10 People Claiming to Be Time Travelers

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  1. the world will never be a utopian society. guy number 1 is a fake. guy number 2 is making it up. seeing or having any interaction with your future self will cause a paradox, the timeline would be out of sync, disintigrate and you will have no memory of meeting yourself and you would be stuck in a time loop

  2. I subscribed this channel because I wanted to give benefit of the doubt
    that anything is possible no matter how crazy it sounds. because I have seeing things I can't explain
    so anything's possible
    I imagine.
    And I wish I were a time traveler.
    if I could travel to the future I would love to see
    the future
    And myself so I can see if my future was going to be a really beautiful one.
    And the reason why I'm saying that right now is because my life has been full of lots of pain suffering and constant fear of the unknown.
    And another reason I'm still a kid at heart
    Because I love futuristic movies books and games
    because I have always wanted to see flying cars and things like that .
    But sadly
    I know if I don't get to travel to the Future
    I will probably never ever get to see those sort of things in my lifetime.
    So if I could travel to the Future soon
    I would in a heartbeat because
    I am
    a dreamer
    I am an artist
    and I'm graphic novel writer so that would be like my dream come true to see the future
    The way I've always seen it in movies like
    The Fifth Element
    Total Recall
    Blade Runner
    and back to the future
    and The Time Machine
    and video games like
    Final Fantasy
    Phantasy Star
    Mass Effect
    Event Rising
    And many more of my favorite titles.
    Because I've always wanted to see it that way
    and I've always wanted to ride in a flying car.
    I had that dream
    when I was 9 years old
    And sadly that dream never came true
    Because our technology still has not advanced enough
    To do that
    and I still have that dream even though I am 32 now.
    And seeing the Future
    to me would be a dream come true.
    Just thinking about it makes my subconscious Sparkle with curiosity. especially seeing machines that actually look like humans because that's another thing I've always wanted to see as well.
    But the only way that's ever going to be possible
    is if
    I become a Time Traveler myself
    and I don't see any reason why anyone would want to make me a time traveler because I'm a nobody
    And nobody's suddenly
    no one cares about unless they're on Kingdom Hearts lol
    Well that's all I wanted to say if there are any time travelers out there
    That are real
    it sure would be nice to meet one and go visit those places before I get to old and weaker
    Because I have to admit my not too thrilled about getting really old and one of the biggest reasons why is because I'm not in a rush to be decrepit and die.
    Because like I said before when I was younger I've always wanted to see the future like I saw on the science fiction shows
    I watched as a kid.
    But now I don't know if that's going to be possible the only way that can be is if
    I meant a time traveler
    That's nice enough to take me with him
    And if there is only time will tell.
    Because I've been waiting
    to travel through time all my life
    Well anyway thank you for reading all this if you did and if you think I'm nuts you're probably not alone because I am a dreamer and I am very eccentric
    Well anyway this is been Jude see you in the future .

  3. Guy number 9 so i guess hipsters are still in the future . I would have thought that trend would have finally killed itself off…
    Apparently not.

  4. some of these people say they were born in 2000+ and they have traveled to 2020+ how tf is this possible if were still in present time and its not possible

  5. Is this hooded guy on top 1 the same one on your top 10 teleportation video? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1m78SioM32Q&list=PLfunr83g9NtFQUtqyweVJNjJuyus03O1k&index=1

  6. Omg I traveled time was born 1963 had a great time back in the day. Let’s go back in time all this is BS starting to get boring. Why are you saying we won’t believe than don’t tell us anything. Am 54. Let’s get a rocket back to the 70’s with John Travolta.

  7. Question 🤔 If I use my son's cardboard box given that's a time machine according to him to travel (using my imagination)! Does that mean I too am a time traveler? 🖖🏻🙄🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  8. Doods at 4:25 the guy said time travel eill be invented in 2028 and in another interview with a time traveler from 2030 he also said time travel is invented in 2028 cowicedince I think not

  9. My question is if they are all time travelers, why don't they know of one another, or why don't they meet up to find a way back to their time? Or why has no one came to retrieve them? Too many inconsistencies.

  10. To be a hipster dufus with nothing better to do than drop acid and ramble on about some bullshit." Like {smack} sooooo i went up to like, this barrier…" Get a haircut and a shave. Starbucks is hiring. Take out the trash and do some laundry, loser.

  11. If any of these hipster time travelers were true, Trump wouldn’t be president, Hitler wouldn’t still be in the history books and we wouldn’t be so afraid of Gluten

  12. I would be more worried about the Mental State of the people that think they are time travelers. I am an atheist for a reason I do not believe in God because their had never been proof same goes with this bulshit.

  13. That guy With ear plugs and Blue jacket and Glasses looks like me!!! HOLY SHIT! My fav color is blue. I wear Glasses Like that. I have Brown hair..::. I love ear plugs…..

  14. This is a script…. Maybe MK ultra (if these people truly believe they've travelled through time)…. The same themes keep poping up…. Written by globalist perhaps…. They can't say much, but braved time travel with a real risk of being stuck here or even Worse…
    And somehow they all want to talk to Apex TV, not make contact with their superiors… Mention of being on Missions for the government they are from. Yet others mention commercial time travel is available to everyone that can afford it…
    Body language is similar as well as speech, I find it hard to believe that humans in the future can't describe their worlds in better more futuristic terms….. If time travel happens in 2028, quantum computing proves the Multi-Verse…. This is a carefully written script by someone or a group of people… Could be true…
    Could be a think tank Psy Op….

  15. Time travelling ? In 2028 ? Seriously ? Either these need to see a shrink or they’re probably thinking that we are from 1AD

  16. easy to know that they are all bullshit… if any of you are real? then who will be the next president after trump??? or who will be the president on 2028????? what ????? what now???? exactly dumb asses u cant tell because all of you are total BULLSHIT!

  17. I subscribed!! I am also a former police sergeant in Chiraq turned Lightworker. I have the ability to channel multidimensional quantum light frequencies that activate and repair a person’s DNA. Let me know if you’re interested. I’ll be glad to speak with you or send you some light. God bless. ❤️🤗🙏🏻💐

  18. Why do so many of these time travelers seem to be young male teenagers, like James for instance, and why are there no female time travelers, only male??? While I'm not buying it, I'm definitely entertained and amused by their stories.

  19. I’ve noticed that over most of these videos the time travelers seem to be reading or following some type of written dialogue or script, but in their own words to relay the same message as if they where instructed by their superiors. It’s almost as if they are forced to do it. Like the persons that sent them back in time are trying to change the future in the most discreet way.

  20. I almost time traveled by myself but I got scared and didnt go all the way in but now I just tell God take me back to this day and I find myself back in time it's nice I go back to good times to relive them 🙂 then from that time life is normal everything happens almost the same as i did

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