14 Celebrity Time Travelers! They are famous and they Time TRAVEL

Welcome to another video by Viral Empire! Today, I’m going to show you 100% proof that
time travel exist people! Time travelers are already walking amongst
us! In fact, they are hiding in plain sight! So today we are going to look at 14 celebrity
time travelers that will blow your mind! If you havent already joined the empire, make
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up and share this with your friends! Lets Go Viral! Here are two photos of John Travolta. One was taken in 1890 when he was 22-years-old. The other was taken in 2009 when he was 141-years-old. Paul Mournet was born in 1847 and although
he is recorded as dead in 1922, his body was never found. This is because Paul Mournet didn’t die. He is Keanu Reeves. We know this is true because you can read
about it on Wikipedia. Some see the striking resemblance between
Brad Pitt and Union General Isaac Stevens. This is because they are the same person. Did I also mention that he used to be asian
before he turned white after seeing a ghost? Nicolae Grigorescu was a writer and a painter
who later changed his name and career. He is now known as Orlando Bloom and works
as an elf. Most people believe that Leonardo DiCaprio
was born in the mid-seventies, but there is strong evidence
indicating that he was actually born in the early sixties and is in fact a woman called
Judy Zipper. Nicolas Cage has led a long and prosperous
life. Today he is a Hollywood actor; in 1870 he
owned a bow tie of sorts. And going back even further, Nicolas was better
known as Emperor Maximilian of Habsburg. The earliest photo of Jack Black isn’t a photo;
it’s a painting. That’s because cameras wern’t invented in
1751. Back then, Jack went by the name of Paul Revere. Look at that handsome face! Here’s a fact I bet you didn’t know: Sylvester
Stallone was Pope! Here is proof that the film star was Pope
Gregory IX. Here is a photo of Jay-Z in Brooklyn back
in 1939. Still looking gangsta through the decades. Danny Pudi from NBC’s Community was shocked
when his mother found a childhood photo of him back in 1962. . Bruce Willis played a major role in the
Pacific theatre during World War II. Back then he went by the name of General Doug
MacArthur. Peter Dinklage has been entertaining people
for a long time. Here is a painting
of him back in 1645 when he was known as court jester Don Sebastian de Morra. Eddie Murphy has been time travelling since
the 1920s! Keeping that sweet moustache in style! Last but not least, the greatest time traveler
in history…michael jackson! He was a greatest
pharoah Egpyt ever had and they even made a stone statue of him that lasted through
the ages! so what did you think of our list? Which is your favourite celebrity time traveler? Let me know in the comments below. Thats all the time we have for today, remember
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100 thoughts on “14 Celebrity Time Travelers! They are famous and they Time TRAVEL

  1. These people are stupid! now in days everyone says the most pathetic shit and people actually believe it! FAIL

  2. Eddie Murphy is a time traveler from prohibition times, named ray Gibson him and his friend Claude banks (Martin Lawrence) was traveling to Mississippi to pick up some booze when they made a stop…in the twilight zone.

  3. I guess the person that played Princess Leia in that brief shot in Rouge One was Carrie Fisher from the past time traveling? This video is stupid.

  4. this is true these people are shape shifters who can live for hundreds of years laugh all u want but why do u think its so hard to actually become an a list celebrity

  5. With the huge number of humans on earth the chance to find a nearly identical looking person in the past and our time. So this video was and will be a waste of time since it was uploaded to youtube.

  6. Lol if we can time travel how come we don't know the facts about Egypt 100% and archaeologists are always guessing at what happened and still digging for facts????

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