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Hi curious and inquisitive, It is clear that the moon is a destination
popular right now, especially for NASA, which wants to send people
to the moon ‘s surface, but beware, also it is for the private space industry. For the most ambitious private lunar exploits, he
still has a few years, but … few days ago, three companies have claimed,
that placed small landers robot on the moon in the next two
years, if yes, only in two years … Broadening Thus, a small but exciting career
space. And, so far, no private entity,
has managed to land something successfully in Moon. To date, only three government superpowers: the
United States, Russia and China, makes few months, they were able to land their vehicles
smoothly on the lunar surface. Although eye, the Indian government, can become
the fourth. Since it is expected that in the coming days to
try to land on the south pole of the moon, in the coming days… And it is that India launched Chandrayaan spacecraft
2 to the end of July. And he did, with that goal, becoming
the fourth country in the world, which poses an apparatus on the moon. At the moment, it is orbiting satellite,
and sending us some wonderful photos … As this, in the region of the lunar North Pole
last August 23, at an altitude of 4,375 kilometers. https://actualidad.rt.com/actualidad/325147-publicar-imagenes-luna-mision-chandrayaan The mission is a new sign of burgeoning
Indian space program as it is developed, almost entirely in this country, which has
already sent an orbiting spacecraft to the Moon, Chandrayaan 1, 2008. Anyway, as I say, they are all
government superpowers. No sign of private companies. But … Are there currently, private companies,
with clear objectives landing on the moon? What are these companies? When will they do? Well, in this video, I will speak of
three companies … so I recommend that you stay until the end. In addition, at the end of the video I will make a
question, and the best answer will come here, Science of Science. So sign up and give the bell,
to keep abreast of all the science that I hang each week. I’m JJ Priego and you know … in this channel,
we always see that the known is finite and the unknown infinite … Well, you want to know more? Well, let’s look around. INTRO Yes curious, there are private companies,
with one goal in mind … perching on Moon… And that, was already close … The week
that comes I will explain here in Science Science, as an unorganized
late Israeli organization called SpaceIL, He attempted to land the first spacecraft
private on the Moon last April, but it premature engine shutdown, caused
the vehicle crashed into the surface lunar. Pity… So, that means that the door
is still open, so that one of these three companies of which I speak, perform
the first private lunar landing. And as with any other project
space that is ambitious, dates, always They are subject to change, and these companies
have already changed their lunar periods several times previously. So, the main candidates for
this milestone will be much clearer, as you approach the year 2021. Do you know who these companies? Let’s go there… ASTROBOTIC The first company of which I speak,
is called Astrobotic … This company, based in Pittsburgh, began
as a team for the Google Lunar awards X, an international competition, to send
the first lander funds Private to the moon. The competition ended without a winner,
and that none of the finalists launched anything before the deadline, which was
March 31, 2018. But as often happens in such events,
the best is not the prize but the know how you learn thanks to R & D … A research … And, many of the teams, continued
fighting for the Moon, including Astrobotic. By the way, SpaceIL, the Israeli company that
failed in his attempt, was also a team the X Prize Well, Astrobotic declared objective
is to open access to third parties to the moon. Basically, if you want to put an instrument
on the moon, Astrobotic, will provide a lander to take you there. Simple yet difficult … But NASA has selected the company
to join the program Services Lunar Cargo Commercial, the CLPS, the agency
space, which is an initiative to send small robotic spacecraft to the
Moon. And now, Astrobotic, has the task of sending
up to 14 NASA payloads to the surface Moon, on the first flight of its module
landing. A module of almost two meters, which has the
name of Peregrine. The vehicle will also carry payloads
for other customers around the world. Here we can see, a performance
art on the moon Peregrine, toy Astrobotic of Mola … ¿no? Well, on 19 August, while
many were on vacation, Astrobotic announced that it had, they already had a trip
to Peregrin … And, the future rocket Vulcan Centaur, the United Launch Alliance,
the ULA will raise the Peregrin to space, sometime in 2021. In fact, it will be the first flight of Vulcan
Centaur rocket that is currently Developing. And while it is an exciting milestone for both
companies, deadlines, always change any new rocket. As we constantly SpaceX. Therefore, we will see if the date is met
in the coming months. iSPACE The second company, of which I want to talk about
is called Ispace … And no, not Apple, but the name has a funny story … Ispace, is another former contestant Award
Google Lunar X, so you can see how important of these initiatives … Ispace, is a private organization with
headquarters in Japan, which has big ambitions on the moon. The company has outlined a vision
long term, to create a sustainable city moon, a city on our natural satellite, which
use water, minerals and other materials extracted from the moon itself. This ambitious dream is called Moon Valley,
and Ispace theorizes that could be operational 2040. To realize this dream, the company
is developing a series of modules landing and explorers to investigate
the lunar surface, and the team has already hired two flights in the rocket Falcon 9 SpaceX,
for their first flights in the early 2020. Originally, the plan Ispace, required to
launch a spacecraft to orbit the Moon, in the first flight of the Falcon 9 in 2020, followed
by a lander and rover to the second flight in 2021. But Ispace announced on August 22 that
have decided to completely skip the mission orbiter. They did sadly, due to the acceleration
dramatic market and increasing demand of lunar exploration worldwide. Instead, the first flight of the Falcon 9 if
you include a lander based firm in Japan, and will fly in
2021. The second flight will include module
landing and rover, but now will fly in 2023. This change means that Ispace has much
work to do, which always could affect the schedule. The company said in a statement on the change
said that in the future, Ispace address, the need to develop the landing gear,
in this new time frame also to secure a contract with a station
land to operate the lander Moon from Earth, build a center
control for missions and produce plans training and operation for operations
of landing missions. INTUITIVE MACHINES Well, the third and last company, of
which I am going to talk about today, is called Intuitive Machines. A company, which incidentally, did not compete
in the awards of Google … weird not? But then, this company, it does
lack … And, headquartered in Houston, the company
has a team founder, former engineers NASA, which gives the team, decades
of experience in spaceflight. And that’s no small feat … Therefore, NASA also selected the
company as part of the first round of CLPS program and you want the company,
carry five payloads, agency space to the moon. The journey for these instruments, will be the
lander Nova-C Intuitive Machines, to be launched on a rocket
SpaceX Falcon 9 in 2021. Here you can see an artistic representation,
the lander Nova-C Intuitive Machines. And nothing smaller, it is clear that none
of these companies has launched anything yet, even so, there is long way to go,
before the Moon is right around the corner. But the good thing is that, right now,
the three teams are fighting side by elbow, which means that the coming
years will be exciting … A very interesting moment, where we will see
how this fight ends desarrolland Moon. How you have fallen curious and inquisitive? What do you think of this video? Do you had some knowledge any of these companies? You can leave your opinions in the comments,
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