10 Best Places to Visit in Arizona – Travel Video

With a dazzling array of amazing sights, Arizona’s
desert climate is home to some astounding geological formations and canyons that are
well worth exploring. The Grand Canyon, for example, is one of the United States’ most
famous sights, while the impressive Monument Valley certainly gives it a run for its money.
With Indian reservations making up almost a quarter of Arizona’s area, there are lots
of interesting archaeological, historical and cultural sites relating to Native American
culture for tourists to enjoy. The state cities are fun and friendly places to stop by and
there is some great nightlife to boot. Here’s a look at the best places to visit in Arizona: Number 10. Antelope Canyon The winding, twisting cracks of Antelope Canyon
are mesmerizing to wander around, as sunbeams enchantingly snake their way along the sandstone
walls, illuminating and bathing the soft red tones in resplendent light. A beautiful sight
to behold, the two different parts of Antelope Canyon are both well worth visiting; their
distinctive features have led them to be respectively nicknamed ‘The Crack’ and ‘The Corkscrew’.
While they each have their own unique look, in both parts the rock appears to be flowing,
thanks to the shapes created by the erosion of the rock. Number 9. Tombstone A historic town that is famous as the site
of the Gunfight at the OK Corral, Tombstone was one of the last boomtowns. It was a rough
place that attracted hardy prospectors, tough gunslingers and lawless gamblers who came
to win their fortune in the silver mines. Very much a tourist trap, Tombstone is a fun
place to visit in Arizona to learn about how the West was settled. With the historic part
of town perfectly preserved, step into the past and wander around its saloons or check
out a reenactment performance of the gunfight. Number 8. Scottsdale Part of the Greater Phoenix Area, Scottsdale’s
year-round warm weather means that it welcomes millions of visitors to its streets every
year. As such, there is a plethora of hotels, restaurants, and bars that cater to every
budget. Marketing itself as ‘The West’s Most Western Town’, numerous historic sites
are scattered around and festivals embracing this heritage are regularly held, with cowboy
competitions and horse shows often featuring. On top of all this, the city’s nightlife
is pounding; there are loads of great nightclubs, swanky lounges and trendy bars for you to
explore. Number 7. Phoenix Set in the middle of the desert in an area
which is appropriately known as ‘the Valley of the Sun’, the state capital is undoubtedly
the cultural and economic heart of the state. Bathed in glorious sunshine almost year-round,
Phoenix attracts over sixteen million visitors every year. With lots of entertaining museums
on show, as well as some great theatres and shopping options, Phoenix has a lot going
for it. Sport lovers can watch any one of the city’s teams, while golfers will adore
exploring the more than two hundred courses found in the town. Number 6. Canyon de Chelly One of the most visited national monuments
in the country, Canyon De Chelly has been inhabited for over five thousand years. The
canyon walls protect and shelter some amazing old buildings that date back to the days of
the Ancestral Puebloans. Since the Navajos began calling it home in the 1700’s, the
canyon has tragically been the site of numerous massacres, with both the Spanish and US Army
having persecuted the Native Americans. Nowadays, the site is owned and run by the Navajo and
there are a number of great trails and horseback tours available to visitors. Number 5. Monument Valley Iconic in look, Monument Valley’s incredible
geological features have starred in TV commercials, featured in films and appeared in magazine
ads. As such, they are instantly recognizable around the world. Surrounded by a desolate
and featureless desert that stretches almost interminably, the massive sandstone buttes
rear impressively towards the heavens, their vivid reds, and oranges standing out against
the blue sky. Beautiful to behold, the ‘Valley Between the Rocks’ – as it was dubbed
by the Navajo – is a must-see place when visiting Arizona. Number 4. Tucson Home to the University of Arizona, this lively
college town is a fun and friendly place to visit, with some great nightlife on offer.
The second largest city in the state is a delightful mix of cultures that attest to
its long and varied history. Its numerous museums and lively arts and culture scene
showcase the city’s diversity. With amazing natural sights lying just outside of Tucson,
most tourists to the city come to explore the mesmerizing Saguaro National Park or hike
in the nearby Santa Caralina Mountains. Number 3. Glen Canyon National Recreation
Area Mostly consisting of endless desert, the huge
Glen Canyon National Recreation Area surrounds the beautiful waters of Lake Powell. The dark
waters of the lake are lined by beautiful red rock formations and the dramatic rock
faces that plunge down into it. Whether it is jet-skiing on Lake Powell’s waters, fishing
along the shoreline, or hiking amidst the spectacular rock formations; this national
recreation area has something for everyone. The desert scenery is otherworldly, with Paria
Canyon and Rainbow Bridge being particularly memorable. Horseshoe Bend is another must-see
area in Glen Canyon. Number 2. Sedona While the jaw-dropping red sandstone formations
are the undoubted highlight of what Sedona has to offer, there is lots more to see and
do. Nestled amid the beautiful rock formations, Sedona is considered sacred by Native Americans
and people come here to heal themselves and seek spiritual enlightenment. There are many
shops selling alternative medicines and lots of spas for visitors to relax in. With lots
of great restaurants, as well as numerous art galleries to explore, the town can get
a bit busy during summer, although the stunning scenery more than makes up for it. Number 1. Grand Canyon Renowned throughout the world, the Grand Canyon
is awe-inspiring to visit and the beautiful panoramas are simply breathtaking. Gigantic
in size and scale, the views from the edge of the canyon are incredible, as you look
out over the rock face dropping away below you and the dramatic vista stretches towards
the horizon. The arid and desolate terrain is peaceful yet picturesque and indeed a powerful
place to explore. A simply incredible place, the Grand Canyon is undoubtedly the highlight
of what Arizona has to offer.

