100 thoughts on “13 Travel Life Hacks Every Traveler Should Know

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  2. You should NEVER pack documents. Keep them in your wallet or a travel pouch worn around your neck/waist or in your handbag. As to your baggage, having a photo is a good idea if you're making a claim for a damaged bag, but your baggage claim receipt with a tracking number is proof that you checked a bag/bags. I've flown countless times and my bags have not shown up at my final destination quite often. That tracking receipt lets the airline know that you checked a bag and that it's in their system. It is the airline's responsibility to get that bag to you–you don't have to wait at the airport for it to finally show up or go back to the airport for it. They must bring it to you.

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  4. I have asked to be upgraded every time ive flown… Which is a TON…. And ive always been upgraded free of charge…. Ive been turned away a few times here and there but i asked someone else or someone at the gate after or even just a flight attendant once on the plane and said im too tall for the seating (which is true) and got it… Lol ide urge anyone to try it

  5. There is a better one for the photo car space one. If you have an iPhone go on to maps and drop a pin, you can then later get walking
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  6. its illegal to consume your own alcohol on a plane , its like bringing your own booze in a bar. if you get caught doing this on a canadian airline , you could get arrested.

  7. A long time ago, a math teacher of mine told us she got to stay in a hotel free. Something happened with the flight so she, unlike the other complaining lady, demanded to talk to the manager. Then she was set up with a free hotel room. She said she saw the other lady in the same hotel, trying to pay for a room.
    I don't know if this is something that can happen if you're flight is delayed or whatever, but the manager just got them a room.

  8. I took a photo my luggage(Which was a S-400 missile system) and was immediately escorted off the plane.Suffice to say that's the last time I visit America.

  9. it is actually illegal to open containers of alcohol and drink them, if they have not been served by the crew. and you can get a pretty high fine for it too. you should check what you advise before making videos

  10. I, Googled, the bit about the alcohol and it is "NOT" okay to serve yourself alcohol on airline flights. You can take the, shooter size alcohol bottles (in a zip bag), on the plane, though.

  11. If you are really scared of flying and you have to fly regularly, one somewhat easy way is to take a flying lesson. Most of the fear of flying is the result of ignorance of how the plane actually works. With an introductory lesson a certified flight instructor will teach how the plane works, how to perform a preflight inspection how to taxi and take off and finally how to fly the plane. Once you realize how easy it is to fly, most people lose their fear completely.
    Most flight schools offer greatly discounted introductory lessons You aren't commuted to anything more than that but be warned, they do this because so many people, once they get a taste, want to continue. If you can go from being terrified of just the sight of a plane, to wanting to become a pilot in less than 2 hours, I can't think of a better treatment than that.

  12. On every flight I have been on, as far as I can recall, they make an announcement saying something like consumption of alcoholic beverages other than those provided by the airline is a crime.

  13. According to the Skywest Airlines Inflight Operations Manual (Standard Practices) under CFR Part 121.575 Alcoholic Beverages Part F.; Alcohol not served by Skywest cannot be consumed by passengers. This law is enforced by FAA for all Airlines. Don't mean to kill a good time, just don't want to hear about someone get in trouble over bad advice.

  14. I work in Aviation and was a flight attendant for 6 years. You cannot consume your own alcohol. I am in Canada so you may be able to get away with it in the USA with the FAA but in Canada you will be fined.

    I had a passenger break open his duty free bottle and consumed a fair bit. Asked him to put it away as due to regulations you cannot consume your own alcohol. One alcoholic beverage in the air is equivalent to two once you are at altitude and you can get out of hand and sick very fast. They did not comply and became irate saying they could do so as they please and I have no authority to tell him what to do. I called the captain and asked to have the plane return from the taxi way to the gate where the passenger was escorted off by RCMP, black listed from our airline and fined. Depending on the situation you may also have your passport flagged as a flight hazard and have a difficult time traveling to other countries. With no refund for his vacation. Once the passenger was deboarded we notified the cabin of the situation and that consuming your own alcohol can have said consequences. Best behaved flight I have ever had.

    If you do bring it, make sure its the same brands the airline serves and don't let them see you do it. Also don't get out of hand.

  15. I couldn't even watch your video after the first point. I'm a flight attendant and I can tell you that YOU ARE WRONG. You CAN NOT drink your own alcohol on board. The reason for this isn't just a money grab issue but it's so that we can monitor your alcohol intake throughout the flight. When we're in the air, the altitude alters the oxygen level in your body and lowers your tolerance significantly. The biggest problem is that passengers don't/refuse to see it that way and chug down until they're belligerent and a safety risk to themselves and others. We have had to use restraint kits, give out warning cards, perform first aid, and on the rare occasion, divert all because that one passenger believed the airline's just trying to rip them off and decided to get hammered. It's really inconsiderate to do that when there's hundreds of people on the plane all trying to get to one destination and that one passenger has to ruin it all.
    Please do your homework before you post up these videos. It would be a shame if people actually believed you and boarded the plane with alcohol that they are ready to drink. It will be confiscated and they will be in trouble.

  16. IF that clearing cookies thing works it's not for that reason. User expectations are that prices will go up, after initially impressing you with low prices the website inflates the price inline with your expectations. Clearing cookies makes you look like a new customer that needs to be impressed so it puts you back at the start of the pricing curve.

  17. Skyscanner doesn't increase price over time. If you delete your cookies you just lose search history. (My friend works at Skyscanner)

  18. Just know that its against federal law to drink your own liquor on the plane. You can bring it, but you can't drink it. Most airlines have this in writing on their menus. You liquor can be confiscated, you can be fined also. So want to start your trip on a bad note….

  19. You cannot, I repeat, CANNOT bring your own alcohol to consume onboard the aircraft. Federal Law prohibits it. So, yes, while you can bring it with you with your little trick, if you drink it, you will be arrested upon landing.

    Also, good luck asking for an upgrade. You'll have your butt laughed at all the way back to your seat in coach.

  20. I'm a flight attendant and let me tell you, yes, you can bring your own alcohol on board but it is prohibited to drink your own alcohol on board. I can get the police straight away if I see you having 1 sip. The reason we don't and normally we give warning at first because we don't want to write reports. No one is a fan of paperworks.

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