10 Celebrity Time Travelers

If you can go back in time, and change one
thing about your life, what would you change? Other then that ass herpes you caught off
that 20 dollar hooker on backpage..let us know, my whizzas, in the comment section below. Time travel is the belief that humans can
move between certain points in time. Without the assistance of Hollywood special
effects, these celebrities help prove that the theory of time travel can exist. Or can it? With that being said, welcome to our list
of 10 Celebrity Time Travelers. Number 10 – Peter Dinklage This 17th century painted portrait of jester
Sebstaián de Morra looks exactly like Game of Thrones star Peter Dinklage. Besides the obvious characteristic of being
little people, they both have similar facial features, and huge monster dicks.. Sebastian got in his delorean and went 88
miles per hour to give us the great Tyrion Lannister. Number 9 – Jay-Z This Harlem man in the 1930s was fed up with
the hard knock life.. and decided to become one of the greatest Rapper of all time in
the 21st century. C’mon you can’t tell me this guy doesn’t
look exactly like HOVA? As Jay-Z grew up in Brooklyn, it’s not that
far-fetched of an idea that this man could have been Mr Knowles. Luckily for 1930’s Jay, he gets to fuck
Beyonce and Becky with the good hair. Number 8 – Justin Timberlake Southern gentleman JT has no track of living
a criminal lifestyle. But he bears a striking resemblance to this
anonymous criminal from the early 1800s. I’m sure Justin doesn’t want anything
to do with his past illegal life as he’s now traded his jail jumpsuit for a suit and
tie. Aren’t you girls glad he ditched the uni
brow and brought sexy back? Number 7 – Queen Latifah Here’s a photo of legendary African-American
author Zora Neale Hurston in the 1940s, and now here’s a photo of Queen Latifah. The resemblance is uncanny. If Hollywood decides to do a movie based on
the novelist, now they know who to cast. Cuz they would be casting the same fucking
person! The Queen needs to get us over to her time
machine. Number 6 – Nicholas Cage Nicholas Cage is often the center of many
internet jokes from his acting to his hairline, but in 2011 a photo went up for auction on
eBay titled “Nicholas Cage is a Vampire”. The seller was asking for a million dollars,
claiming that the photo was unaltered and really Nic Cage. Now, he just needs to go back in time, and
not make all those shitty movies and lose all his money buying dumb shit. LIke that Dinosaur skull he bought for $270,000..
hopefully those teeth aren’t that sharp, he wouldn’t wanna cut his dick while skull
fucking it. Number 5 – Maggie Gyllenhaal Actress Maggie Gyllenhaal is a dead ringer
for American writer Rose Wilder Lane. Rose was a political theorist writer in the
1940s and passed away in 1968. Almost a decade later, Maggie was born. Or did she really die? Rose, rose up from the dead, time traveled
and became Jakes Gyllenhaal’s sister. Number 4 – Sylvester Stallone While taking a trip to the Vatican, Harvard
student Anthony Zonfrell was surprised to see a lookalike of Rocky actor Sylvester Stallone
in a 1511 painting of Pope Gregory IX. Later that night, he uploaded the photo he
took of it and it was viewed over thousands of times. Coincidently, Stallone is of Italian descent,
from power moves to power punches, Stallone can do it all. Number 3 – Eddie Murphy Now this is Nutty, cause this photograph of
an anonymous pimp in the 1920’s looks exactly like actor Eddie Murphy. Or it could just be a picture after Eddie
emerged from “the sunken place”. Either way, this photo could be proof Eddie
has traveled through time. Now travel back Eddie, and NOT make Pluto
Nash bruh.. Number 2 – Michael Jackson This old painting of a man eerily looks similar
to MJ. To make things even stranger, this ancient
Egyptian statue also looks like Michael. Just how long has he been traveling through
time? As Michael died in June 2009, there’s no
way his next reincarnation could top his life as the King of Pop, but then again we don’t
know do we? he could end up being King of the Universe in the year 6969. Number 1 – Keanu Reeves There’s a rumor that actor Keanu Reeves
is a vampire. Here’s a painting from 1530 of a man or
Keanu back in the day. Here’s another painting of French actor
Paul Mounet in 1875 who looks like Keanu too. What doesn’t help is that, now at 52, he
looks just like he did 20 years ago. The guy doesn’t age! EXCELLENT! And there you have it, our list of the 10
Celebrity Time Travelers. Did we miss any other people with hot tub
time machines? If so, mention them in the comment section
below and as always don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe.

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