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  1. To all native AZ people, shut up! Don't tell the rest of the world about our best spots. Let them think these are it. They already ruined Sedona.

  2. There are people that can find beauty in a land that’s nothing but dirt, but I can’t. It’s ugly as sin in Arizona and I can’t wait to leave

  3. I’m an Arizonan and this is dumb. There’s a lot. To begin with, Flagstaff. Enough said. Research your stuff.

  4. what about topoci or sunset crater meteor creator.
    or fissile springs
    all this was was a librial spend money . not what's the real gems the state has to offer.

  5. I’m English and I really want to go to Arizona. No other state in the US appeals more to me. I love the desert and dry weather. Sadly in London it’s raining most of the year.

  6. A lot of BS. Just popular tourist sites. Many are way overrated.I lived in AZ 3 years and left because of the TERRIBLE HEAT – 5 months in the 90's and 2-3 in the 100's. Glad I am not there.

  7. I would like to add Jerome – the copper mining ghost town is a fun visit. Also, take a gander at Montezuma's Castle and Tonto Natural Bridge.

  8. The Anasazi castle on the way up to flag from Tucson is amazing. As well as slide rock. All good stops on the way to the Grand Canyon. Don’t come in the summer though. You’ll die if you aren’t used to 116 degree heat. Hottest day last summer was 123.

  9. I am from Arizona and you forgot some places that would much better represent the state, such as the White Mountains, the Petrified National Forest, the London Bridge and the many wildlife parks.

  10. Stay at Hummingbird Ranch Vacation Rental in SE Arizona with fantastic Sandhill Crane Winter Migration (Oct~ April), stunning 360 Mtn Views, 3 Ghost Towns, 3 National Parks, 14 award winning Wine Vineyards, Stargazing Observatory (added fee) and tons of local history with rich Apache history of Geronimo and Cochise. Website~ @t

  11. i would like to visit any part of arizona.i love the weather.i know the weather cause i was there long time ago.


  13. Ngl….I've lived in az all my life. There ain't shit here and the weather is unbearable 5 months out of the year. Dont waste yur money unless you've never seen the Grand Canyon. That's all we got goin for us

  14. At 2:36 that is NOT part of historic Tombstone…yep it's there…but there is nothing historic or even accurate about that. Shame on a tourism channel….shame! 😉

  15. Why would anyone visit Aridzona? This place is a big dustbowl of nothing.Of all the places you could visit..fly to London or Paris.


  17. Hahaha most kidding about this shit big deal of it all. Why you not show the holl truthfully story of Arizona. How really real is around Arizona. Who is save and who is not. What life is more important and whos not. Human and animals alike. And why you not you trying too hide trash. And why you not tell truthfully how you really spending money. Who gets more then should not working ever never did. Oh yeah it is also white people that do that. Who well look very good in too that.

