10 Dumbest Tourists of All Time

If you live in a vacation spot I’m sure
you don’t like tourists some may wander around in Hawaiian shirts and a rude and
others may drink too much and party all night but these tourists are on another
level these guys have caused millions of
dollars in damage destroyed artifacts and much worse I’m Charlene today we’re
going to look at the ten dumbest tourists of all time but before we
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coming up first we have Easter Island earlobe Easter Island is a Chilean
island in the Pacific Ocean it may not look like much but its number one
attraction is a bunch of gigantic stone statues these are one of the big secrets
and mysteries of the world and it’s also one of the seven wonders of the world
but in 2008 one man called Marco khalji was visiting this island Marco is from
Finland and he decided it was a good idea to try and steal the ear of one of
these ginormous Maori statues this guy literally ripped the ear lobe off a
13-foot stone statue Marco later apologized through a Chilean
newspaper but the government were so angry the mayor of the island even said
he wanted to cut off this tourists here as vengeance okay that may be going a
bit too far but we should really not destroy oneness of the world next up is
superstitious flyer I’m sure all of us our a bit
superstitious maybe we don’t like walking on gaps in the sidewalk or
walking under ladders and some people even have rituals before they go on an
airplane so they don’t have fear of flight for example I touched the outside
of an airplane for good luck before I fly well one tourist in China had a very
different airplane richer for some good luck he threw some coins into the
airplanes engine as he was walking by the turbine about to get onto the plane
with all the other passengers he threw the coins in the airplane was flying
from Shanghai to Yangzhou in China got him throwing these coins into the
airplane engine caused the plane to be delayed for nine hours I bet they were
the least popular person on that flight mechanics were able to get the
coins out and there were nine in total and one of them actually got inside the
engine if the plane took off with the coin in the engine it seriously could
have fallen out of the sky and wiped out everyone on board but luckily as they
hadn’t been sucked in by the engine the coins did not seriously damage the plane
next up we have pyramid lovers most people who go to a different country are
very very respectful well unless your name is Logan Poole but the majority of
people really are but it’s not the case for this couple he went to Egypt one day
a Danish man and Reyes have hid and his girlfriend went to the Pyramid of Giza
the Great Pyramid of Giza is a wonder of the world and a staple of Egyptian
culture but after him and his girlfriend visited he posted a very crazy photo
online the image appeared to show them getting busy on top of the Great Pyramid
of Giza if you know what I mean you’re not supposed to climb when the pyramids
but he did so that’s already breaking one rule but I can’t believe they really
did what they did on the pyramids and took a photo of it obviously I cannot
show you guys the image but it is out there aligned and now the Egyptian
police are looking into this and trying to prosecute the couple next up is
painting puncher everyone loves seeing beautiful works of art right well that’s
the case for everyone except one twelve-year-old boy from Taiwan one
morning the Taiwanese boy was visiting a type a museum with his family that was
when he very clumsily tripped over on the floor he put his hands out to the
side to try and regain his balance but instead he ended up accidentally
punching a hole through a three hundred and fifty year old oil painting the
painting called Paulo purpura is worth 1.5 million dollars well was worth 1.5
million dollars now it’s pretty much worthless as it has a boy’s fist mark
through it but amazingly the person who owns the museum said he does not blame
the boy as it was a total accident it must be pretty embarrassing for the kid
and unluckily we have a clip of it happening right next up is the measurer I’m sure we all
have to measure things every now and then we may measure something in math
class something we’re building or something else but have you ever tried
to measure the finger from a 600 year old statue well that’s what one American
tourists did a few years back the tourist was in Florence Italy and he was
checking out the museo de la probe de Lomo this is an absolutely massive and
beautiful 600 year old medieval sculpture it was created all of those
centuries ago by Giovanni de ambrosia but for some reason this tourist was
fixated with the statues hand so that’s why he decided to try and measure the
finger but then broke it off I guess he forgot the whole don’t touch rule of
museums people in Florence were absolutely enraged and so were Americans
as it gives American tourists a bad name but sadly the finger remains broken and
it won’t be fixed anytime soon next up is CAF Napa
everyone knows Yellowstone National Park is one of the most beautiful places on
earth and I’m sure we all know the proverb when it comes to nature leave
nothing behind but your footprints however one international family took
that to the extremes not only do they not leave any trash behind they actually
took something from the park for some reason this international traveling
family rescued a bison calf they had good intentions as they thought the calf
was shivering so instead they put it into their vehicle to take it to a
nearby Ranger but of course the family were wrong as bison are equipped to
handle any environment sadly the calf was taken away from its
family and it could not find it ever again so the park rangers had no choice
but to put the calf down this happened in 2016 and social media was enraged but
since this happened there’ve been a lot more signs go up warning tourists not to
mess with the bison calves next up is waterfall selfie
20 years ago if you went to somewhere interesting you take images of that
place but now go to any major tourist
attraction and people take images of one thing themselves we’ve all been guilty
of taking a selfie in front of something cool but in July of 2016 one 28 year-old
South Korean man named Kim Jong boy took this way too far he went to the Amazon
jungle in Peru and looked at a waterfall it seems he wanted to take a cool selfie
on the waterfall but he fell in and fell off the waterfall Peruvian police found
him submerged seven metres deep into the lake and this happened just one week
after a German tourist fell off that same waterfall while trying to get a
selfie trust me guys a hundred likes is not worth your life next up is painting
painter from the way I titled that one you may think it’s just a guy doing
paintings obviously painting on a canvas is great and wonderful but not when
you’re vandalizing an already great painting in 2014 a Russian man named
Vladimir UNAMID was in London UK he went to the Tate Modern and took a look at
Mark Rothko’s famous black on maroon painting and then he did the next
logical thing which was putting out some spray paint and writing his name on it
yeah this guy literally destroyed a very very expensive and nice painting he said
he did it to further the art world but I think he did the opposite this guy got
sentenced to two years in prison for doing this and luckily the painting was
able to be restored at a very high price later on in the Guardian Vladimir said I
made a mistake and I’m sorry but even so next time maybe spray paint on your own
canvas not someone elses and finally on our list we have statue selfie it seems
one of the worst things tourists can do is take a selfie well if you think
falling off a waterfall while taking a selfie SPAD then hear this in lisbon
portugal there’s a beautiful sculpture of dom Sebastiano the statue was
incredibly old and priceless dom Sebastiao lost his life at the battle of
three kings his body was never found legend has it that he will eventually
return to Portugal and reclaim his throne well one day a tourist scaled for
the top of a Lisbon train station he did this to try and get a selfie with the
126 year old statue but while taking the selfie the 24 year old lost his balance
and fell onto the statue the guy then tried to run away but police caught up
to him very quickly I sure hope it was worth destroying a beautiful statue for
that perfect selfie if any of you guys are planning on going abroad any time
soon let me give you a piece of advice try to take as few selfies as possible
as it seems every time a tourist does this something gets broken
either that or you’ll fall off a waterfall and won’t make it out okay but
now it’s time for you guys to make your voice heard vote in the poll on the top
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  3. It's sickening when people do not know how to act. Smh how do you think, it's okay to destroy anything older than you!?!

