory animals. You have to be careful. The trouble with Vegas is too many people gamble too much and then they may end up homeless and desperate.

    To be honest, I never have missed it. I had enough of it. It has nice shopping, restaurants, etc., but in the end it wasn’t my cup of tea. As they say, “It’s a nice place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live there.”

  9. I did a vacation there. Yes it is an awesome place but what your proving. All of the bad so called people live west of the strip. All of the good people south of the strip. If you go there and just want a normal store, restaurant, ect all of those places are south of the strip. The hwy goes east to Arizona or the dame at Lake Mead. That hwy just south of the strip is normal life in Las Vegas. Even in Bolder City. Just run or dont go threw just east of the strip. Not a good place to be. As you said you lost your cellphone, you will find it somewhere in that location.

  10. Hi guys, I'm going back to Vegas in November. Love your videos! The resort fees are always taken off my room. Because of my gambling.

  11. First of all I drive a taxi in Las Vegas and yes we do use the freeway out of the airport to go to almost all west side casinos so that would be Mandalay Bay the Delano also park MGM the Wynn ect

    We do this for convenience I’m not sure how long you like to sit in every single red light there is and you are right about one thing the yellow lights I’m not gonna run want to get a ticket for your cheap ass

    Also just so your aware every time you stop at a red light The chance of a rear end collision goes up so please don’t think we’re trying to steal from you our rates are set by the state

    Also worth noting Uber and lift heavy shit insurance so when you get into an accident in one of their cheap Half the cost right expect to get half the cost of medical treatment and if somebody happens to hit you so hard that you kiss your own asshole In your medically fucked for the rest of your life just remember what that bus fare limousine ride got you

    However I will be nice and one thing for you if you go to the CVS across from the hard rock that would be at the corner of Harmon and Paradise The ATM is virtually free is it an all point ATM as well as the credit union ATM

    You also left out the liquor store kickbacks to marijuana store kickbacks the strip club kickbacks the restaurant kickbacks the ticket sales kickbacks and the massage parlor kickbacks and finally the whorehouse kickbacks

  12. Don't keep your wallet in your back pocket. Buy a small wallet to keep your ID, room key, and one credit card and just the amount of cash you are planning to spend at that time, and keep it in your front pocket. Beware at crowded Casino bars and clubs. Unless you are expecting a phone call, leave your expensive phone in the room safe. I once had my lap to computer in my backpack slung over my seat at a Casino bar and it was lifted by a thief and I didn't notice until I got back to my room.

  13. Went to Vegas a few times while in the area. I thought people would be all having fun, but they all looked like office workers having a bad day.

  14. I never liked Las Vegas and never found out why ppl find it so appealing to go there. Las Vegas is endless money pit. It’s too touristy and gimmicky. There is nothing worth doing there …. at least for me. Thanks for video tho its good info pass on.

  15. Walking around sidewalks along strip with a backpack. Thieves cut into your backpack pockets with a very sharp knife as you walk along….true

  16. I have been long hauled by cabs. Experienced the guy handing me a book of his poems. Thankfully never have been pick pocketed. Cargo shorts are great.

  17. I’ve had the show girls demanding $20. I gave the first pair of girls the money as it was my first time in Vegas and I wanted the picture as a memory but the second pair of girls, less than 5 meters away were told under no uncertain terms to f*** off when they approached me.

  18. In Vegas a my friend recommend me to never use the pools in the hotel, he was an inspector and he told me about the staff found in the pool filters. 😂😂 staring w woman staff and sht and pee and the bacteria in the water.

  19. In the timeshare sales you get up when 90 minutes is over and demand your rewards. We’ve been to several timeshares, but we always demand a minimum of $100-150 in cash or visa gift card.

  20. I never pay resort fees, and I even going to Vegas for fifty years. My father owned a business in Vegas. I stay at Motel 6 on Tropicana, or La Quinta. The City of Las Vegas never used to allow street scammers when the mob ran Vegas. Obviously things have changed. Rent a car.

  21. Even if the monk is fake the bracelets are real . i got 3 for 5 bucks years ago and still wear 1 when i go back for luck . also keeps future monks away by flashing it at them . At least they make something and just dont hold a sign begging or sleep on sidewalks. haha i think i got a soft spot for the monks now. i will save all my disdain for those pesty timeshare peeps. great vlog thanks !

  22. I'm surprised that you didn't get stopped by security for filming the casino machines, they're really anal about that there. I went to Vegas in 2016 and regretted it. It's overrated in my opinion. Very boring trip. So many things and places close at 10pm. It's a better place to go to with friends or coupled. But even then, it wasn't for me. I much prefer palm trees, white sand beaches and turquoise water. Now that's a vacation!