  18. Thank goodness our parents moved to California when we were young away from the horrible heat and the sand blowing every where. Only my sons like to visit their great grandfather
    who was the Sheriff of Cochise county Arizona for many years and had Indian tales, etc. to tell. The girls act like they are in hell and hate it.

  19. The only enlightenment you’ll find in Sedona is being enlightened of the money weighing down your wallet….otherwise I love Arizona!!!

  20. Williams? Meteor Crater? Jerome? Flagstaff? Oak Creek Canyon? Hello?? Anybody home??? Piss-poor research and writing on this video. Thumbs-down, big-time.

  21. Third Generation Arizonian here in my mid-sixties, who paid you to highlight these places???? You missed some of the most spectacular out of the way places that show our diverse landscape. Really Phx and Tucson?

  22. Scottsdale is seriously listed here? Any local could probably name at least 5 other destinations in all of the state that are better. ..

  23. Literally I don't know why they put Scottsdale, Tucson or Phoenix . To visit in. Arizona.. There's plenty of other natural and beautiful places to visit, this includes Montezuma Castle.. And. I have lived here in PHX. All my life..

  24. Now the scooters have swarmed old town, & I’m assured one drunk will materialize every intersection. Spring training=paranoia. Idk dumb

  25. Arizona is purely a DUMP… All desert or plains, with Forest Oasis's here and there. Phoenix metro is most unattractive
    Summers are most unattractive Winters are too short. Hot and Hot and Hotter. No Trees, No Shade, swimming pools are
    incomfortable always hot, no way can you cool off in a Pool in Arizona from Pheonix south.
    sedona is a blink of an eye, small and claustrophobic. It's all just different.
    Everything West of the Mississippi is nothing but Desert or Plains. Until you reach the coast.
    Lots of GANGS, Illegals, MS 13s. Car Jacking, Kidnappings, Murders, HEROIN, Home Invasions, ID Theft,
    SS theft, auto theft, hit and runs. Not just Phoenix the entire state is infiltrated by this disease.

  26. Travel vlogging for life! Would love if you checked out my first vlog of my weekend in Utah (also have one coming out on my trip to Shenandoah). If you can spare 3 min thatd be great! Any feedback and a sub would be appreciated! Will be posting a lot of high quality stuff!


  27. The best way to explore Arizona is by bicycle. You see a lot more! And you get a great exercise too! I've bicycled from Mesa,AZ, up i17 to Flagstaff, I've cycled to Prescott 4 times!,. I've rode a bicycle up to Payson numerous times, I've cycled to Superior, AZ, countless of times, I've gone further too, cycling all the way to Safford once,. 150 miles of heart pounding adventure, especially the climb up Mount Graham, talk about 26 miles of consistent 7-8 percent grade roads, and nearly 10,000 feet of climbing.

  28. I am from lndia I have visited. A. Z two. Time and stayed at Phenix You have not added valley of Prescott its climate and natural beauty l like Prescott more than any city of Arizona Thanku

  29. There is nothing dazzling or amazing about Phoenix or Tucson, just cities in the desert and Sedona is nothing with out the red rocks. You need to see Coal Mine Canyon on the Hopi reservation or Saguaro National Park for beauty. Include the Mission San Xavier Del Bac south of Tucson and Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument just north of the border with Mexico.

  30. I love Van Buren Street in Phoenix. Lots to be seen, hookers,pimps, and all walks of life flock for the excellent dope coming from our friends south of the border.

  31. Poor Indian Reservations you mean. Scottsdale over rated, and expensive, Downtown Phoenix science Museum is worth the visit, and lots of places to eat, but weekends it turns into a Ghost town, no one there. Tuscon really does not have a nightlife, not sure what this person is talking about, most people travel to Phoenix or Tempe for that from there. Sedona is worth the trip, but break open the piggy bank because you will need here. Mesa, Chandler and Tempe are much better places to visit and a lot cheaper in value then Scottsdale. Save your money and visit those Cities which have younger crowds and way better night life, plus Casinos. Your cost of gas in Scottsdale FYI is .20 cents higher then the other cities I just mentioned and food. Plus the people are friendlier… not all stuck up like the wealthy ignorance looks you get if you are from out of State. Also, if you arrive during the months of September October and November be sure you have vehicle insurance, because these areas are all visited by tourist who drive like OMG .. seriously. Not going say it o.k. SnowBirds, Wink wink

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