  4. Wait a minute. A guy spray paints a painting with black paint? Now, did he just happen to have the spray can with him? Probably not which means he had to go out and obtain the paint and go back and do the deed. That's called premeditation. Just so I can't be charged with premeditation I always carry a can of black spray paint with me. (I never know when I might visit the Sistine Chapel)

  5. Dont touch stuff that is not yours…. what is so hard to understand about that? I was taught that at a very young age

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  8. psst. the whole phrase is take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints…. 😉 would have been a less awkward segue to use the whole phrase imo lol

  9. I hope the people who didn't die (they're winner of the Darwin Awards) were properly punished. It would've been nice to know they got jail time and hefty fines, maybe publicly humiliated and declared Persona Non Grata. Is the human race "Dumbing Down?"

  10. The Egyptian couple is a bad fugitive who broke our rules!

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    Me in the summer: "Grrrrr! Ducking tourists, the traffic is slow, "The Little Market" town's full, and there's litter all over the fields. Lets block the footpaths so the bloody ramblers can't get near us…"

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  22. I agree. I may have flown with that fool unknowingiy. On climb out the jet engine was chugging, and suddenly, value jet was first class! ( you know something went wrong when ValuJet becomes first class!).
    Fortunately we had a retired military aviator, perhaps the finest, most experienced pilots in the world, and dude made it look easy! It did cause an 8 hour layover in Chicago, but Chicago broke out the hospitality for us and we felt welcome!
    Thanks Chi-Town! I appreciated that!

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