  23. Tangerine Travels I’m glad you mentioned the CVS Walgreens water bottles trick. I do this all the time when I go to Las Vegas. It’s a great way to save money.

  24. 40 year Las Vegas resident here. Las Vegas is a great city or it is horrible. As with any city it depends on you and your preparation. A few comments. 1. Resort Fees. see this vid. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=woXt5E5OeJI 2. Slots and Gambling. Only play craps, blackjack and real poker. Avoid all slots. If you must play a machine, play video poker. ( spend some tine learning these games prior to arrival) 3. Strip scams ( show girl pics etc. ) Just walk by all these people and don't accept anything offered to you. 4. Cabs – if you have an issue, Nevada has a taxi authority with their own police. Get the taxi no. and call them. (702-668-4005) 5. Time shares – just avoid them. 6. 3 card monte – never seen it played in Las Vegas. 7. Bad food and bad buffets https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgbiMm_nkWAHTuzgYF5Y09Q/videos. 8. Clubbing costs $$ – go to local sports bars instead – if you have to club it will cost you and expect it. 9. Don't go to gentleman's clubs. 10. Prostitution is Illegal in Clark County.

    Tips. Join Las Vegas Adviser and have the coupon book delivered – $40 ( generally a two for one book for Las Vegas dining – I get nothing for this recommendation) Check out Trip Adviser. Come in April/May or Mid Sept through October. Go to the top of the Stratosphere an night. See things other than Hotels and Gambling ( The Dam, Desert, Hockey, Golf etc.)

    Have fun. If it's not fun – walk away.

  25. Wow! This is exactly what I wanted to see! Thank you for making this video. My friend, her dad and I are going to Vegas in October I knew that things in Vegas can be a bit shady but I didn't know what to look for thanks again

  26. The scams start when you arrive in Las Vegas after booking a hotel . Taxis, Hotel fees, drink prices, buffet prices, parking charges, restaurant prices, people expecting tips for everything. Never going back, too many better places with casinos.

  27. I live in Las Vegas and want to share a few more scams.
    1. A person that hands out a card pretending to be deaf.

    2. Somebody will approach you with a large camera to take their picture. The scam is that when you pick up the camera the scammed will cause you to drop it claiming that you owe money for the camera.

    3. $5 and change small cup of Starbucks.

  28. Some of the shows are great, we just got back and saw 3 amazing shows. Bring your own drinks in though. Drinks at Absinthe were $40 each. Show was amazing and I brought in my own bottle of water so it worked out.

  29. I watched this video because I'm a loyal viewer, but I don't understand the allure of Las Vegas and Reno. They are places that are conceived, contrived, built and maintained for the sole purpose of separating innocent and inexperienced people from their money. What is the attraction? What?

  30. Can you elaborate on the alcohol taxes at MGM resorts? Does it apply the the "free drinks" while gambling, or just when purchasing alcohol?

  31. I was watching the guys doing the CD scam and they seem to target older white guys a lot.  They must have more luck with them.

  32. Greeting from Lost Wages. Off topic, but my plans on moving to Mexico just got moved up. My wife and I are moving next year instead of 2021. What paper work did you need to get Laska into the country?

  33. I live in Las vegas and have seen many people WIN Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars and MILLIONS of Dollars on some Slot machines. If you play, you never pay for drinks. If your a player, in the same hotel, you can ask for FREE comps to pay for drinks and food…in the hotel, their restaurants and their pool.

  34. We were just there. We stayed at luxor. The good was the atmosphere and price. The bad is stay away from the buffet there 2 times garbage and the perimid rooms don't have a refrigerator or ac you can control….great tip about Cromwell drainks.

  35. We stay off the strip because we have been to Vegas many times. At The Orleans they have a Fuddruckers. When you buy a combo meal or even just a soda as long as you carry your receipt you can refill the cup for a 24 hour period. It was easy to just put the receipt in my pocket and carry the cup while gambling and go for refills.
    The gambling space isn’t huge so it wasn’t like it was too far to go to get it.

  36. You can take transit bus from the airport to the strip stopped at New York NY.I don't what it costs now but several years ago it was $2.00.

  37. The showgirls got us. It was no fee! No fee! Till after the picture was taken then it was $20 TIP (“suggested”)per girl (3), for $60. I was pissed but gave $30 which was $20 more than I imagined. If I see them again I’ll just tell them they’re not pretty, but thanks.

