നിങ്ങൾക്കും എങ്ങിനെ വിയറ്റ്നാമിലേക്കു പോകാം |How To Travel Vietnam (Cochin To Vietnam)

Welcome to my new video I’m Harees Ameerali, Currently here at Kochi Here at Kochi airport on my way to Vietnam So my current flight is Indigo, which is from Kochi to Chennai Chennai to Culcutta and then Culcutta to Vietnam I’m heading to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam In this episode I’ll share the details on how to travel to Vietnam from Kochi Currently here at Chennai Airport, so let’s head to Culcutta! Currently flying to our destination even though it may seem booring You’ll be getting visuals only when you are taking off and landing Should appreciate that Air India provides food for domestic service And the person next to me is sleeping So we will see the landing visuals And we finally reached culcutta and our flight to Vietnam will be during the night It only took us 1 hr to reach Chennai and from Chennai to Culcutta it took us around 2 hrs or so And to Vietnam it’ll take around 3 hrs So our flight will be during the night, we’ll get our luggage once we reach Vietnam So you don’t have to worry about your luggage. I have faced flight missing issues on my previous journeys due to something As we will assume things won’t go wrong, so you should be aware of the mistakes that you can end up making So we reached around afternoon and we’ll rest and edit the footage This is a really huge airport And this will be a thriling Vietnam trip Make sure to subsrcibe as your support is what fuels me the most Food is always favorite for us and if you are at the Airport you’ll get launge access And if you have the mastercard you’ll get the access per entry for 25 Rs That is if you have lounge access, if you are not eligible you’ll have to pay more So we took few items and some place may not have the food items but some will have tons Cochin airport has tons of items for you to try out And for international purpose you can get lounge access using priority pass I’ll show your the examples of the cards This is the master card, some places accept Mastercard some accept visa card It changes from places And for international it wont be accepted and this is the priority pass to get eligible All you need is to flash your card and sign Next we need is ForEx card which you can used to handle money across the world Based on the location you travel to So you can use this card to swap from currency type and use without the risk of getting your money lost So we introduced the types of cards that I use So these may come in use and the next is our Royalsky Holiday’s card If you wish to travel, do reach out And more over thank you for the support that you show, as I am happy to present you with the useful information And our flight for Vietnam will be boarding as of now so the visa process is easy As we have pre-approval on arrival visa process I’ll include the link for the website where you can submit your pre-approval for visa Else we can do it for you And if you wanna do it yourself it’s easy And the visa cost is comparatively cheap, as they have 1 month to 3 months packages With single entry which cost 25 USD and for 1-3 Month multiple entry cost 50 USD That has to be paid at the location And if you are booking through the agency you may have to pay a certain amount as per their charge So you may book it as per your need So we will end the video until we reach Vietnam And I hope you enjoyed our previous video about the seafood And be sure to subscribe to our channel and do share the channel so that we can introduce more content for you all So lets board the flight now And we finally reached Vietnam Ho Chi Minh city It’s now 2:40 back home and here at Vietnam it’s 4:17 here at Vietnam The airport isn’t crowded and as of now it’s really calm and spacious And you’ll be interested in the visa process, so make sure you get the pre-approval online And reach the counter and provide your passport and pre-approval form And after 10 mins they’ll provide this to you, as it’s a sticker visa Regardless of where you head to, make sure you have the pictures and necessary details Check the description for the link We can record video from this point And our airport is really calm and neat As it’s comfortable here As usual what you need is a sim card and I have enabled international roaming You need a local sim to take advantage of the mobile data and rage frequency As it’s much easier to get connected to the local people So it’s safe to use a local sim It cost around 680-700 INR for the sim card SInce I need a max usage, I paid 700 INR for the package Free unlimited internet and 50 Min local call So we’ll use this until the end of our trip here at Vietnam But this would be really useful for you He’s here to pick us up as he stayed here to pick us The airport is indeed calm, could be due to the time As there are really amazing facilities here And now we’ll head to the hotel We finalled reached the hotel Golden Central Hotel And we’ll start our journey tomorrow morning Stay tuned for more amazing videos and you should be the one to jugde that It’s now 5 Am It was indeed a long trip to reach the destination So it took us around 3 hrs 10 mins So we’ll check out the room and this will be our room here We did stayed at Chennai for a day and we’ll continue to see Make sure to subscribe, like and share the content with your friends, Until next time, Do show your support We’ll sleep for abit and start our journey at 9 AM, until then bye!

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  1. ഹരിസ്ക നിങ്ങൾ ധൈര്യാമായ് മുന്നോട്ട് പോകു പിന്നിൽ ഞങ്ങളുണ്ട്

  2. ഹാരിസ് ബ്രോ പുലർച്ചെ ആയതു കൊണ്ടും ന്നീണ്ട യാത്ര കഴിഞ്ഞതിനാലാവാം റൂം നമ്പർ 2005 എന്നാണു പറഞ്ഞത്. ഡോറിൽ 205😜.

  3. വിയറ്റ്നാം എന്ന രാജ്യം റാവുത്തർ ഭരിക്കുന്ന സ്ഥലമാണ് റാവുത്തരുടെ കണ്ണു മുഖം കണ്ടാൽ തന്നെ പേടിയാകും അവനോട് ഏറ്റുമുട്ടാൻ ഉള്ള സക്തി ഹാരിസ്കാക്ക് ഉണ്ടോ

  4. Visits to international terminal lounges in India through priority pass is chargeable right? It's free entry only in airports outside india

  5. Ikka, super.. വീഡിയോ എങ്ങിനെ എടുക്കുന്നു ഇപ്പോൾ, കൂടെ ആരെങ്കിലും ഉണ്ടൊ, പലപ്പോഴും സെൽഫി ഷൂട്ടിംഗ് അല്ലലോ..

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  9. ഹാരിസ്ക്കാ വീഡിയോസ് കിടു ആകുന്നുണ്ട്
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  10. കമന്റ്ബോക്സിൽ സ്ഥിരം ഉള്ളവർ എല്ലാവരുമുണ്ടല്ലോ

  11. ഹാരിസ്ക്കാ നിങ്ങളെ എല്ലാ വീഡിയോകളും മുടങ്ങാതെ കാണാറുണ്ട് ♥️🛣Vietnam കാഴ്ചകൾ കാണാൻ കാത്തിരിക്കുന്നു നിങ്ങൾക്ക് ആരാ airport ൽ വീഡിയോ പിടിച്ചു തരുന്നത് ഒരു സംശയമാണ്♥️

  12. എയർ ഏഷ്യ കൊച്ചിയിൽ നിന്നും നേരിട്ട് ഉണ്ടല്ലോ , പിന്നെ കൊൽക്കത്ത വഴി പോകാൻ എന്താണ് കാരണം

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  16. Cochin – Kuala Lumpur – HCM CITY is better i think. Malindo airlines offer economical and comfortable service. Why we should take this route?

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