افضل 5 تطبيقات Android لشهر سبتمبر | DzTech

is a unique Android application that allows you to share your mouse from your computer once you’ve connected your device using the app you’ll be able to move your mouse from your monitor straight on over to your android screen you can think of it like making your android device into another display along with mouse functions you’ll be able to copy and text paste from your two devices and a whole lot more those of you who go pro will also be able to share your keyboard it should be compatible with Windows Mac and Linux Fox Sports VR is a fun little application lets you watch sports in VR it puts you in a large VIP style sweet like you would get if you’re an executive at a football game you’ll be able to watch live games on TV inside of the setup it works surprisingly well and you’ll also have the ability to watch the game from various angles and views the app is totally free but you will need a cable provider log in in order to watch any of the games google allo was released in September too heavily mixed reviews on the one hand Google assistant is totally awesome and is capable of doing all kinds of fun things which you can utilize an any non incognito mode chat on the other hand the application doesn’t offer a whole lot of functionality just yet and some are concerned with Google logging conversations and non incognito-mode chats it is worth noting that it’s an early release and more features are definitely coming for now though it’s a solid but fairly basic messaging service it’s free to use if you want to check it out for yourself Google trips is a travel application that can help you plan an entire trip from beginning to end you’ll have the ability to include things like your itinerary directly from gmail along with any restaurant reservations and other plans that you may have those of you who are traveling somewhere and don’t know what to do can access a list of popular landmarks and tourist attractions that you can check out it also features an offline mode so you can check your plans even if you’re somewhere without a web connection it’s also completely free or is one of the more interesting Android apps released in September it’s a launcher that gives you a task bar similar to what you would see on Windows or even Mac OS you can launch applications from there quickly and easily if you’re running Android nougats the application can even open apps into windows this isn’t great for phones but it could be a lot of fun if you use it on a tablet it’s surprisingly fun to use and it’s completely free you can pay a dollar ninety-nine if you’d like to as a donation

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