Туристическая виза в Россию и приглашения для иностранцев. / Russian Tourist Visa & Invitation

Foreigners have the right
visit Russia only if you have a visa. There are few exceptions: for example,
no citizens need a visa CIS, Cuba, Thailand and some
other countries. Duration of visa free stay
for them is limited to 1 or 3 months. Faster and easiest to get
tourist visa. It gives the right to a one-time
entering Russia and staying in the country up to 30 days. Work in Russia and renew
such a visa is impossible. Who are these conditions for? First, the usual tourists. If a foreigner wants to inspect
attractions St. Petersburg, take
tour of the cities of the Golden Rings, go to Baikal
or go fishing at the mouth Volga, he needs to get
tourist visa. Secondly, foreigners,
requiring short-term treatment in Russia – for example,
rest in a sanatorium. Third, guests and relatives
Russian citizens. Guest visa to issue
difficult and long tourist visa can help out in such
cases. And fourth, to businessmen.
or Russian business partners organizations for short
country visits – for example for negotiations, analysis
market participation in the exhibition. Business visa gives some
benefits but they don’t always useful and made out
she’s not that easy and fast as a tourist. To make a visa, you need
get a tourist invitation. It draws an inviting
side. It should be tourist
registered company in the Unified Federal Register
Tour operators – for example, Travelmart. We can arrange a tourist
invitation remotely. Need to fill in the form
on the site, attach a copy passports and pay for the service. Price depends on nationality
foreigner: if he comes from a prosperous country
the procedure will be easier and respectively cheaper. We will issue an invitation
on the day of payment and immediately send email it. Some consulates
require the original, therefore upon request we will send the document
anywhere in the world. The invitation is ready, now
you can get a visa. The visa is issued in the Russian
consulate abroad. Will need to provide
documents and pay the consular fee. List of documents and size
collection vary in different countries, as well as the timing of registration. Some consulates
also require confirm Hotel booking in Russia
or take out medical insurance. Consulate contacts and requirements
for a Russian visa for most countries
world you can find on our website

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