  38. youve never seen fake monks!?? they are everywhere! especially vegas and san francisco! they hand out bracelets for a donation and wont take it back

  39. The water scam isnt always about making you pay for water. its so you open your wallet. Anytime you open your wallet watch if someone is looking into it, they are looking to see if you have alot of cash on you. They will also see where you keep your cash, pocket, wallet, sock whatever. so even if the product you buy is legit. You just opened yourself up to getting pick pocketed.

  40. Best thing about being from the uk in vegas is the timeshare people hear your accent and dont even bother asking. They would stop us and ask wear are you from we would say and they wouldn't bother us again thank god

  41. The show girls can’t call the cops if you don’t give them money it’s illegal to even ask for money without a permit to be out there doing so they will say “most people tip us 20 bucks” and if you don’t give them any money they can’t do shit.

  42. You guys, Mr. Bald, and Harold Baldr are my favorite Travel Vlogs. Just putting yer vids on makes me and my wife feel like we’re on vacation!

  43. i was in vegas 2 weeks ago and my first thought was that everything is so expensive and when you pay the bill then there comes tax and tip extra…. What really became annoying was that everybody wants tip and we had sometimes that they literally said serious? or only this? But in the end we thought thats how Vegas works….

    Find yourself a less busy casino to get free drinks at your table or machine, tip the waitress good and she will come back the whole evening (still much cheaper then buying the drinks yourself)
    Personally i liked the atmosphere at Fremont Street much better because of the music and ambiance, thats about $15 to $20 with a taxi from the strip and really worth to get a look.

    We've had a few things that came out really nice like the guys on the street with the sign ""Ask me about nightclubs"" where we paid $60 and we went to a really crazy Pool party at the Marquee and to the most beautifull disco (but very expensive) Omnia in the ceasars palace without hours waiting in line and for $20 extra the next day to the MGM Poolparty hosted by Dj Tiesto. So if you are into nice and big parties thats really a recommendation.
    At night the parties end at 3/4 o'çlock but then we talked to the guys with the story about stripclubs like Treasures, we were very sceptic in the first but it ends out that they're no ripoffs at all.. They call a limo for you for free and let you go inside for $40 but then you get 2 drinks free of $20 each. So no lying at all haha (Lapdances are $20 but you have to pay it yourself hahahha)

    The guys that give you the cards of the callgirls that are big rip offs so just throw them away because it's not what you think at all !!!

  44. Read rules on machine, nothing is free especially pictures with other people, keep wallets in front pocket. Never trust anything not in writing.
    Have fun and stay safe.

  45. Hey guys! I'm from Cancun Mexico but now I live down here in Vegas! We can maybe meet one day you guys in town! I love this video guys I will keep watching more

  46. My wife 5 times and I have taken photos with the sidewalk showgirls. We knew they didn't work for a casino, but it was fun. The CD guys can be very persistent and a real pain in the ass !!!! Just keep walking.

  47. Lets be honest most people watch your videos cuz you got nice boobs and there is nothing wrong with that flaunt it if you got it girl More cleavage more views You guys also give great info and tips keep up the good work

  48. Coming from Florida for Halloween this year! This will be our third trip and couldn’t have done them without y’all!! Hope to see y’all there.

  49. If you haven't already, could you mention in one of your videos how difficult or easy it is to find restaurants with vegan options (in Mexico)? I'm really thinking hard about moving or retiring to Mexico. I'm not at all worried about being able to buy groceries and prepare all my own food. That would be easy. I'm just curious about the restaurants. Thanks! ❤

  50. something i would say when im going to vegas for a decent amount of time and rent a car, day one we just hit a walmart before we check in, buy a flat of water, snackage, couple bottles of your choice of booze, we also pack a softside cooler as you'll have endless ice, etc. then when you check in and valet it can all get hauled up with the rest of your luggage so you dont even have to lug a huge wad of extra weight.

  51. The key to Vegas ( I LIVE HERE) is to get away from the strip and see nature. Rent a car and look at the canyons, mountains. Stay away from the strip.

  52. THX guys, been to Vegas to many times to count and some of these things are applicable in so many places nationally and internationally . It is great that you take the time to let people know what to look out for!

  53. I agree with the #1 scam this happen to my friend 2 weeks ago, we were walking from Excalibur to New York New York we seen the show girls taking picture so we were trying to walk around them as they were finish taking a pic one of the girl turned around quick running into my friend. My friend immediately apologized even though it was not his fault the show girl use that to her advantage demanding him to pay money for “touching” her or she was gonna call the cops and pepper spray him!!! 😡

  54. I’ve heard not to buy show tickets from the hotels themselves because you can generally buy from vendors on the sidewalk for much cheaper. Has this been your experience?

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