hi friends we are on the island of Langkawi
this is malaysia stayed at the hotel Geopark
hotel today we will go to the waterfalls don’t switch show tell
forbidden to sell alcohol everyone expected that there are shops
stopped trading stopped trading in alcohol so here on so it’s such news there’s no one in the park and we’re going
farther cable car view view of the first second station is very
OK Today cloudless so you have to choose
time day so that the weather is clear just sitting as if she wasn’t here at all at what
but worth a little vigilance and you will smell the cunning beast of a bauble
tell us a few words from your of life
what do you want a banana service a banana is not can’t give fifty fine 50 ringgit
So it goes two tables fan the library has a place for ironing the view of the lake is very nice
quietly there is no one here in the evening early in the morning for breakfast
silence birds sing nobody in the park on elevator does not work on foot hang around get down
way down Lobby have a tv computer I invite you to our room number
improved about garden view
us us from the room are quieter because cable car on the back and there
crazy noise is already in the morning the bed is not very wide one and a half bedrooms and two of these types
side tables like stools don’t know how call here the view from the window on the lake on the suspension bridge there is a worker
a corner mirror
TV have tea set coffee coffee tea was put to us today
kettle fridge small eat safe no table for luggage toilet cabinet one kidney but drawer I do not use drawers very dirty and toilet and comfort toilet shower mirror
the soul is a curtain here well that’s all and such a number for a very
funny money and laugh here in the evening it looks different with us
l hung the rope because nowhere to dry me
towels because there is no dryer it’s such a French type of exit have to
adapt here friends travel Malaysia every hotel
the room on the ceiling you saw like this here is the arrow pointer
written long thought wondered what it is such were different versions and finally
read the question on the internet how are you think what kind of pointer write to
comments the answer will be the next video all the best to you again
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