КОСТА РИКА: Общественный транспорт

Hello! This is Pura Vida with Nastya. Today
I want to tell in public transport in Costa Rica. We have cars there
was not and therefore most often we moved around the country on buses. And on
my opinion is the bus service to Costa Rica is just awesome! Wherein
The main routes begin in San Jose. There are several large
terminals from which we are for traveling used terminal 7-10 and Caribean,
but there are others. By bus you can get to almost everything.
areas of the country a maximum of 7 hours, and it costs absolutely
not expensive. For example, a ticket from San Jose to border with Nicaragua
cost us about $ 5. Herradura beach – four and a half
dollar Tickets can be bought at the terminals in front of
by departure. And some terminals have sites on
which you can see the schedule or even buy a ticket in advance. Long-distance buses are always
very comfortable, soft and comfortable. In addition to large terminals there are still such
small, a lot of them. From here buses go to the cities located on
central plateau. What kind of terminal is needed for
trips to a certain city I personally always learned on the Internet. for example
if you ask google how to get to Puerto Viejo, there will definitely be
necessary information. True to English or Spanish. You can also ask the locals
they are always happy to help to tourists. The fare on such
buses are quite small. For example we drove from san jose da ciudad colón for 430
colon, that is, for 80 cents. Tickets are sold by the driver during boarding and at
he always has change, if necessary. These buses are usually not soft, but comfortable too.
and always clean. In the capital there terminals that look just like
bus stops. From them go buses to areas of San Jose.
Here both passengers and buses get up in turn. And those and other very much
especially during peak hours when people ride work and from work. On the roads at this time
there are often traffic jams. Are sent buses as you fill every 10-15
minutes, and tickets cost from 300 colon, there is about 50 cents. They also sell
driver at the entrance. By the way bus drivers in Costa Rica
always dressed in a special uniform shirt and look very neat and
representatively. We went by bus very often and never occurred
no dangerous situations. In costa rica many use this type of transport.
But there are those who believe that buses are insecure and need
use taxis only. If you think so too, then to your
red taxi services, uber or private owners. And uber will cost you about two
times cheaper. For example, uber by San Jose is worth a half
thousand columns, that is two and a half dollar
A taxi 3 thousand colon, that is, 5 dollars. On uber to Ciudad Colon can
drive for 9000 columns, i.e. for 16 dollars, and a taxi for 20,000 colon,
have for 36 dollars. But in a taxi you can bargain. And in San Jose there is a train that carries passengers to nearby cities.
The ticket costs from 300 to 500 colon, that is about a dollar. We are unfortunately on it so
never a ride. Well, I also want say about the company tika bass. She is
is engaged in passenger transportation throughout Central America. On buses
Tika Bass takes you to Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras and even to Mexico. BUT
You can go to the border with Nicaragua, to extend the visa. True ticket will be
cost much more – $ 28 per tourist route and 40 dollars on
express But most importantly, Tick Bass there is a website, and there you can buy a ticket
online to any neighboring country. If you planning to come to Costa Rica
but do not want to buy a return ticket to Russia.
After all, to enter Costa Rica availability of a return ticket or a ticket to
another country – required condition. And that’s it for today. Everything
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Pura Vida!

14 thoughts on “КОСТА РИКА: Общественный транспорт

  1. Спасибо за просмотр! 🙂 Подписывайтесь на мой канал о жизни за границей – https://goo.gl/KP7yMn

  2. Сейчас власти хотят убрать убер, пока вопрос решается( будет очень печально, такси – дорого

  3. К сожалению за пределами Сан Хосе Uber мало распространён.
    Билеты купленные в Tica Bus возврату не подлежат. Но возможен перенос даты.
    И Bla Bla Car к сожалению тоже нет. Аналогов я также не нашёл.

  4. привет,спасибо за видео а нам повезло и мы приехали без второго билета))))

  5. Спасибо вам за такой познавательный контент! Благодаря вашему каналу мы столько нового узнали, что в путеводителях не расскажут )

  6. Все это конечно хорошо. Но когда уже своя машина-то у вас будет?))

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